BERMUDA POLICE.COM POLICING & CRIME ON THE ISLANDS OF BERMUDA does not vouch for the accuracy of the e-mail currently circulating but reproduces the e-mail received for information purposes.  Apparently the e-mail has been sent tot he Bermuda press and will thereforee no doubt form part of the police investigation i.e. the content will be considered by the authorities investigating the 'leak'.  To err on the side of caution, given the seriousness of the allegations, we have sent the e-mails to the police

Dear Sir or Madam:

The following document is the complete document given to ZBM and The Royal Gazette, two of Bermuda's local news agencies in response to Dr. E-Wart Brown, Bermuda's Premier's news conference, held on the evening of June 1, 2007. The contents of the documents in-part was exhibited during ZBM's evening news on June 6, 2007. For verification of this assertion, you can call Bermuda Broadcasting Company news room at 292-5517 or 295-2828.

Following the running of Mid Ocean news publication dated June 1, 2002 on the Bermuda Housing Corporation's scandal and the reporting of the attached letter - in-part - on ZBM evening news on June 6, 2007, the Attorney General is purported to have went to court on June 7, 2007, on behalf of the Police and secured a gag order preventing all the local news agencies from reporting any further on the Bermuda Police Service leaked dossier pertaining to the Bermuda Housing Corporation scandal. It is also, purported that the gag order was issued under the guise that the reporting of the Police leaked dossier regarding the BHC is unfair to persons whom the investigation had exonerated; like the Premier. This is not true; the Police dossier did not exonerate the Premier, as you will see on review of the attached document.

The Premier's hostile outburst towards the Governor was nothing but a smoke screen, design to divert the public attention of his wrongdoing in the BHC scandal. When this diversion did not work, he then sought an order of the court to prevent the local news agencies from reporting on his involvement in the BHC's scandal; this was evident in his press conference wherein, he only spoke of himself.

However, thanks to the advent of the "internet"; the story of his wrongdoing will be told and the people will then decide knowing the real truth, as oppose to the Premier's truth.

In his depiction of the black people of Bermuda the Premier has been known to have quoted that "a full belly man makes a poor revolutionary". It is evident that the Premier is banking on the fact that because we in Bermuda have such an affluent life style that we will be stupid enough not to revolt against his unethical, and immoral behavior. Let's show the Premier that he is dead wrong.

Son of the Soil

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