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Section 2 - The arrest of Antonio Miranda



9th August 1990

Continued ...

At 10.l5am on Friday, 18th May, 1990, as a result of information received I obtained a search warrant relating to Antonio Miranda’s residence at McGalls Hill, Smiths Parish.

I then made my way to Saucos Hill, Smiths Parish where I met with Detective Sergeant 21 officer2 and maintained observations on 8 McGalls Hill Drive, Hamilton Parish outside of which I could see a red motor cycle.

At 10.54a.m Detective Sergeant 21 officer2 left our location on his private motor cycle and I observed as he drove onto McGalls Hill Drive, up the hill and towards the red motor cycle.

At 11.06axn Detective Sergeant officer2 returned, and as a result of what he informed me, we continued observations on the cycle and adjacent residence.

At 11.52am the same day I went with other officers which included Detective Sergeant 46 Arnfield, Detective Sergeant 21 officer2, Detective Constable 386 Field, Detective Constable 334 Severin, Detective Constable 375 Richardson and Woman Detective Constable Bean to a lower apartment .at 8 McGalls Hill Court.

Detective Constable Severin and I went to the East of the premises and Detective Constable Severin knocked loudly upon the door. A man who I recognised as Antonio Miranda


answered the door, pulling back the blind. As he opened the door I showed him the search warrant which Miranda appeared to read and cautioned him in accordance with Rule II of the Judges Rules. Miranda made no reply.

I began to record contemporaneous notes of what transpired.

I obtained from Miranda his overseas address and telephone number and informed him that I was arresting him on suspicion of importing a controlled drug. I then obtained from Miranda his local address and his telephone number of 234 8132.

Miranda stated that he had been in Bermuda for three to four days and that he had arrived via the Viking Star boat and had remained upon the Island to open up a gallery.

I said, "Are there any drugs on the premises?". Miranda said, "No sir".

I said, "Any large amounts of cash?". Miranda said, "No sir

I said, "How much cash do you have here?". Miranda said, "Two, three hundred dollars".

I said, "When did you arrange to stay here?".

Miranda said, "I was here three weeks ago trying to get established, Mrs Jones upstairs own this place I read the add in the paper and came to see her, I’ll be here another two weeks or so".

I said, ""Who is your contact on the island?". Miranda said, "Mr Julian Hall, he’s my part owner, he’s a Bermudian, a Bermudian has to be a part owner. He was recommend by a friend as being a good person to see. I’ve had meetings with Mr Hall and we’re getting everything

Arranged now. Please don’t tell him about this"


I said, "Do you have any more friends on the island?". Miranda said, "No that’s about it, I haven’t seen anyone -else on the island, I don’t know anyone else. I got a hair cut yesterday in the Arcade, at the barber shop".

I said, "Do you have any papers for accounts on the island?".

Miranda said, "No, my lawyer’ s arranging all that now".-.


Detective Sergeant 46 officer1 said, "Who’s paying your rent".

Miranda said, "I am, I have some money saved up, it’s with Mr Hall, it’s about $20,000. It’s not here yet". Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "How much do you have on the island?".

Miranda said, "About $2,000 for my expenses, that’s here with me here".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Where is your money now?".

Miranda said, "It’s all in New York, Queens the Bank of City Bank, I have two accounts".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "In what names Miranda said, "It’s in my family names, for my protection. I cannot give their names".

I said, "When did you get the money".

Miranda said, "About a month ago from a mortgage loan, from family, their investing for me. I have $5000 in the same bank in my name, I’m trying to get it here at the moment, it’s in the process of being wired".

I said, "What’s your banks telephone number".

Miranda said, "I don’t have it, I call my secretary I can’t tell you her name, I made several calls".

I said, "Where from?".

Miranda said, "From here, I have a portable phone, the phone here hasn’t been connected"

I said "Who have you called on your portable phone?"


Miranda said, "Just friends and my secretary".

I said, "How many calls have you made?".

Miranda said, "Three, four, ten, who knows".

I said, "Where is the paperwork for your business?".

