Angela Trapasso, arrested aboard a cruise ship while leavng the island with $19,000 was later interviewed and the following information was obtained.  Notes were also submitted for intelligence purposes and to view these click on: NOTES OF DEBRIEF

The following intelligence report should give an idea of the extent of the operation; Angela was just one courier ('mule') and the exportation of cocaine to Bermuda was well practiced by the time she became involved.  The report is reproduced (other than font style and correct layout) using the exact sentences appearing in the document submitted:

Notes on the Trapasso Debrief

First trip - December, 1989.

DEBORAH MORTON was becoming a liability. ANGELA TRAPASSO needed money.

TRAPASSO was given two days to prepare herself. (The modus operandi is to give very little notice). She was told to call the Sonesta and make a reservation, to put herself on the reservation list and not to use a credit card. She was a "walkin" (corroborated by hotel records). She used her real name and gave her telephone number 988 6482 (corroborated).

14/12/89: DEBBIE MORTON and HUGO MATA met TRAPASSO at the Radison, Newark, New Jersey. MORTON/MATA had bought cocaine from Miami (MORTON body carried): She used the name SUSIE PARKER and they travelled on Continental, the flight was delayed. They arrived at the Radison at 10.00 p.m. MORTON carried 1 1/2 kilo of cocaine. TRAPASSO had room 1019. HUGO MATA/MORTON had room 1017? MORTON went to the bar to meet her boyfriend RON VICKERS, who she had arranged to meet at the Radison, unknown to HUGO MATA.

HUGO MATA stayed in the room with TRAPASSO. MATA packed cocaine on TRAPASSO with girdles and ACE bandage (1 1/2 kilos). They talked for an hour to see if TRAPASSO could cope with packages around her middle. HUGO MATA gave her money and briefed her on Bermuda. Also briefed by DEBBIE MORTON about Immigration and how to fill out her immigration card, hotel etc.

MATA told TRAPASSO that "Chino" JULIO JUNKI would be waiting for her.

15/12/89: Continental to Bermuda.

TRAPASSO booked into room 656 at Sonesta (corroborated by hotel records).

"CHINO" JULIO JUNKI, came to her room. Before, MARCUS COHAB telephoned the room to tell her JUNKI was on his way. JUNKI unwraps the cocaine, (which is contrary to usual procedure). He unpacked it in such a way that he could no longer conceal it sufficiently in order to take it away from the room. He was forced to leave with only half the cocaine and returned later for the rest.

TRAPASSO made overseas phone calls, one costing $145 to DEBBIE MORTON at the Radison.

MORTON told TRAPASSO to call DEXTER DILLAS and LARRY EBBIN. DILLAS/EBBIN picked TRAPASSO up at midnight and took her to see the "SHARKS" in the hotel lounge.

LARRY EBBIN/DEXTER DILLAS sold 8 grams of cocaine to a member of the "SHARKS".

They told her that this particular person’s wife died "under mysterious circumstances". The transaction took place in the mens room off the lounge.

DILLAS/EBBIN then went to her room and she couldn’t get rid of them. They ordered room service and wine. Due to her extravagance, particularly with the telephone, TRAPASSO had to ask JUNKI for money to pay the bill. JUNKI came to her room to find DILLAS/EBBIN there. It would appear that JUNKI reported her behaviour to MARCUS COHAB who was extremely upset at TRAPASSO’s indiscretion. Apparently, the organisation has rules as to behaviour and each indiscretion such as this can result in $1,000 fine!

17/12/89: TRAPASSO caught 3.00 p.m. Continental to Newark. DEBBIE MORTON and

RON VICKERS picked up TRAPASSO at Newark. They stayed at the Marriott, Newark.

Morton checked in as RON/ANGELA VICKERS. "Chino" JULIO JUNKI had given TRAPASSO $15,000 to "body carry" out.

DEBBIE MORTON gave TRAPASSO $4,000. The rate for carrying drug into Bermuda is

$5,000 and $5,000 for carrying money out. On this first trip TRAPASSO feels that

she was swindled out of her fee.

18/12/89: MARCUS COHAB called TRAPASSO at her home number. He told her that he did not want her associating with DILLAS and EBBIN and that he was going to cut them off.

2nd Trip to Bermuda

15/2/90 - 17/2/90

TRAPASSO was at her home, 200 Ocean Park, Bradley Beach, New Jersey when MARCUS COHAB telephoned her on the 10/2/90.

N.B. The modus operandi of the "Cubans" is to plan trips around special occasions such as birthdays, holidays etc.

COHAB asked TRAPASSO if it was her birthday in February. She replied it was and gave him the date - 16th February.

13/2/90: MARCUS telephoned her again and told her to pack her bags and prepare to take a trip. She was told that DEBBIE MORTON would pick her up from her home.

