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The author's history in relation to policing and Bermuda:

To this date, the author has not been asked to alter one word on this site that exceeds 200 pages.  Furthermore, no one  has suggested that one word is false. Why not?

Because what you will read on these pages is true.

December, 2008:The following will be updated as more information is posted and links created to relevant pages.
May 1979 The author of this site joined the Met' police, posted to Carter Street police station, subsequently Catford and lastly, Bromley.
03 March 1986 Resigned from Met' police and joined to Bermuda
Posted to Hamilton Police station as uniform constable
established the greatest number of arrests for a uniformed officer - an overview id provided, click here
21 April 1988 I apply to the Narcotics department.  I was now arresting more people for Narcotics offences than the entire narcotics department - admittedly, only for small possession offences, but then the Narcotics department was not having that much success, as evidenced by my 8th November 1988 arrest (below)
02 May 1988 Received a response that my supervisors had endorsed my application with favourable comments about my 'ability & productivity'.  The Acting Commissioner of Police, Clive Donald, congratulated for my 'motivation & application.  Clive, only two years later, in August 1990 (see below) would be declining to recommend my contract would be renewed - he was the Commissioner I paraded before!
17 September 1988 seizure report submitted for what is believed to be the largest seizure of cocaine that years was made - without prisoner.  Despite the size of the seizure, no further action was initiated - no observation on the package, no enquiries.  The seizing officer's diary and pocket book for the period vanished. The first day at the Narcotics office I was passed a copy of the report by a constable to place me on warning.
8th Nov 1988 transferred to Bermuda Police narcotics department
Commenced a CID diary
From this day forward I was involved in most major importation and possession with intent to supply investigations.
11 Nov 1988 3rd day in the narcotics department and made the most significant arrest of the year - Vernon Dill; the largest drug seizure with a prisoner in 1988.  Met with much resentment as a result.
1989 Assigned with two other Narco Officers to work with then Detective Sergeant Jonathan Smith (now commissioner of police) to pursue two importers of cocaine.  I obtained a confession from my prisoner  despite Police Sergeant Russell Paynter attempting to prevent this!  Furthermore, no one is charged!
06 March 1989 stabbed in the back by the head of narcotics, Dennis Ramsey - an unprofessional man who had a reputation for womanising, satisfying his ego and generally was considered a fool.
15 March 1989 I request to be moved to CID - I am being stabbed in the back in Narcotics, particularly by WDC Vickers who I suspect was concerned that I was taking the limelight of DC Ronnie Green, a married man with whom she was closely associated.
05 June 1989 Colin Smith had been arrested and is in custody.  After three days of interviews during which his lies are slowly unravelled as I disclose bit by bit what we actually know, he confesses; he has been importing cocaine from the USA.  However, PS Russell Paynter gets wind of the imminent confession and interferes!  Read the complaint against Russelll Paynter and see information about 'discipline'.
Commence work on the 'Asset forfeiture' team, we were established due to the introduction of the Drug Trafficking Suppression Act 1988.  The legislation was, wordy and toothless. We were ill equipped and there was little interest in it - plus, the narcotics department were not arresting any reasonably sized dealers!
26 February 1990 the original intelligence  (pdf) in respect of Miranda - initially referred to as 'flogger', the first attempt to arrest the suspects resulted in the parties    have fled the room - tipped off?
07 March 1990 Operation 'Flogger' warrants issued: Dillas warrant (pdf) Thaddeus Ted Rudolph Ming warrant (pdf) Henry Edward Albert Turner warrant (pdf)
19 March 1990 I asked to leave AFT - requested to be transferred back to narcotics, even returned to uniform, such was the waste of time being in the 'AFT'. I was happy to be returned to uniform.
21 March 1990 I was returned to Narcotics department by Superintendent Birmingham - that day the Wellman enquiry broke. 
