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Some background ...

I make no apology for, nor do I deny, my reasons for posting this site.  I have attempted to air my grievance through the normal, formal, channels but have been met with contemptuous silence.  The backbone of this site is my complaint which I will again submit formally.

Bermuda became Britain's largest colony , as Hong Kong and its 6.3 million citizens were handed over to China.  Bermuda has around 65,000 inhabitants.

There has been no change in Bermuda's narcotics problem since 1990, even the price remains constant.  In 1993, Chief Inspector Bissell informed me that I was "better of out of the force" and that the "narcotics department would probably never have another year like 1990".  A sad reflection of the Island's police service and an indication the inhabitants will continue to suffer the crime associated with narcotics.

Let's face it, nothing has changed in a Country with the highest number of police officers per head of population in the world.  Is it a sad reflection on the police or their public?

This site will cover allegations:

1. the head of the Narcotics Department was involved in the importation of cocaine into Bermuda

2. a Barrister assisted in the importation of cocaine, protected the importers and used the 'product'

3. the alarming price and availability of drugs in Bermuda

4. the former Commissioner of Police's (Clive Donald) inability to comply with Force Standing Instructions.

5. the current Commissioner of Police ( Jean-Jacques Lemay) failure to pursue the current (corroborated) allegations about his 'service'

6. the withholding of evidence by Edward Coglin Gibbons, a serving police inspector.  It follows others conspired with him, or he is lying.

7. the availability of blank (signed) search warrants to narcotics officers.

8. the in-fighting of the narcotics office (it is no secret a married detective was having an affair with an officer on the squad, or that other illicit liaisons occurred), the  officer who assaulted his girlfriend, another who exported in excess of the Monetary Authority allowance of dollars, or the detective who assaulted an official when returning to the Caribbean?

Point '8' (above) will be referred to later in relation to the reason for my being forced to leave the Island; the Commissioner of Police, without reference to Force Standing Instructions, acted on an uncorroborated allegation that I had bucked authority and attempted to tape record the head of the narcotics department.  Allegations incapable of proof, trivial in comparison to '8' above.

This site (in excess of 80 pages) deals with Bermuda from a law enforcement perspective and my service in the Bermuda Police between 1988 and 1990, in particular, my continued complaint against the service which terminated my employment contrary to Force Standing Instructions, specifically the discipline code; the internal laws governing all officers (please see: COMPLAINT).

This complaint, as of November 1988, is directed at a number of parties, to include:

  • Clive Donald    former Commissioner of Police (COP) 1990
  • George Jackson    current Detective Chief Inspector (Narcotics)
  • Dennis Ramsey    former Detective Chief Inspector (Narcotics)
  • George Rose    former Superintendent (Bermuda Police)
  • Jean-Jaques Lemay    current Commissioner of Police
  • J. P. Kelly    former Deputy Governor (Bermuda) 1990
  • Peter Willis    former Deputy Governor (Bermuda) 1995
  • Lord Waddington    The Governor's Office (Bermuda) April 1997
  • Colin Coxall    former Commissioner of Police March 1997

Under 'complaint' you will read why I am certain the evidence unequivocally supports my assertion that the former Commissioner of Police (in collusion with others - George Jackson, George Rose & Dennis Ramsey - possibly among others) acted in breach of F.S.I.  These actions were subsequently endorsed, or the facts ignored, by the other parties named above.

As the Bermuda Police Service does not abide by its own laws, it will be interesting to learn whether, in addition to adopting oppressive, unlawful, behavior they are also hypocrites who will seek to use legal remedy to remove this site, in part of full.

To those people detailed above;

you have treated me with absolute contempt.   I will now approach the publication of material on this site with a similar attitude.  If you require specific material removed, please convey this in writing.   Should I hear nothing I will consider silence to be acquiescence.





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