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The Miranda Statement

This document gives a good over-view of the background to the enquiry and is the account I read from in Court. 

The numbers 1 to 55 appear at the left hand of the page and these donate the page numbers from the actual statement.  I have divided the statement into three sections for ease of viewing and to save on download times.

Additions to the site, in relation to the Miranda enquiry, will hyper-linked from the appropriate section of the statement to assist in understanding what precisely occurred.

Section 1 - The arrest of Angela Trapasso



9th August 1990


I am the above named Detective Constable, currently attached to the Bermuda Police Narcotics Department.

At about 8.55pm on Wednesday, 16th May, 1990, I was in company with Detective Sergeant 46 officer1 when, as a result of information received, we attended Lighthouse Hill, Southampton.

I left our vehicle at Lighthouse Hill and maintained observations upon premises which I knew to be occupied by Thaddeus Ming, Dexter Dillas and Larry Ebbin.

At,about 9.lOpm I saw a red scooter, 0858, attend the residence, the driver was a man who I now know as Mr Antonio Miranda and the passenger was a female who I now know as his wife, Rosalva Miranda.

I watched as Antonio Miranda parked the cycle in the Southwest corner of the garden, he then began to walk toward the carport at the South of the building. The garden was illuminated by a downstairs external light and also by the kitchen light.


I saw a man who I now know as Thaddeus Ming walk from the carport to the garden, directly toward Antonio Miranda. The two men met upon the grass and a brief conversation took place.

Antonio Miranda took something from the area of his waistband and handed it to Ming.

Ming then thumbed the small package and turned his back to Miranda and appeared to place the item into his left trouser pocket.

Antonio Miranda looked toward his wife and then back to Ming.

Ming turned back toward Antonio Miranda and appeared to pass something to Miranda with his right hand. Miranda pushed this item into his waistband, there was a brief conversation which I was unable to hear.

Antonio Miranda then returned to his wife who was still sat upon the cycle.

Antonio Miranda was wearing a greenish, shiny, tracksuit, the back of which bore an inverted triangle design. The trousers were of a matching material.

Rosalva Miranda was wearing a similar suit.

Antonio Miranda then drove the cycle away and South along Lighthouse Hill.


As a result of my radio transmissions I again met with Detective Sergeant officer1 and we drove quickly South after the cycle.

Within a short time we were at the back of Henry VIII’s restaurant, on Lighthouse Hill when, at the side of the road I saw the cycle 0858. Antonio Miranda was sat astride the stationary vehicle whilst his wife was sat upon the wall, the couple were facing one another.

As we drove past them, both persons, illuminated by our headlights, looked in our direction.

We drove to a layby near to the entrance to the Sonesta Beach Hotel where we remained stationary.

After a short while Antonio Miranda drove the cycle from Lighthouse Hill, East along South Shore Road.

We followed Antonio Miranda and after about one hundred (100) yards he turned right, onto a small forecourt in front of a pink house which I now know as "Windy Cottages".

As we passed the building I saw that Antonio Miranda was sliding the large front glass door open.

We continued East, completed an about turn and again passed "Windy Cottages". The light in the lower premises was on, behind curtains, Antonio Miranda was not visible but the. cycle was placed facing the door.

We continued West, turning into Lighthouse Hill. We again passed the rear of Henry VIII’s restaurant to see Mrs Miranda still seated upon the wall where she had been left.


We remained stationary upon St Anne’s Road with a view of Lighthouse Hill.

After a period of about fifteen minutes we returned to Henry VIII’s to find that Mrs Miranda was no longer at the location.

We drove East to find that the 1ivery cycle O858 had been moved from "Windy Cottages".

At about 9.50pm we returned to Lighthouse Hill where I commenced observations once again.

There was now no car beneath the carport but two cars had arrived and were stationary in the garden.

The only illumination was from the lower apartment outside lamp.

At 9.53pm a single livery cycle drove into the garden and the driver went toward the bushes at the front of the premises and was met by an occupant of the house and they spoke outside the door.

The person, still wearing a white crash helmet, returned to the cycle after about a minute and left on the livery cycle.

I then saw two persons leave the lower apartment and go to one of the cars in the garden, they then reversed the car into the carport and returned to the lower apartment.

At lO.O2pm I saw a person walk from the lower apartment to the car still in the open part of the garden, then return to the apartment.


