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12th August 2008

Dr. Kevin Brown, son of Bermuda’s Premier - arrested and charged in sex abuse case

8th August 2008:

Premier Dr. Ewart Brown's son pleaded not guilty in a Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday to 23 felony charges of sex crimes against eight female patients.

Brown was then remanded on $4 million bail by Commissioner Hall, for fear he was a flight risk after learning that his father was the Premier of Bermuda. Commissioner Hall had also requested that Brown reveal sources of the bail money after an affidavit linked Brown to an investigation into medical fraud schemes and overprescribing painkillers. For more on this story @ the Royal Gazette, click here.

Kevin Antario Brown, 37, the eldest so of Bermuda's Premier Ewart Brown, who remains in custody on $4 million bail, has been charged with the alleged offences which are said to have occurred from November 2006 to June this year

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008  
Dr. Kevin Brown, son of Bermuda’s Premier, will be arraigned in Los Angeles today, following new charges that he sexually molested six additional patients.   

Brown, who worked at Crenshaw Expo Medical Center in Los Angeles, was arrested for molesting an 18-year-old patient over a year ago and an undercover police woman in June 2008.   According to the LA District Attorney’s Office, Brown allegedly molested half a dozen more patients, as well as a female patient and an undercover officer.   One of the patients, is allegedly a minor. After six more alleged victims came forward, Brown was additionally charged with 19 more felony counts

Brown, is being held on $4million bail after prosecutors successfully argued that he is a flight risk. The recent allegations against Dr. Brown include:

  • rape,
  • sexual battery by fraud,
  • sexual exploitation by a physician and
  • performing a lewd act with a 15-year-old child.   

It is alleged that all the acts took place from November 2006 to May 2008.

Apparently, following news of his son’s first arrest, Premier Brown (linked to a criminal investigation in Bermuda following revelations in a leaked police report) defended his son, saying that he denied the charges and “will be exonerated”.  The premier has made no further public statement in light of the new charges.   





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