Miranda said, "Julian Hall has it. I gave it all to him".

At 12. l5pm the search of kitchen began with the dog entering the living room first via the bathroom.

At l2.l8pm the living room was searched by the dog.

I said, "Do you use drugs?".

Miranda said, "No sir, look I’m only down for a vacation. I came for a cruise, I’m flying back, I’ll be flying frequently. I’ve arranged for a refund on my cruise ticket, that’s the way I arranged it, I’ve only got to go into a travel agent to get my money back. Anyway I paid for it by American Express".

At l2.2lpm the bedroom was searched by the dog.

At 12.28pm the kitchen was searched by the dog.

At l2.32pm the dog alerted to some white powder packets in south west corner of unit just south of cooker in the kitchen.

Detective Constable Coyles said, "What is the powder?".

Miranda said, "I don’t know sir".

Detective Constable Coyles said, "Whose is it?".

Miranda said, "I don’t know, I just moved in".

I said, "Who else has visited you at this address?".

Miranda said "Nobody else"


At l2.54pm photographs were taken.

At l2.55pm Detective Constable 218 Coyles moved the cooker

to expose the powder on the floor still hidden partially by the unit.

Photographs were once again taken.

At l2.56pm Detective Constable 375 Richardson placed his gloved hand into the cupboard and pulled out the exposed bag and another bag, both contained white powder.

At l2.57pm Rosalva MIRANDA was brought to kitchen, and both Antonio and Rosalva MIRANDA were told to stay quiet.

Antonio Miranda said, "Know anything about that?". Rosalva Miranda said, "No, No", and began to cry.

Photographs of the kitchen were taken by Detective Sergeant Cutts..

The exhibits consisting of two (2) bags were placed in exhibit ziplock bags.

The white powder was in rows in ziplock bags with blue and yellow lines at the top with a yellow and green seal.

From the exposed bag four (4) rolls of white powder were visible.

From the second bag ten (10) rolls of white powder were visible.

From the second bag ten (10) rolls of white powder were visible.


At l2.34pm Detective Constable Severin took Antonio Miranda out to the living room, Rosalva Miranda entered the kitchen with Woman Police Constable Bean.

Detective Constable Richardson pointed out the plastic bag containing the white powder to Rosalva MIRANDA.

Rosalva Miranda said, "I see it but I don’t know, we just moved in Monday, I don’t know what it is".

At 12.35pm Rosalva Miranda was taken to the bedroom as Antonio Miranda was returned to kitchen.

Antonio Miranda sat, and arrangements were made for the attendance of a Scenes of Crime Officer. Antonio Miranda remained silent with Detective Constable Richardson and myself in the kitchen. The telephone number on the phone on the kitchen counter read 236 5886.

I completed the sketch plan.

I then completed a sketch plan of the kitchen.

At 12.48pm whilst I completed the sketch, Detective Sergeant 21 officer2 informed Antonio Miranda that the cellular phone was being seized by police.

At l2.Slpm Detective Sergeant Cutts entered the residence and I introduced him to Antonio Miranda.

The bag of powder was pointed out to Detective Sergeant Cutts in the presence of Antonio Miranda who remained seated.


At 1.Olpm we went to the bedroom with Antonio and Rosalva Miranda and Detective Sergeant Cutts. Detective Sergeant Cutts took photographs of the room including cash in the top draw of unit near the room’s entrance.

At 1.04pm Antonio Miranda was returned to the kitchen and the top draw was photographed containing glad-lock zipper bags, garbage bags by ‘Glad’, ‘Glad’ cling wrap and tape.

At 1.05pm the search began and Detective Constable Richardson searched the top draw of the kitchen unit seizing; four loose ziplock bags, a box of Glad lock ‘zipper’ bags, a box of Glad garbage bags. a roll of Glad cling wrap, and a bag of elastic bands.

Antonio Miranda remained silent.

At l.08pm Detective Constable Richardson removed a book containing loose papers and writing, the book was marked "Exercise book (.75 label - 19315504)".

Detective Constable Richardson said, "Is it your book?",

Antonio Miranda said, "No sir, well, yes, I got it in town".