I then saw somebody walk from the apartment to the carport, the kitchen light illuminated in the main house. A person then walked from the carport and stood behind the bushes outside of the lower apartment.

At 10.26pm a male appeared from the lower apartment wearing a white shirt and remained stationary upon the grass looking back toward the apartment.

Another male walked to the apartment wearing a white crash helmet, beige jacket and jeans, and went to the car in the garden.

A woman arrived on a livery cycle with a male passenger upon the rear, and a conversation took place in the garden.

After about another minute another woman, wearing a white crash helmet, white shirt, red slacks, arrived driving a livery cycle. She drove to the car in the garden and walked to the lower apartment.

By 10.30pm all the vehicles had left the area travelling in different directions.

I remained at the location until about 11pm, there were no vehicles at the residence and no further activity.

On Thursday, 17th May, 1990 at about 1.3Opm I was on duty in Hamilton Parish, just East of McGalls Hill.

As a result of information received I went with Detective Sergeant 46 officer1 to Front Street, Pembroke where we boarded the Royal Viking Star cruiseship and were joined shortly after by Detective Sergeant Walgate.


At 2pm, the same day, the ship sailed.

At about 2.l5pm I met with the Chief Purser Signe Bjorndal and the ship’s security officer, Ian Baxter in the officers mess. I obtained from Miss Bjorndal twelve (12) pieces of paper relating to the passengers. Trapasso, Madera and Miranda.

As a result of information received, in company with Detective Sergeant Walgate, Detective Sergeant Arnfield, Signe Bjorndal, and Ian Baxter, I went to Cabin 178M.

At 2.45pm, Detective Sergeant officer1 knocked upon the door of cabin 178M, and it was opened by a woman who I now know as Miss Angela Trapasso, we identified ourselves and entered the room.

Miss Trapasso was immediately cautioned by Detective Sergeant Walgate in accordance with Rule II of the Judges Rules. I continued to keep contemporaneous notes.

Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "Do you have any controlled substances with you?".

Trapasso said, "No, only my sea sickness tablets".

Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "Do you have any cash?".

Trapasso said, "Yes, I have quite a lot of cash, I have $19,000 in my safe and a couple of hundred on me".

Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "Why all the cash?".

Trapasso said, "Well I was told that it was a very expensive place and I wanted a piece of jewelry, I had $22,000.

Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "Do you know anyone in Bermuda"

Trapasso said, "No".


Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "Did you meet with anyone in Bermuda?".

Trapasso said, "No".

Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "Have you been here before"

Trapasso said, "Yes, for my birthday".

Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "Did you meet anyone at all here".

Trapasso said, "Eddie, he left me his phone number 2951595". Trapasso handed Detective Sergeant officer1 a tissue bearing the phone number 2951595, and I marked this paper with the number "1".

Detective Sergeant officer1 began to search the cabin. Detective Sergeant Walgate examined correspondence handed to him by Detective. Sergeant officer1 bearing the address; 200, Ocean Park Ave.

At 2.SOpm Detective Sergeant officer1 asked Trapasso, who was seated upon the bed, to move.

Detective Sergeant officer1 then conducted a search of the bed.

I completed a sketch of the cabin layout.

Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "Where’s the safe?". Trapasso said, "The key is here, it’s in the cupboard". Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "What did you do here - let’s start Monday?".

Trapasso said, "Monday, I went to the Mermaid I was so sick".

Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "Even though it’s in port". Trapasso said, "Meaning?"; then continued, "Tuesday, actually I went to Mermaid for the beach. Tuesday shopping then to Oasis that’s where I met Eddie, he said he’s from Israel, white though, said he’s working here, about 32"



Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "Which Mermaid?". Trapasso said, "The beach club".

At 2.56pm Detective Sergeant,officer1 asked for keys to the safe.

Trapasso handed him the keys.

Trapasso said, "Wait a minute can I go to the safe, I have some clothes in there and I’d rather not be embarrassed". Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "Please stand back while the officer searches".

Trapasso said, "But, look it’s kind’ve embarrassing. I had my period while I was here and there are some clothes in there that are dirty.

Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "No, stay back from the safe. The officer will search".

Trapasso watched as Detective Sergeant officer1 searched. Detective Sergeant officer1 lifted 2 white soiled garments from the safe and displayed 5 bundles of cash in packs (2 packs of $100, 1 pack of $5, 1 pack of $10, and 1 pack of $20).

