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News: Tourists to beware Gangs & Shootings?

News Information

Government (The premier?) silent on another suggestion of misspent funds?

Son of Island's premier charged with sex abuse

Gun & Violent Crime such that S.W.A.T required

Chief of Police Jackson's comments 'preposterous'?

$485,000,000 missing and no investigation?

Island's Premier, Ewart Brown named as a suspect
in $8,000,000  scam? read more

December 2007: BHC papers begin to appear - click here to view liberated documents

Former Bermuda Narcotics chief leaks information - and applies to rejoin the constabulary! Read more

Auditor General arrested - the man who reported that $800,000,000 of public funds are missing, is incarcerated.   Read more.

2008: are crime statistics being massaged?  Click here.

Julian Hall, former shadow minister attacks this site. Read More.

Government MP Nelson Bascome charged with theft and corruption.. Read more.

American tourists robbed at gunpoint. read more.

Prosecute the Police Officers - senior officers reports & brutality allegations - 6 to appear in Court

Police officer arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking

Call for 'urgent assistance'
We catch up with George Jackson, deputy Commissioner of Police, during his recent visit to London.  Unable to answer simple questions, he turns to the local police for assistance ... read more here

New recruits leave within days ... conditions said to be worse than those afforded UK prisoners!

Bermuda - a Third World Police State


Lack of confidence 'vote' in the police.  Gang crime spiralling out of control ... read more.



2007 - Police pay talks break down & Bermuda has the 'worst police station in the Western hemisphere'. Read more.

The dangerous Bermudian Legacy - new book for June 2007

According to a Bermuda officer, the new (December 2005) Commissioner of police George Jackson, is:

"best of a bad bunch.

Jonathan Smith
Commissioner of Police

Carlton Adams
Assistant Commissioner of police

Submit Intelligence
Are you concerned about submitting information directly to the Bermuda police?  An alternative is to send intelligence by clicking on the link below - you are guaranteed anonymityClick here for more information

In 2000 a former senior officer wrote to the Serious Crimes Commission about the 1990 'Miranda' enquiry:

"May I respectfully suggest that during the course of your inquiry you would derive considerable benefit from an examination of the circumstances surrounding the collapse of an investigation of what undoubtedly remains the largest and most serious crimes of conspiracy, drug trafficking, and money laundering ever conducted in the Bermuda Police Service."

More News...
further information is available at our sister site, to include:
A narcotics officer's diary
the day to day events of the author, a former officer who, to this day, is understood to have the island's highest arrest rate.

Contemptible attacks on this web site from many sources - read more

An official web site in memory of Rebecca Middleton is launched.
Click on the photo below:

The Serious Crimes Commission 'Whitewash'

FBI Comment

To Subvert & Betray

Latest island leaks:

unsolved murders
Misuse of Drugs Act (MS Word doc)
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