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 March 8, 2002


1          Executive Summary

The Bermuda Police Service is seeking proposals from local Bermuda companies to develop a website for the Bermuda Police Service.

2          Submission Deadline

Vendor proposals must be submitted by 4:00 PM, Friday 15th March 2002.

3          Submission Delivery

Vendors may deliver submissions by e-mail or hard copy (3 copies) to the following primary contact:

e-mail:              wilsonnj@ibl.bm            

hard copy:         Technology Department
                        Bermuda Police Headquarters
                        10 Headquarters Hill
                        Devonshire, DV 02

                        Attention:  Norman Wilson

Proposals submitted via e-mail must have " CSSD-2002/42” in the subject line.

Proposals submitted in hard copy are to be triplicate (one original and two copies) and must be received in a sealed envelope/container plainly marked "CSSD-2002/42”

All submissions become the property of the Bermuda Police Service and will not be returned.  All conditions contained in the RFP are considered accepted by the vendor in any information submitted. 

All information submitted with the RFP will be kept confidential and access will be only by Government of Bermuda employees reviewing the RFP.  The Bermuda Police Service is not obliged to award orders or contracts to vendors based on the information received.

4          Vendor Submissions

The minimum functionality and scope of the website that is to be developed by the successful vendor is detailed in the attached “Bermuda Police Service Website Requirements” document.

Submissions should be clearly marked "CSSD-2002/42" and include the following information:

4.1               Proposed Website

The vendors will provide a complete description of the proposed Website and how it compares to the requirements set out in the attachment entitled “Bermuda Police Service Website Requirements”.  The description should include all of the technical specifications of the application being proposed by the vendor. 

4.2               Company Information

·         Company Name

·         Business Address

·         Contact person - name, telephone, fax, email, helpdesk

·         Business hours

·         Size of organization

·         Number of clients

·         Brief resumes of staff, to include qualifications and experience

4.3               Cost of Acquisition

This refers to the total cost to the Government of Bermuda for the development of the Website. It should include all development services and any other costs (expenses) that will be charged to the Government of Bermuda. 

4.4               Responsibilities of the Government of Bermuda

The Government of Bermuda will accept no responsibility for the staff of the vendor on any work or services for which that vendor has been engaged to provide.

5          Pre-submission Information

All prospective vendors will be provided with this document and the opportunity to submit written inquiries to the Bermuda Police Service.  Such inquiries will be published, without identifying the source, along with the Bermuda Police Service’s response.  Inquiries regarding this request must be made by email, with “CSSD-2002/42 Inquiry” in the subject line, by 4:00pm Tuesday, 12th March 2002 to: wilsonnj@ibl.bm. Responses to these inquiries will be posted on the website by 12:00pm on Thursday, 14th March 2002.

6          Amendments

At any time prior to the close of the RFP, the Bermuda Police Service may alter, amend, delete or add to, in whole or in part, any terms or provisions of this RFP.  The Bermuda Police Service will publish any such modification or amendment, revision or addenda on the website: www.CSSD.gov.bm

7          Evaluation Process

The proposals submitted to the Bermuda Police Service will be evaluated in a two-stage process with the first stage resulting in a short list of potential vendors. Subsequently, the short listed vendors may be requested to submit additional information, which may result in the award of a contract.  The only information that will then be released is the name of the successful vendor(s).

8          Negotiations

The Bermuda Police Service reserves the right to enter into discussions or to negotiate with a vendor as it sees fit, or with another vendor or vendors concurrently.  In no event will the Bermuda Police Service be required to enter into discussions or negotiations on similar or other terms or offer any modified terms to any other vendor prior to entering into a binding contract.  The Bermuda Police Service shall incur no liability to any vendor as a result of these discussions, negotiations or modifications.

9          Acceptance and Authority to cancel this RFP

The Bermuda Police Service will not be obliged to accept the lowest price or any of the proposals submitted. Each vendor acknowledges and agrees that the Bermuda Police Service will have no liability or obligation to any vendor, except to the party or parties, if any, awarded a contract by the Bermuda Police Service in its sole discretion and the Bermuda Police Service shall be fully and forever released and discharged of all liability and obligation in connection with this Request for Proposal (RFP). The Bermuda Police Service will not make public the vendor submissions and reserves the right to cancel this RFP without any obligation or reimbursement to vendors.

10      References

Before awarding any contract the Bermuda Police Service reserves the right to require the vendor(s) to submit such evidence of qualifications, as it may deem appropriate.  This evidence should include a list of similar websites created in the last three years and include the web address of those sites and a contact person.

11      Terms and Conditions

11.1            The Bermuda Police Service reserves the right to accept and/or reject any and all bids.

11.2            All proposals will be considered final.  No additions, deletions, corrections or adjustments will be accepted after the time stated above.

11.3            The Bermuda Police Service shall not purchase goods or services from any business owing delinquent taxes to the Government of Bermuda.

11.4            Proposals received after the designated time of receipt will be considered as “NO BID” and “VOID”. The time stamp for proposals submitted electronically will be that of the e-mail server. It is the vendor’s responsibility to allow sufficient time for electronic transmission and delivery, especially in the case of large files.

12      Payment Terms

Upon awarding and acceptance of a contract for goods or services, a Government of Bermuda purchase order will be issued as a guarantee to pay.  Payments will be authorised on invoices 30 days after the receipt of the contracted goods or services.  All responses must include any proposed variations on these standard payment terms for discussion and negotiation.

Summary of Key Dates




Publish Request for Proposal


8th March 2002

Vendor questions


12th March 2002 (4:00pm)

Response to Inquiries


14th March 2002 (12:00pm)

Vendor proposals submitted


15th March 2002 (4:00pm)

Vendor selection


18th March 2002

Website operational


31st March 2002

Thank you for your interest.


Norman Wilson

Acting Head of Technology

Bermuda Police Service Website Requirements

 1.      Objective

The objective of this RFP is to solicit proposals for the development of a website for the Bermuda Police Service.  The requirements for the website are detailed in the following section of this document.   

2.      Website requirements

The minimum requirements of the website are:

·         Provide citizens of Bermuda and visitors to Bermuda with information about the Police Service and the services the Police provide.  The website will consist of approximately 40 pages of information. Content to be similar to that found at the following websites:

o        www.police.halifax.ns.ca

o        www.met.police.uk

·         Have a consistent look and feel to all pages (fonts, graphics and color schemes);

·         Load rapidly and provide easy navigation;

·         Be registered with the major search engine companies, ensuring the site makes the top ten lists;

·         Provide future database capabilities;

·         Be capable of being maintained and updated by Police Service personnel;

·         Must perform all tasks correctly in browser versions Netscape 4.7 and Internet Explorer 4 and higher;

·         Must work in browser screen resolutions of 800x600 and higher, all text and images remaining fully visible and functional. 

3.      The Successful Vendor Will Provide the following:

·         Development of the Website application;

·         Coordinate with CSSD on the installation of finished product on Government web servers;

·         Training to the Police Services staff who will maintain and update the Website application;

·         All of the above completed by 31st March, 2002. 

4.      Other:

·         The Bermuda Police Service will consider proposals from vendors for the ongoing maintenance of the Website.  If any vendor wishes to bid on the ongoing maintenance of the site please submit with your bid an hourly price to provide this service. 




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