A snake on the island - don't over react

Police seize boa constrictor

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Bermuda, March 9, 2001

A court appearance is likely for a resident who was found to be in possession of a Boa Constrictor snake last weekend.

Police seized a young snake, thought to be around 12-inches long, after it had been imported into Bermuda.

Jack Ward oft the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, where the snake is being kept, said the animal is protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Number Two the second highest level of endangerment.

"It is found in northern South America, it is a Colombian Boa Constrictor," Mr. Ward said.

"Yes, in the end there might be a chance that we (BAMZ) will keep it but in the past, such illegal animals, like snakes have been put down... ."


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Hang on, on the one hand you make reference to the snake being an endangered species, on the other you may put it down.  Ship it to the UK and it will be given a good home.  

The above pictures are of my baby boa, Sabina who is just over a year old and measures four feet.  As a captive bred snake she is a perfect 'pet', if treated with respect. 

Boas are freely available in the UK (I'm not necessarily saying they should be in Bermuda) and require no licence.  Maintenance is relatively easy; light, warmth, water and a steady supply of small mammals (rats).  The snakes retail between 75 and 150 in the UK for a baby 

The boa you have is, in all probability, a common boa which is a beautiful snake.  It is the subject of much exaggeration but can grow to 13 feet - how was anyone going to keep that quiet!  The range is Central and South American from Mexico to Argentina.  It is extremely adaptable and like all snakes, a great escape artist.

Assuming the snake is in good health and has been found to be free of ailments, if someone would like to put a reasonable price on flying the snake to Heathrow, this will be met.  It can be collected and go to a good home.




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