At 1.09pm Detective Constable Richardson seized a roll of beige tape.

Antonio Miranda said, "That tape sir, that was here, it’s not mine. I haven’t used it, the bags you’ve got, they’re for storing things in the fridge".

At l.l2pm Detective Constable Richardson searched the lower cupboard.


At l.l5pm Detective Constable Richardson searched another draw and removed; one ziplock bag with coins and $1 U.S. bank note, two ziplock bags with coins.

Antonio Miranda said, "Sir, that’s just change I collected".

Detective Constable Richardson then seized a blender jar containing a small homemade cigarette.

Antonio Miranda said, "What’s in there? Look I know nothing about what’s in there. It was here when I got here. The comics are mine".

At l.l8pm Detective Constable Richardson searched the lower unit/cupboard, this was empty.

The search continued at the unit below the sink and a plastic bag white, folded, was seized.

Antonio Miranda was still silent. A "Winner’s Edge bag" containing bandage tape was seized from below the sink.

At l.2lpm the search of the lower units concluded and Detective Constable Richardson searched the counter area.

A phone book and calculator was seized from the counter.

Antonio Miranda said, "Why are you taking the phone book?". Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Because somebody has blacked out some numbers on the back".

At 1.22pm the upper cupboards were searched in clockwise rotation.



A Dust Buster was seized.

Antonio Miranda said, "But that belongs here. I haven’t used. it".

At 1.25pm in the corner kitchen unit a "Success Rice" box containing a ziplock bag with plant material was seized from upon the top shelf.

Antonio Miranda said, "That’s not mine, there were tenants from Canada here before I moved in".

At 1.27pm a film canister with a manila envelope was opened by Detective Constable Severin, having been handed it by Detective Constable Richardson. Plant matter was discovered in the canister.

Antonio Miranda said, "That was there too".

Detective Constable Severin then opened the manila envelope bearing the handwriting "Mousieur de Givenchy".

Detective Constable Severin showed Antonio Miranda the contents, plant matter.

Antonio Miranda said, "That’s not mine sir".

At 1.30pm Rizla papers found on the unit were shown to Antonio Miranda.

Antonio Miranda said, "And they1re riot mine".

At 1.31pm Rosalva Miranda was escorted to the kitchen.


At 1.34pm the cooker was searched.

At l.35pm Rosalva Madera was shown the "Success Rice" box and bag of plant matter and film canister.

Detective Constable Richardson said, "I found these in this cupboard".

~Rosalva Miranda said "I know nothing about that".

At 1.36pm the freezer and food wrapped in foil was searched.

At 1.38pm the f ridge was searched and nothing stored in a ziplock bag was found.

At l.43pm a search of the bin was conducted as Antonio Miranda remained silent.

At about l.57pm a "Making Waves" bag containing correspondence of assorted colours was found.

At l.59pm a garbage bag was searched and a "Warwick Video Club" receipt was seized.

Detective Constable Richardson said, "Is this yours Detective Constable Richardson showed Antonio Miranda the video receipt.

Antonio Miranda said, "No, look I was just cleaning up and put stuff in there".

I said, "When did you tie that trash bag up

Antonio Miranda said, "Probably a day or two ago".

I said, "Who is Mr Hanlock".

Antonio Miranda said, "I don’t know


I said, "This receipt is for three videos, does that mean anything to you, they were obtained two days ago. Antonio Miranda said, "No sir, I cleaned up. I saw it but not properly".

At 2.00pm also seized from the trash was a "Bike World" receipt and two (2) pieces of paper bore the number ‘5000’ and a quantity of torn pieces of paper bearing handwriting.

It was then decided to complete a second search of the white trash bag in the bin, and at 2.0lpm a "Mayne’s Furniture Company Limited" bill invoice number 42219 dated 15/5/90 was found and seized.

I said, "Who bought the bed?".

Antonio Miranda said, "I don’t know

I said, " Who is Anthony Desilva?".

Antonio Miranda said, "That is one of the guys who lived here before, look somebody upstairs probably got the bed".