At 3.0lpm Detective Sergeant officer1 informed Trapasso that she was being arrested on suspicion of importing a controlled drug and cautioned her in accordance with Rule II of the Judges Rules.

Trapasso said, "Excuse me" and moved to the bed and put her shoes on.

Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "You will be coming with us. Do you understand?".

Trapasso said, "Yes, do I need to put all this away?". Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "Yes".

Trapasso packed her bags. The seized cash from the cabin (5 x clear packs of cash) all appeared to be U.S. dollar bills, these were placed in a laundry bag. I continued to keep


notes of what transpired and Trapasso signed against the money entry "Angela Trapasso".

Arrangements were then made for the transportation of Trapasso.

Items were seized as Trapasso packed, these consisted of a sealed envelope on the desk which I marked with the number ‘2’; a Bermuda Royal Gazette newspaper on the chair which I marked with the number ‘3’; and a New York magazine on the desk, which I marked with the number ‘4’.

When Trapasso had concluded her packing we left the cabin and went out to the pilot vessel.

At 3.l0pm we boarded the pilot vessel.

At 3.40pm we arrived at St Georges and walked to St Georges Police Station. The only conversation during the walk was as Trapasso said, "Enjoy carrying my suitcase?"

At 3.45pm we arrived at St Georges Police Station and I recorded Trapasso1s full particulars and she was issued with a prisoners rights form serial number 30635.

At 3.52pm I handed Trapasso a U.S. Memo headed "Consulte General of the U.S.A.11. Trapasso appeared to read the memorandum. Also present was Woman Police Constable 581 Bourne.

At 4.00pm the memo from the Consulate General was returned and signed. We were joined by Woman Police Constable 311 Smith, and all the other officers left the interview room.

At 4.O5pm I left the interview room and Trapasso was left with Woman Police Constable 581 Bourne.



At 4.l7pm I returned to the interview room with brown paper bags for the cash, Detective Sergeant Walgate was present. Trapasso was cautioned in accordance with Rule II of the Judges Rules by Detective Sergeant officer1 and informed that the cash was seized and would be the subject of fingerprint analysis of the wrappings.

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "How much money?". Trapasso said, "There should be $19,000 there".

I said, "Angela, do you want to call a lawyer". Trapasso said, "Why? there’s no need for one". Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "What denominations is it in?".

Trapasso said, "Everything but singles".

Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "How did it come from the bank?".

Trapasso said, "Originally as a cashier’s cheque then changed, they didn’t have enough big bills". Detective Sergeant Walgate said, "Which bank did it come from".

Trapasso said, "New Jersey at Eaton Town, New Jersey". Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "What date did you obtain this money?".

Trapasso said, "It would be the Wednesday back, 8 days ago". Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Is that your regular bank".

Trapasso said, "Yes".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Do you keep accounts there".

Trapasso said, "No, it’s wiped dry, I closed it". Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "How long have you had an account there".

Trapasso said, "Since I was 6".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Why did you draw all this money out?"


Trapasso said, "Cause I wanted a really nice piece of jewellery".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "How much was the exact amount".

Trapasso said, "I took out $20,000, I had $2000 on me". Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Where did you change it". Trapasso said, "At the bank teller at the bank". Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Are you well know at the bank".

Trapasso said, "Quite".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "How many tellers are there?".

Trapasso said, "About 20, it’s quite big, a three storey building".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "How did you ask for the cash".

Trapasso said, "Large bills but I ended up with a lot of small".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Did you sign anything for this cash".

Trapasso said, "Just the back of the cheque". Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Were you given a receipt?".

Trapasso said, "No. Aside from the dated pass book. The savings book, but that’s at home, you’ve got my address". Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Who lives at your address".

Trapasso said, "Just my mother".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "How many hundred’s are there".

Trapasso said, "I’ve no idea".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "How much do we have here".


Trapasso said, "There should be $19,000 after I paid the travel agent".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Do you have credit cards".

Trapasso said, "No, my credit was wiped out when I was a student. If I had credit cards I would not have all that cash".

At 4.3Opm I explained that the cash was to be unwrapped and emphasised that the wrappers and cash were to be retained.

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Who wrapped the cash in this manner".

Trapasso said, "I did".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Why".