14/2/90: DEBBIE MORTON ("body carried" 2 kilo) and LISET RUIZ LARA travelled from MIAMI on Continental which arrived at 6.40 p.m.

They checked into Newark Vista Hotel. DEBBIE MORTON travelled and checked in at the hotel under her own name or that of SUZIE PARKER. DEBBIE MORTON and LARA had separate rooms at the Vista Hotel.

DEBBIE MORTON left the cocaine with LARA and rented a car from "Rent a Wreck", Route 33 Neptune, New Jersey. She had stolen an ounce of cocaine from the 2 kilo which she gave to HARRY OWENS and CHERYL OWENS for their own use. TRAPASSO went to the Vista Hotel with Debbie MORTON, where they shared a room for the night.

The following morning at 7.00 a.m. they went to LARA’s room where they saw LARA pull the plastic bag containing the 2 kilos from under the pillow. She slept with her head on the drug.

DEBBIE MORTON took the cocaine to her room where she strapped it to TRAPASSO’s body.

Marcus Cohab had made reservations for Trapasso at Southampton Princess. The reservation number given to Trapasso by Cohab. Marcus Cohab used the name HUGH HOBART when making the reservations.

TRAPASSO and LARA left Newark on Continental. They travelled separately. LARA’s function was to babysit TRAPASSO and make sure she did not contact DILLAS AND EBBIN. She was also there to create a diversion in order to allow TRAPASSO to slip through Immigration. The diversion was caused by LARA and she was arrested. The arrest caused some concern as LARA was carrying TRAPASSO’ s travelling details in her possession, hotel etc.

TRAPASSO arrived at the Southampton princess where the girl on the front desk congratulated her on the combined Valentine Day/Birthday gift of her accommodation at the hotel.

LARA was supposed to have been staying at Longtail Cliffs where she had made a reservation. MARCUS COHAB telephoned TRAPASSO and told her that "my friend", (COHAB’s way of describing ANTONIA MIRANDA) would visit her at the hotel. MIRANDA arrived at the hotel at 6.00 p.m. and met TRAPASSO for the first time. MIRANDA collected the 2 kilo of cocaine from TRAPASSO and left the hotel.

16/2/90: HUGO MATA telephoned TRAPASSO at the Southampton Princess and told her that Liset LARA had been arrested and that LARA was carrying documents that might lead the police to TRAPASSO. TRAPASSO is told to get another hotel or go home.

17/2/90: TRAPASSO goes to Civil Air Terminal to catch Continental to Newark. She sees LARA at the Civil Air Terminal and is surprised as she had not wanted to see LARA. She ignores her and they both catch the flight to Newark. LARA was supposed to stay at Longtail Cliffs for 10 days, during that time TRAPASSO, MIRANDA and LARA were supposed to change Bermuda currency for U.S. in order for TRAPASSO to carry it out. Because of LARA’S arrest the plan was abandoned and TRAPASSO and LARA left Bermuda.

Upon their arrival at Newark, LARA telephoned MARCUS COHAB. COHAB told LARA to stay away from TRAPASSO.

TRAPASSO stayed at the Marriott at Newark. TRAPASSO was eventually given $5,000 for her trip to Bermuda. This was the fee for taking cocaine into the Island; she did not receive $5,000 for taking the money out as the plans had to be abandoned. The money was given to her over a period of time as COHAB was angry at the failure of the operation to launder and export money.


6/4/90 - 13/4/90

MARCUS COHAB was anxious to establish a new identity for TRAPASSO. TRAPASSO persuaded her close friend CHERYL ANN OWENS to give her her I.D.

4/4/90: MARCUS telephoned EMPRESS TRAVEL, Sea View Mall, Ocean, New Jersey and made reservations for TRAPASSO under OWEN’S name at the MARRIOTT CASTLE HARBOUR for 06/4/90 - 09/4/90 inclusive.

05/4/90: MARCUS sent money to TRAPASSO by WESTERN UNION. MARCUS COHAB used the name JESUS REYES for the transfer of the funds.

05/4/90: TRAPASSO had a room at HOWARD JOHNSON’S, NEWARK.

DEBBIE MORTON/DANIEL LATINI arrived at 1.00 p.m. from MIAMI on Continental.

MORTON and LATINI both body carried a total of 2 kilos of cocaine from MIAMI,

LATINI had a room booked in his name. LATINI and MORTON went to TRAPOSSO’S room

leaving the cocaine in LATINI’S room.

LATINI briefed TRAPASSO on Bermuda Immigration.

06/4/90: TRAPASSO escorted to Newark AIrport by DEBBIE MORTON and DANIEL LATINI. TRAPASSO checked in under the name of CHERYL OWENS.