I said, "What is your portable phone number?".

Antonio Miranda said, "234 8132".

I said, "Why does Anthony use your number?".

Antonio Miranda said, "Coincidence".

Also seized from the bin was a Telco bill and several small pieces of paper being numbers.

Antonio Miranda said, "Those pieces of paper are nothing to do with me, they were just lying around".

At 2.O6pm on top of the kitchen table, a ‘Search and Circle’ games book bearing handwriting was found and seized.


At 2.O7pm Detective Constable Richardson scraped white powder from a mattress, at the top, which was laying against a wall, using an exhibit label to scrape and placing the powder in small ziplock bag. A black green and white jacket was seized from a kitchen chair.

At 2.llpm the bathroom was searched with negative results.

At 2.l9pm the living room was searched.

A search of single black chair was conducted with negative results.

At 2.2Opm a search of the wooden furniture proved negative.

At 2.22pm a camera "Freedom 202" on top of the furniture showing ‘15’ ‘shot’ and bearing the serial number 4017311, was seized.

I said "Whose camera is this?".

Antonio Miranda said, "It’s mine. I’ve just taken four or five pictures".

I then looked on top of the camera and said, "What of?". Antonio Miranda said, "Just the island, I only got the film in town, must have been Monday".

At 2.23pm a search of the black sofa and. the table was conducted with negative results.

At 2.25pm a search of the storage area to the north of house beside the bedroom door was conducted with negative results.



Antonio Miranda then went to the kitchen with Detective Constable Severin and Rosalva Miranda came out of the bedroom to the livingroom with Woman Detective Constable Bean.

Antonio Miranda was taken to the bedroom and I completed a sketch of the bedroom.

At 2.28pm From the top of the drawer was seized a "Mermaid Beach Club" paper with the number ‘245’ upon it.

Antonio Miranda said, "That’s from the operator I was trying to get the number for a shop, the number was 245 something. I called from a public phone in town somewhere, the paper was next to the phone, I just used it".

I said, "Where was the phone?".

Antonio Miranda said, "On Front Street near to a book store. Look I can’t remember I not too familiar with this area".

At 2.32pm I said, "Have you ever been to Mermaid Beach?". Antonio Miranda said, "No sir, I’ve heard of it, I’ve seen it on the map".

From the top of a bedroom drawer two (2) phone receipts were seized bearing the numbers "22333" and "20833".

I said, "Whose are these?".

Miranda said, "They’re not mine".

From on top of the same unit was seized an address book.

Miranda said "That’s not mine, that’s my wife’s"


Also seized was a Warwick Video Club receipt dated 15.5.90 in the name "A Hanlock".

Miranda said, "That was here when I got here".

I said, "What day did you get here?".

Miranda said, "Monday, 14th, I think Monday’s the 14th".

At 2.37pm a part smoked cigarette was found on top of the unit.

Miranda said, "That’s not mine".

From the top draw of the unit three (3) bundles of cash were found one appeared to be Bda $50’s.

I said, "How much is there?".

Miranda said, "About two thousand, 1000, 2000 if I’m not mistaken".

The second bundle was mixed US, Bermuda and Canada bank notes.

I said, "How much is there?".

Antonio Miranda said, "About thirty, 20 bucks".

The third bundle consisted of US dollar bills.

Antonio Miranda said, "That’s mine, money I brought with me about $1000".

Detective Constable Richardson said, "What’s this?", and showed him a plastic folder.

At 2.46pm Antonio Miranda said "That’s my diving stuff"


With the literature were receipts which were examined.

Antonio Miranda said, "They’re mine".

Also found was a note in name "A. Desilva".

I said, "Who is Anthony Desilva?".

Miranda said "I don’t know"

At 2.46pm from the top drawer - building rental documents consisting of two (2) pieces of paper in name "Anthony Desilva" dated 10/4/90 were seized.

At 2.49pm a fourth receipt was found in drawer, in name of Anthony Desilva and shown to Antonio Miranda.

Antonio Miranda said, "I told you I don’t know who Desilva is".

