Bermuda is to get a US-style SWAT team to tackle violent crime and the use of weapons on the Island.

Premier Ewart Brown warned this morning: “Those who choose gunfire to settle their disputes should be on alert. Our strongest stand yet against your senseless violence could be on the horizon.”

Dr. Brown this morning announced a raft of measures aimed at “ending the anti-social behaviour among young people that is threatening our country’s very way of life”.

They include a review of Bermuda’s laws by a panel of legal experts and an examination into “the legality of making custodial parents responsible for the illegal activity of their children”.

The Premier could not go into further detail this morning but said he believed Government had the support of the community for tougher measures.

He said: “I can’t expand too much on that – I’m not a lawyer but there’s a strong thrust in the community to hold parents responsible.”

Dr. Brown was joined by Governor Sir Richard Gozney and Public Safety Minister Senator David Burch.

Sir Richard said Government had “strong support, but silent support from Government House” in the crackdown on violent crime.

The ‘get tough’ approach follows a special session of Cabinet last night in the wake of the drive-by shooting of Prince Barrington Edness, 22, on Tuesday, and the stabbing death of Kellon Hill, 18, on August 9.




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