28 March 1990 the Hatherley enquiry commenced
May 1990 the Miranda enquiry commenced.
By August 1990 we had rounded up most of the suspects but I was experiencing some problems.  I had been the subject of two attempts to have me disciplined over petty issues that were designed to have me moved from Narcotics.  I had made some enemies. 
May 1990 Julian Hall / Miranda interviewed (pdf) an extract of Miranda's statement (pdf) also appears.
Inspector at that time was George Jackson, now Deputy Commissioner of Police.
14 July 1990 Latini's sisters plea for him to be released (pdf) after he is caught importing cocaine.
01 July 1990 Colin Landy (also arrested in connection with cocaine importation) was interviewed.  the author recorded the 10 page statement from him which will appear shortly.
03 July 1990 USA law enforcement officers attend Bermuda - the author completed the 14 page debrief (plus appendices) which will appear shortly. The comprehensive report details the meetings, current position of 'Miranda', the plans for further activity and ongoing / mew enquiries. Appendix 'B' (pdf) of the report is a document presented to Landy before he was interviewed by the USA law enforcement, the 'caution' he was given. Appendix C was a record of telephone numbers called and calling the suspect, Howell, whom Landy had been selling cocaine for.  Appendix D represents hotel (Guest Registration) details and payment (American Express) information of another suspect who had been identified as a courier making a recognisance visit.  Both Appendix C & Appendix D will appear shortly.
30 July 1990 Victor Alongi's statement (pdf) - an overview of the gang we were investigating. Copies of the driver licences (pdf) of the main USA suspects also appear.
Deborah Owens is murdered in a vacant lot in Ocean Township (USA).  Marcus Cojab wass indicted for ordering the killing.  There is subsequently frustration expressed (pdf)in the USA over the federal government's handling of the case
09 August 1990 Deborah Owens sister makes a statement - allegation that 'Bermuda Customs Agent' informed Angela Trappasso she was arrested because of Debbie's information i.e. a Bermudian is said to have identified Debbie (subsequently murdered) as the informant.
10 August 1990 Monmouth County (USA) information: query how Debbie Owens was named as informant.  Cojab said to be upset, Harry Owens suspected of killing Debbie (his sister) Info regarding immigration cards requested by DI Jackson. 
27 August 1990 received a telephone call from the State Police, New Jersey, USA.  Informed that a former Shadow Minister for Justice, at that time the Defence Barrister representing the parties we had arrested, was a cocaine addict.  Also informed that the Head of Narcotics was associated with the suppliers in Miami who had murdered the person they believed to be our informant. The transcript appears on this site.
The tape was placed it in a safe place.  I then went to my then Inspector George Jackson (I could not go to the DCI, Mr Ramsey as he was named in the tape) and explained the content. 
I was asked for the original tape.  I offered to supply a copy but this was not good enough, George Jackson wished the original tape.  I declined to provide this.  Shortly thereafter I was informed that I was to be paraded before the Commissioner of Police at the end of the week.  I was again asked to hand over the tape.  I declined.
August 1990 paraded before the Commissioner of Police, Clive Donald, in company with George Jackson, then Detective Inspector Narcotics and advised:
  • I bucked authority
  • I had attempted to record a senior officer
No evidence in respect of either of the above was supplied. I was informed that my contract was not to be renewed, that I was to go back to uniform and I was not to set foot in the Narcotics office again.  This was in the presence of George Jackson.
18 September 1990 Paul Raymond Seney had been arrested and interviewed.  Seney was another courier caught with cocaine.  His debrief can be read here (pdf) and gives an indication of the incredible demand for cocaine on the island and the extent of the trafficking network we had disrupted. The text version appears here.
Dan Latini, arrested in connection with cocaine importation, is hospitalised.  The Bda press reports (pdf) that Latini is suffering from AIDS it is questionable whether he will live long enough to stand trial.
  • With regard to the 'allegations' against me (August 1990):