In the top draw of the unit were two (2) ziplock bags which were shown to Antonio Miranda.

Detective Constable Severin said, "Are these yours?". Antonio Miranda said, "Yeah".

At 2.52pm a packet of "Rizla" papers were found in the top drawer of the unit with correspondence.

Detective Constable Severin said, "Are these yours?". Antonio Miranda said, "Yeah".

Three (3) pieces of paper bearing telephone numbers were also found and Detective Constable Severin showed them to Antonio Miranda and said, "Are these yours?".



Antonio Miranda said, "No definitely not".

At 2.54pm Detective Constable Richardson produced a receipt for film and a radio cassette with a warranty attached bearing invoice number 45099.

I said, "Have you bought a radio cassette in Bermuda?".

Antonio Miranda said,’No I haven’t, that receipt is not mine"

I said, "What is your address in the U.S.?".

Antonio Miranda said, "201 Wyckoff, Queens".

Detective Constable Richardson seized the receipt for the camera.

At 2.59pm Detective Constable Richardson removed the top drawer and found stuck to the inside top of the unit was a paper with numbers, handwritten.

Antonio Miranda said, "That’s not mine

A search of the clothes in remaining drawers was conducted with negative results.

Antonio Miranda remained silent, watching.

At 3.O5pm the TV was searched upon which were two (2) videos, "Turner & Hooch" and "Nuts", these were seized.

From the video machine "The Unholy" was taken.

At 3.07pm from the top of the second set of drawers was seized pieces of paper bearing handwriting and a Belco bill.


Antonio Miranda said, "I paid it yesterday, you can look1’.

Also seized was a writing pad, floral, containing three (3) letters, one in Spanish or Portuguese and an address.

A wallet was seized containing a total of $160.

Also seized was a receipt for 0858, an Oleander Cycles vehicle, bearing a Sonesta Beach address.

I said, "When you booked the cycle where were you staying".

Antonio Miranda said, "I told them I was going/ to stay at

Sonesta, but I changed my mind".

From the wallet seized from the unit was a list of telephone numbers and names on white lined paper, a business card with names, addresses and telephone numbers, a social security card bearing the number 085 58 9888, an American Express card number 37 28639435 71001, a business card, Julian E.S. Hall, with telephone numbers on the back, a business card ‘Paul’, a Mexico bank note (10k), and a torn Rizla paper cover.

Antonio Miranda said, "I was going to write a number on that. I just found it from the one in the kitchen".

At 3.l8pm, also seized from the top of the unit was an American Express receipt dated 11th May’1990 and a small "BNTB" calendar. A wallet found in a waist belt contained one $5 bill, one $1 bill, and two 25c coins. The phone and charger were seized also.

Antonio Miranda said "I bought that from an ad’ in the paper it cost me $400, something like that I can’t remember


who I bought it from just some guy I met in Rum Runners Monday afternoon".

At 3.24pm two (2) Royal Viking Star folders were found in the top drawer containing correspondence and a photograph.

The rest of the drawers contained clothing.

At 3.29pm the walk-in wardrobe at the East wall of the bedroom was searched and a jacket (blue/green and yellow writing) was seized.

At 3.3lpm a black bag with a side pocket contained key number 14539, a Mosler key was found.

Detective Constable Richardson said, "What’s this for?" Antonio Miranda said, "A safe at my house, a fireproof thing, in my bedroom closet, there’s just documents in it".

At 3.32pm Detective Constable Richardson showed Antonio Miranda a box bearing the printing "CFS 1000 - Sony -stereo/cassette".

Antonio Miranda said, "That’s mine

I said, "Where did you get it?".

Antonio Miranda said, "Well It’s mines now, it was in the house when I got here".

I said, "Whose is it?".

Antonio Miranda said, "Mine’s now".

I said, "Did you buy it?".

Antonio Miranda said, "Yes"

I said, "Who from?".

Antonio Miranda said, "Anthony Desilva".

I said "Who is he?"


Antonio Miranda said, "The guy I bought it from Monday". I said, "But you said you didn’t know Anthony Desilva".