LATINI stayed in New Jersey and visited his Mother who is in a home there. TRAPASSO arrived in Bermuda on Continental and checked into the MARRIOTT CASTLE HARBOUR, under the name of CHERYL OWENS (corroborated by hotel records). MARCUS called her at the hotel, obtained her room number from her and told her to wait for "Tony" (MIRANDA).

TONY MIRANDA collected the 2 kilos of cocaine from TRAPASSO and suggested dinner that evening. He also suggested that she stay on a few days in order to change the Bermuda currency into U.S.


That evening MIRANDA took TRAPASSO to dinner at the Fisherman’s Reef and paid the bill in cash.

MIRANDA made arrangements to meet TRAPASSO behind the Bank of Bermuda at Albuoy’s Point. He briefed her on how to change Bermuda currency into U.S. in units $3,000 at a time. he told her to select names from the telephone directory in order to fill out currency exchange forms in the banks.

She selected: Angela Pitt, 4, Warwickshire Drive, and used it on many occasions. TRAPASSO believes MIRANDA selected the name ANTHONY GARCIA, Shelley Bay, 293-2186.

TRAPASSO remembers that after each transaction she received US$2,987.16. They used all the banks in Hamilton and she alone changed $12,000 on her first day.

9th and lOth/4/90: TRAPASSO and MIRANDA changed $18,000 in Somerset. They used different names, different tellers and disguises.

11/4/90: TRAPASSO AND miranda CHANGED $6,000 at the two Banks in St. George’s then travelled to Hamilton where they went to all the Banks again.

11/4/90: TRAPASSO moved to the Paraquet Apartments as they were cheaper.

Unfortunately she did not settle the bill at the MARRIOTT and there was a lookout for her at the Civil Air Terminal.

Whilst she was at the Paraquet apartments MIRANDA visited her on many occasions.

She states that on one occasion she followed him to a road near to Tio Pepe’s, (this would be Ray Ming’s apartments where MIRANDA was staying).

12/4/90: MIRANDA strapped $289,000 in tightly wrapped "bricks" to TRAPASSO’S body and she left for the Civil Air Terminal. She was arrested for outstanding telephone bills at the MARRIOTT CASTLE HARBOUR and taken to EC1D where she was in custody for 5 hours, interviewed by DS Farley in company with WPC 713 Smith. TRAPASSO was allowed to call "collect" and talked to Cheryl Owens in New Jersey.

She also talked to MARCUS COHAB who called her back in one hour asking who was the arresting officer?!

MARCUS COHAB instructed her to use JULIAN HALL; she did not call a lawyer. Upon completion of the interview with DS Farley, TRAPASSO paid $600 from her wallet for the outstanding phone bill at the MARRIOTT CASTLE HARBOUR and she was allowed to leave. She was taken to the Paraquet Apartments where WPC Smith gave her a hug. This alarmed TRAPASSO as she was wearing "bricks" of money strapped under her loose clothing. She quickly slipped her handbag between them so that the sharp edges of the "bricks" did not dig into WPC Smith.


MIRANDA later joined TRAPASSO at the Parraquet Apartments. MIRANDA had his cellular telephone with him. The conversation was overheard by TRAPASSO and she remembers the following comments:


"No Julian, don’t worry about it, she got out on her own!". TRAPASSO states that JULIAN HALL was aware of her true identity and had CHERYL ANN OWENS name because he discussed it with MIRANDA during the conversation. MIRANDA also told JULIAN HALL what TRAPASSO was carrying and would be carrying out of the country the following day. MIRANDA and JULIAN hall were laughing about their good fortune. After the conversation with JULIAN HALL, MARCUS COHAB called MIRANDA on his cellular telephone and told him to let TRAPASSO keep the money overnight and give her more to carry back to the U.S.

13/4/90: MIRANDA gave TRAPASSO and extra $70,000 bring the total to over $350,000.

13/4/90: TRAPASSO "body carried" $350,000 through the Civil Air Terminal, but before leaving she went to the Civil Air Terminal Police Station and collected the change that DS Farley had left for her out of the $600 she had given to him for her telephone bill at the MARRIOTT CASTLE HARBOUR.

She caught the afternoon Continental flight to Newark.

At Newark LATINI was waiting and he took her to HOWARD JOHNSON’S where he had a room. LATINI gave her $7,000, they owed her $10,000.00

MARCUS COHAB told TRAPASSO to move to MIAMI as he told her that DEBBIE MORTON would inform on her. MORTON was in the process of being "cut off" as she was considered a risk. MORTON tried to talk to TRAPASSO out of travelling to Bermuda and MORTON said she would "blow the cover" of the entire operation (probably the cause of her murder). TRAPASSO packed her belongings and prepared to move to MIAMI.

End of April, 1990.

