statement '93



Statement 28th April 1993.

I believed a statement was required in relation to the blank (signed) search warrants.  Instead, I supplied the following in relation to the theft, from Court, of part of a narcotics exhibit:

I am the above named person.  It has been put to me that some of the $19,000 seized from Miss Angela Trapasso on 17th May 1990 has gone missing.   The sum of $19,000 I can recall clearly, without prompting, as being the sum seized from Miss Trapasso.  The money was in plastic wrapped packages, five (5) I believe and found in Angela's cabin room.  I know that Miss Trapasso was conveyed to St. Georges police station and I believe that the money was counted at this station.  I recall counting the money.  I believe it was later at the Narcotics Department that the money was sealed.  That (a detective sergeant's) name appears on the seal for the exhibit is just his bad luck, it could just as easily have been mine.  I can recall seeing the exhibit at Court, but do not recall if the seal was broken,  I had no occasion to count it at Court.  I believe the sum of $19,000 was mentioned to Angela (who had given a false name) and is probably in the original statement.

Signed:        Philip Swift                    Witnessed:     A. Bissell




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