Antonio Miranda said, "I met him at the disco Monday night I bought it off him on the street".

I said, "When Monday, but you didn’t meet him until the evening

Antonio Miranda said "No sir"

I said, "Then how did you buy it off him Monday?".

Antonio Miranda said, "I didn’t, I bought it from Reid Street."

At 3.45pm Detective Constable Richardson found a pack of rubber bands on top shelf of wardrobe in a black bag

Detective Constable Richardson said, "Whose bag is this", and showed Antonio Miranda the black bag with red piping containing Immigration card, maps and ticket. Antonio Miranda said, "Mine".

At 3.47pm Detective Constable Richardson showed Antonio Miranda a "Lotto box" opened and cash displayed.

Antonio Miranda said, "I don’t know whose money that is, the box’ has been in there since before I got here". Detective Constable Richardson said, "Do you have any idea who it belongs to?".

Antonio Miranda said, "No sir".

Detective Constable Richardson said, "Is it your money?". Antonio Miranda said, "No sir".

Detective Constable Richardson said, "Is there any more money here?".

Antonio Miranda said, "I don’t know. I told you what I had when you come in, I never seen that money before now"

I said "Have you touched it at all"


Antonio Miranda said, "No sir, I think it had linen over it".

I said, "Who put the tape on it?".

Antonio Miranda said, "I don’t know, I told you I never saw"

Antonio Miranda went to the wardrobe with Detective Constable Richardson and Detective Sergeant officer2 then entered the room with Rosalva Miranda and showed the open box to Rosalva Miranda who was seated on the bed.

At 3.5lpm Rosalva Miranda said, "I don’t know anythying about that, what’s that, a sneaker box. I don’t know anything about it".

Detective Constable Richardson said, "Have you seen it before".

Rosalva Miranda said, "Just sitting in the closet". Detective Constable Richardson said, "Have you moved it at all?".

Rosalva Miranda said, "No sir".

Detective Constable Richardson said, "Have you touched it?". Rosalva Miranda said, "No sir".

Rosalva Miranda was then escorted from the room.

At 3.53pm Detective Constable Richardson removed from wardrobe 1 pair of Lotto training shoes marked "Size 8".

Detective Constable Richardson said, "Whose sneakers are these?".

Antonio Miranda said, "They’re mine".

Detective Constable Richardson said, "Where did you buy your Lotto training shoes?"


Detective Constable Richardson showed the shoes to Antonio Miranda who said, "Back home, they’re my running shoes, I do a lot of running".

From a pair of denim shorts cash was seized totaling $35 in Bermuda currency.

At 3.57pm, on the wardrobe shelf a box marked ‘Nov Atel Communications Limited’ Model Ptr 800 was seized.

At 3.58pm Antonio Miranda went to the bathroom.

At 4.04pm Antonio Miranda was returned to the bedroom.

A search of a white purse/bag was made, displaying cash.

Antonio Miranda said, "That’s my wife’s cash I gave it to her to spend".

Detective Constable Richardson continued to search the bag which was seized with the keys and correspondence in it.

At 4.O8pm a search bed was made and two (2) pairs of trousers on the bed were seized.

At 4.lOpm a personal search of Antonio Miranda was conducted in the bedroom.

At 4.l3pm Antonio Miranda was left with Detective Constable Richardson in the bedroom to change his clothing.

At 4.l9pm Antonio Miranda was escorted out of the premises with Detective Constable Field.


At 4.2Opm Rosalva Miranda entered the bedroom with Woman Police Constable Bean to change.

At 4.25pm Rosalva Miranda was escorted from the bedroom.

At 4.26pm the stereo system, serial 6702046 was seized from the bedroom, and pair of yellow shorts and the jacket fromt eh kitchen table and three (3) keys on a ring.

At 4.27pm all persons left the premises to Police vehicles outside.

I informed Antonio Miranda that I had recorded notes and offered him the chance to read and sign the notes. He declined to do so saying, "I don’t think I should sign anything".

At 4.3Opm we all left the premises.

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