HARRY OWENS "U" hauled TRAPASSO’S belongings to MIAMI, TRAPASSO flew on

Continental and arrived in MIAMI on 30th or 31st April, 1990.

The Cuban brothers had rented a house for $3,000 a month, 325 north Hibiscus Road, Hibiscus Island.

TRAPASSO took a taxi to Hibiscus Island where she was met by HUGO MATA who showed her around.

The following morning she saw MARCUS COHAB. The brothers had bought a sailboat, "Stress". The brothers were learning to sail "Stress" in order to carry on their drug business and they were being taught by the skipper who also lived on the premises by the name of ARMONDO? LISET LARA also lived in the house.

11/5/90: MARCUS COHAB/HUGO MATA spoke to TRAPASSO at the house on Hibiscus Island and instructed her to try on a particularly baggy outfit. They packed 3 kilos of cocaine on her body. MARCUS was satisfied and remarked that the packages of cocaine could not be detected.

12/5/90: MARCUS COHAB again packed 3 x kilo’s of cocaine on TRAPASSO’S body. COHAB used towels when touching the packages as he stated that "they have my finger prints in Bermuda".

TRAPASSO caught the 7.00 a.m. Eastern flight to New York. She travelled under the name of BARBARA PALM, a name she and COHAB made up at MIAMI airport.

TRAPASSO arrived at New York (La Guardia) where she was met by "Bobby" a limousine driver who worked for a company whose card TRAPASSO had in her possession when arrested.

"Bobby" was carrying all the necessary documents (tickets) for TRAPASSO’S cruise on the Royal Viking Star.

Bobby drove her to the ship and TRAPASSO embarked at the dock in New York. TRAPASSO locked the 3 x kilos of cocaine in her cabin safe.

Apparently MARCUS COHAB telephoned MIRANDA at the MARRIOTT MARQUIS where he was staying before he also embarked on the Royal Viking Star with his new wife ROSALVA. COHAB instructed MIRANDA to assist TRAPASSO in strapping the 3 kilo’s to her body upon her arrival in Bermuda, as the packages were very bulky.

MIRANDA is described by TRAPASSO as "stupid" and I would concur with this remark as after spending many hours with MIRANDA, during interviews, I was not impressed with his level of intelligence and due to the fact that he gave several signed statements. On board the Royal Viking Star MIRANDA forgot TRAPASSO’S cabin number and telephoned MARCUS COHAB from the ship (corroborated by ships records) to find out which cabin TRAPASSO was in.

14/5/90: MIRANDA never did contact TRAPASSO on the ship and she had to pack the 3 x kilo’s of cocaine on her own body upon the arrival of the ship in Bermuda with bandages. TRAPASSO left the ship on the morning of its arrival in Bermuda and as she left #1 Shed she saw "TONY" MIRANDA and ROSALVA MIRANDA at the Customs desk undergoing inspection. She walked by and out of #1 Shed. TRAPASSO had been instructed to go to Mermaid Beach by COHAB and during the process of checking in she received a telephone call at the front desk from COHAB asking her what room she was in. She was told that MIRANDA would be with her within 40 minutes. MIRANDA arrived at her room and collected the 3 x kilo’s of cocaine after unwrapping it. The drug had been wrapped in plastic which contained vaseline, pepper and dog repellent. The wrappings MIRANDA threw under the bed.

MIRANDA was wearing a white T-shirt bearing the log "CANCUN MEXICO’. He was carrying a gold, red and white bag in which he packed the cocaine and bandages (later found in MIRANDA’s apartment). MIRANDA gave his mobile phone number, 234-8132.

MIRANDA arranged to meet with TRAPASSO on Tuesday 15/5/90 where they once again changed Bermuda currency into U.S.

They saw TED MING on Front Street and talked to him. He was wearing a calypso shirt.

MIRANDA arranged to meet TRAPASSO at Mermaid Beach on 17/5/90.

17/5/90: MIRANDA arrived at Mermaid Beach to inform TRAPASSO that he only had $3,000 and that he would return with more money. He told her that he would go and collect more from "COLIN, DEXTER, LARRY, DAVID AND ANTHONY". He arrived back later in the morning with the balance of $19,000 (seized that afternoon by the Police). MIRANDA was at this point under surveillance. TRAPASSO was arrested later that day on board the Royal Viking Star as it was departing from Bermuda waters.

TRAPASSO’S instructions were that she should, upon arrival in New York, catch an Eastern flight to Miami and carry the money directly to MARCUS COHAB on Hibiscus Island.

16/5/90: Late evening.

TRAPASSO telephone DEBORAH MORTON "collect" from the Oasis Club, Front Street and MORTON threatened to expose the organisation. TRAPASSO is convinced MORTON brought about her arrest.




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