There was to be no disciplinary hearing, the Constabulary was not going to abide by their own Force Standing Instructions in respect of allegations about me, then a serving officer.  To this day, I believe the Constabulary to be in breach of FSI and possibly have committed a human rights violation.

complaint submitted whilst I was still serving
About a week later (August 1990) I received a telephone call from George Jackson.  It was taken on my answering machine in Bermuda and I did not respond.  George Jackson, contrary to the Commissioner of Police’s request, was asking that I attend to assist with a new importation case linked to Miranda.
I cite this as further evidence that the Bermuda Police are relatively incompetent and lack qualified, able officers.  I also suggest that George ‘bucks authority’ - he went directly against the orders of the COP. I did not attend. 
Surprisingly (?) within the next month or so I was requested to return to the Narcotics office to deal with the ‘Miranda’ enquiry.  I was to catalogue all exhibits and consider the information received. This order came from George Jackson and was directly in contravention of the then Commissioner of Police’s statement. 
I returned to the Narcotics office and spent the following weeks securing documentation to include all my pocket books and my Police diaries. I posted these all home to England.
In hindsight, I suspect George Jackson is extremely embarrassed that he provided me the means by which to collate the information that now appears on www.bermudapolice.com
13 May 1991 full complaint submitted when I returned to the island to give evidence in Miranda - the trial that saw him receive 20 years imprisonment.
1991 After I left the island and returned to England, it was not long before I returned to give evidence in Miranda.  I was advised, before the Court case, that I was not to make mention of the Defence Barrister being associated with the enquiry (he was no longer representing the individuals) as the Police had agreed this in return for the Defence not mentioning the association of Dennis Ramsey, the then Detective Chief Inspector, Narcotics.
I submitted a formal complaint and employed a Solicitor in Bermuda to assist me in respect of my dismissal from the Force. 
To this day, I believe that the overly quick, superficial enquiry was unprofessional and its findings incorrect i.e they found in favour of Bermuda. My arguments were absolute, despite the fact that I resigned – I had been constructively dismissed and the service had not acted in accordance with FSI (see above).
15 May 1991 Miranda trial is reported in the press, the author have witnessed Ming engaged in an exchange: newspaper extract (pdf)
16 May 1991 The Miranda etc trial concludes.  A newspaper report (pdf)
Subsequently, I submitted a further allegation.  This involved the use of ‘blank’ search warrants. There was a practice in the Narcotics Office (possibly in the CID Office also?) to take blank search warrants and have these signed by a Justice of the Peace.  There would be no name or address displayed on the warrant and no ‘information’ sworn.  These warrants could be used at any time, immediately.  Indeed, the signature on them could be forged onto another blank document.  If a ‘real’ warrant was ever required where a forged document had been used, one with an original signature could be produced and the information filled in.  I made this allegation because George Jackson had direct knowledge, as the Narcotics Inspector, of their existence.
Immediately before I left Bermuda, I seized all the blank (signed) search warrants I could find.  However, the investigation in Bermuda of the ‘scam’ uncovered no impropriety !
30 September 1992 Marcus Cojab scheduled to go on trial (pdf) for Deborah Owens murder.
09 March 1993 press report (pdf) about Cojab (serving 34 years in prison) appearing in Court regarding the murder of Deborah Owens.  The article comments on other USA associates and the international drug smuggling.
31 March 1993 press report (pdf) about Cojadb being spared the death penalty and 'secret proceedings'.
28 April 1993 the author is interviewed by Bda Chief Inspector Bissell in the UK re a missing exhibit and the use of blank search warrants.
17 May 1993 Asbury Park Press seek to have Cojab papers 'unsealed' by the Court
October 1996 received a letter from my former Sergeant to advise that the ‘ones who subverted and betrayed you are gone’; an admission that I was ‘subverted and betrayed’.
1998 When the Internet became accessible, I registered this domain (together with others) posting allegations and  evidence.
August 2000 Rebecca Zuill of the Bermuda Mid Ocean News / Royal Gazette expresses an interest in the facts behind this site.  A package is sent and Rebecca acknowledges receipt and comments on the contents.  Odd - the package came back to me unopened!  Something is awry and Rebecca is no longer trusted by www.bermudapolice.com
2001 Miranda was described as being the most important conspiracy / money laundering case the island had ever investigated.
2001 a report in respect of the Miranda investigation is submitted to the Serious Crimes Commission.  The report goes missing!
April 2001 Jonathan Smith is made Commissioner of police
04 June 2001 I write to the Commissioner of police, Jonathan Smith and offer a means by which we can both draw a line under the issues associated with this web site.  No reply.
March 2002 Jonathan Smith still looking into whether to re-open the 1990 narcotics investigation - who are you kidding Jonathan, playing to the press and fobbing people off is unprofessional and further undermines your credibility! 
7 December 2004 Author of this site meets with George Jackson, now Deputy Commissioner of Bermuda police, in London. I have sought to speak to George Jackson to obtain answers from him, comment in respect of the allegations I have raised.  George has declined to answer!




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