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Free Speech 2005

You may be wondering how a former narcotics officer who is unceremoniously paraded before the then commissioner of police and told his contact would not be renewed and he was not to return to narco' is in possession of so much information such as:

  • pocket books
  • diaries
  • search warrant
  • criminal record papers
  • aerial photo
  • statements
  • telephone records

the answer is very straightforward:

The author, in contradiction of the then Commissioner's orders, was asked to return by George Jackson.  The Miranda enquiry was in full swing and George needed someone to collate the list of exhibits, consider the evidence and collate it.  George had no one else to turn to, no one he could trust and no one with ability.

George directed the author to return to the narco' office where he spent the next weeks working and securing the evidence appearing on this site.  It is thanks to George Jackson that this site exists in its current form, why it is not contradicted by the Bermuda Police force; it is based on the documentary evidence George permitted the author access to.

As George stood by and failed to provide the author of this site the support that one would expect from a colleague, so his naivety, his foolishness caused the author to secure the evidence used to support the allegations cited on these pages.




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