Trapasso said, "Cause I didn’t know how else to carry it and made it easier to fit into my purse

At 4.32pm Woman Police Constable 713 Smith came into the room and Woman Police Constable 311 left.

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "How much was in each bundle".

Trapasso said, "I don’t know

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "How many bundles of each denomination are there?".

Trapasso said, "They’re mixed".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "What’s the total in each bundle".

Trapasso said, "I’m not sure".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Are they the same in each bundle".

Trapasso said, "I’m not sure".

Detective Sergeant officer1 said "why aren’t you sure?"


Trapasso said, "Cause I just put them together". Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "What did you wrap them in".

Trapasso said, "They’re in a plastic bag and cellophane". Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "Why would you carry such a large amount of cash".

Trapasso said, "I’ve told you. I was looking to buy a piece of jewelry and other expenses are food and clothing, excursions.

At 4.47pm Woman Police Constable 713 Smith left the room with Detective Sergeant Arnfield.

Detective Sergeant Walgate and I remained. Trapasso was silent.

At 4.55pm Detective Sergeant officer1 and Woman Police Constable 713 Smith returned.

Detective Sergeant officer1 said, "You used a different name last time didn’t you?".

Trapasso said, "Yes she’s (nods at Woman Police Constable 713 Smith) pissed off with me. I think I want to tell you the truth".

At 4.55pm I handed the record I had maintained to Trapasso to read, whilst reading she said, "The bit about closing, the account and having it since I was young that’s true. Trapasso said, "Cannot read chicken scratch"

I then read the record over in the presence of Detective Sergeant Walgate and Woman Police Constable 713 Smith, going through the record with Trapasso. Each page of the record


was signed by Trapasso who, at 5.l2pm returned the record to me.

I said, "Is there anything that you wish to add, alter or correct".

Trapasso said, "Apart from the fact that I’ll tell you now, most of it’s a lie".

I said, "Would you like to tell me what actually occurred". Trapasso said, "Sure".

I said, "We are awaiting the arrival of a woman narcotics officer, in the meantime I shall commence recording a statement in the presence of Detective Sergeant officer1 here and Woman Police Constable Smith".

Detective Sergeant Walgate left the office.

At 5.l4pm I said, "Detective Sergeant Walgate would also be present. I’ll ask you again, would you like a Barrister, or lawyer, or Attorney present".

Trapasso said, "I think I’d better now. I think I’m going to need one, I’m willing to tell you the truth".

At 5.l8pm I handed a phone directory to Trapasso, she handed the directory back almost immediately and said, "I want you to record the truth, I will tell you the truth. I don’t need a lawyer, let’s just get it down".

Trapasso then signed, dated and timed the record as 17th May, 1990, 5.23pm.

Woman Police Constable 311 Smith signed my notes at the appropriate places as did Detective Sergeant 46 Arnfield.


At 5.23pm on Thursday, 17th May, 1990 at St. Georges Police Station I said to Trapasso, "I am Detective Constable Philip Swift, this is Detective Sergeant officer1 and this is Woman Police Constable Smith. You .have been arrested in connection with what we believe to be a conspiracy to import a controlled drug. Let me remind you that you are not obliged to say anything unless you wish to but what you say may be put into writing and given in evidence. Do you understand this?".

Trapasso said, "Yes, yes".

I said, "In connection with your arrest, do you wish to make a statement, it will be written down?".

Trapasso said, "Yes".

I said, "Do you wish for any other person to be present during this statement, or to speak with a lawyer first?". Trapasso said, "No".

I then wrote "I Angela Trapasso wish to make a statement, I have been told that I need not say anything unless I wish to do so. I want someone to write down what I say. I understand that what I say may be given in evidence". Trapasso signed against the caution.

I then recorded a statement from Trapasso which was concluded at 6.37pm when I handed the record to Trapasso and invited her to sign it, this she did concluding the record by writing; I have read the above statement and I have been told that I can correct alter or add anything that I wish. This statement is true. I have made it of my own free will.

I later returned to the Narcotics department where I collated all of the documents seized.


The documents seized from Miss Bjorndal I stamped as exhibits numbered 100001 to 100012 inclusive.

The documents I seized from Angela Trapasso I stamped as exhibits numbered 200001 to 200018 inclusive.

continued on Statement s2 below





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