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Why was I required to leave the Island while a major investigation (believed to be the largest ever uncovered on the Island) of cocaine importation was ongoing?  Evidence was still to be collated, statements obtained, an informant interviewed, offenders identified and liaison with the US authorities maintained (more so given the US suppliers had allegedly arranged for and carried out the execution of the person believed to be their informant).

For some, the answer was straightforward.  The following is the transcript of a telephone conversation which occurred on 27th August 1990.  I have never supplied a copy of the transcript to the Bermuda Police Service, it has never been requested such is their intention to bury the investigation. The transcript, needs to be considered in context. I had been the subject of some attempts to discredit my name (more detail will be made available).

The conversation was not recorded at first however, the content was such that I thought it best to take a copy. The recording therefore begins after much had already been said once.

The tone of the conversation was relaxed, certainly there was no additional excitement in the caller’s or my voice. Listening to the tape, there is nothing to suggest that my ‘problems’ were such that I was, effectively, about to loose my job. Just the contrary, information was coming in from more than one location that the problem was an Officer in the Narcotics department. It was my belief this aspect would be addressed.

Having made the recording I left the office and secured the tape. I returned and brought the content to the attention of the DI. I was asked for the tape, at first this was simply a request to listen to the content. I informed the DI that the original tape was ‘unavailable’. I was asked for the original. I declined to provide this. I offered to provide a copy as I considered the original to offer me greater protection (following recent events).  I was never asked for a copy and left the DI’s office. A short while later, while at my desk, I was informed that I was to be available for a meeting with the Commissioner.

I explained that it was my day off. I was told to be available for Friday. I explained this was inconvenient, I had worked the previous Friday, despite being shown 8 hours time off and had arranged to take the coming Friday as time off , to make up for my working the Friday before (24th August 1990). It being impossible for the DI to arrange an appointment without reference to the C.O.P., I then left the office.

When I returned to my accommodation, a short while later, a message had been left on my answer machine that I was to be available ‘within 2 hours’ on Friday.

I returned to the Narcotics office and updated my diary which reads:

Monday, 27th August 1990

0845 Rest Day

Informed to be available for meeting with Commissioner. - Friday unable to attend re activities (8 hrs time off 24.8.90) N.B. message on answer machine re "within 2 hours", Friday.

Update diary @ office.

The entry, the only entry, on the last page I completed in my CID diary is endorsed with the signatures and dates:

S. Rollin 21 27/8

Arnfield A/DI 28/8

Jackson 29/8

At this time, Mr Jackson was the acting Detective Chief Inspector.

To my recollection DI Jackson paraded me before the Commissioner of Police later that day, according to the Deputy Governorís office, this occurred on Tuesday 28th. I was advised that I was no longer assigned to the narcotics department and that my contact would not be recommended for renewal.

I was in no doubt why I had been moved from the department, my beliefs being supported by recent events and the information supplied by the US Law Enforcement Officer. Within 24 hours of receiving the call I was back in uniform and whilst the Commissionerís specific direction (with the DI present) was that I was not to become involved in further Narcotics activity, I spent most of my remaining months in the Narcotics office they had no one to turn to for help). This will be evidenced by the dates on intelligence and other reports I either completed or had access to.

Indeed, that Friday following the directive from the COP for me to be transferred to uniform  theGeorge Jackson telephoned asking that I be present for an operation that evening. I did not answer the phone but the DI had the audacity (blatantly ignoring the COP’s instructions) to leave a message on my answer machine requesting me to parade at the Narcotics department.

It transpired a Mr. Seney had been arrested whilst attempting to import cocaine. Dummy packages were required to be created, everyone was needed for the ‘controlled delivery’.  I did not attend. No dummy packages were made, the delivery occurred at Gibbs Hill lighthouse and the suspect got away, with the drug! More information will follow about this incident, posted elsewhere on this web site.

Whilst content to remain unconnected with this farce, I continued to return to the Narcotics office to document exhibits, amongst other things.

The transcript follows:

Conversation transcribed




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