WDC 451 Statement



Statement of WDC Vickers

I am a Woman Detective Constable number 451 presently attached to the Narcotics Department of the Bermuda Police Force.

On Thursday 29th May, 1990, I was made aware that an investigation was being conducted in reference to two televisions that arrived at the Civil Air Terminal.  I was also aware that these two televisions were to be delivered to a residence on Morgans Road, Warwick.

At approximately 5.30pm the same day, I was on duty in company with Detective Constable Savoury.  Due to instructions received from Detective Inspector Jackson, I attended the rear of "THE ARCHES" on Berry Hill Road, Paget.  There I met two men who are now known to me as John Furbert and Devree Hollis, who work for "RAFUR SERVICES".  There Mr Furbert handed over to me two large cardbord boxes with G.E. 26 INCH TELEVISION, written on them.

DC Savoury and I returned to Police Headquarters with these televisions.  I secured the boxes at the Narcotics Office.

At approximately 1240pm on Friday 30th March, 1990, I attended #32 Morgans Road, Warwick.  On entering the residence I saw a male person, who I now know to be Dwight Hatherley in Police custody.  There were two cardboard boxes, similar to the ones handed to me by Mr Furbert on the previous evening.  They were in the first room as you entered the front door.

I was aware that Narcotics Officers were conducting a search at that premises.

On completion of the search at 1.24pm, Special Constable Simmons and myself conveyed Hatherley to the Hamilton Police Station.  I arrived at the station at 1.43pm.

Special Constable Simmons and Detective Constable Swift escorted Hatherley to the said area.

At approximately 11.45am on Sunday 1st April, 1990, I was in company with Detective Sergeant McLean, Detective Constable Swift, and Special Constable Virgil, when I attended the "Sparrows Nest" bar on Reid Street, Pembroke.

On entering the building I went to the upper floor.  There I saw a female, who is now known to me as Pamela Hatherley.  DS McLean introduced himself and the other Officers with him to Mrs Hatherley.

DS McLean had a brief conversation with Mrs Hatherley.  Special Constable Virgil took notes of the proceedings.  DS McLean invited Mrs Hatherley to come to the Station with us.  Mrs Hatherley agreed to do so.  We then left for the Hamilton Police Station.

At approximately 1203 hours we arrived at Hamilton Police Station with Mrs Hatherley.  She was escorted to the interview room in the jail area.

Present in this room with Mrs Hatherley were DS McLean, SC Virgil, and myself.  SC Virgil took notes of the proceedings.

DS McLean told Mrs Hatherley, "I have reason to believe that you know more about the incident of your son that you have told the Police before.  Consequently I am placing you under arrest for suspicion of conspiracy to import a controlled drug". 

DS McLean then cautioned her.

Mrs Hatherley replied, "I work for a living, you are all accusing me of something I don`t know nothing about".

Mrs Hatherley was then taken to the jailers desk, where she was processed.  On completion I did a further search of Mrs Hatherley.  Mrs Hatherley was then allowed to make a telephone call.  On completion of this call she was allowed to make another telephone call to her boss.  There was no answer.

At 1300 hours the same day in company with DS McLean and SC Virgil, Mrs Hatherley was conveyed to the Incident Room, Police Headquarters, Prospect.

In the presence of Special Constable Virgil, Mrs Hatherley was allowed to call her boss again.  That time she was successful.

I then reminded Mrs Hatherley that she was still under caution. 

I then asked Mrs Hatherley, "Would you like to make a statement about what happened on Thursday and Friday?".

Mrs Hatherley replied by giving brief details about what happened on Thursday and Friday.

I then asked Mrs Hatherley, "Do you wish to write this statement or do you want me to write it?".

She replied, "You can".

At 1322 hours I proceeded to write Mr Hatherley`s details and then the caption. 

I asked Mrs Hatherley, "Would you like to read what I have just written here?".

She replied, "Yes".

Mrs Hatherley appears to read the caption.

I then asked Mrs Hatherley if she understood what she had just read.

She replied, "No".

I then explained the caption to Mrs Hatherley.  I asked her again if she understood it.

She replied, "Yes".

Mrs Hatherley then signed the caption.

At the dictation of Mrs Hatherley, I wrote the statement.  On completion I read the statement over to Mrs Hatherley who initialled the mistakes and signed it as being correct.

I then read a caption to Mrs Hatherley and explained to her what it meant. 

Mrs Hatherley replied, "I do not write that good".

I then assisted Mrs Hatherley in writing the caption.  This she signed.

Special Constable Virgil and myself then signed the statement.

At 1350 hours in the presence of Special Constable Virgil I commenced a question and answer interview with Mrs Hatherley.  I made contemporaneous notes of the questions asked and the answers given.

At 1438 hours I asked Mrs Hatherley is she would like to eat some food that had been provided for her. 

She replied, "No, I don`t want no greasy stuff".

I continued the questions and answer interview.

At 1551 hours I completed this interview.  I read the interview over to Mrs Hatherley who then initialled the mistakes and signed the interview.  Special Constable Virgil and myself then signed the record.

At 1600 hours the same day Special Constable Virgil and myself conveyed Mrs Hatherely to the Hamilton Police Station. 




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