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To        Commissioner of Police                      Division:    Narcotics

From       Narco'                                                      Date:        September 11th, 1990

Debrief: ANGELA TRAPASSO D.O.B. 16/2/63

Angela Trapasso was arrested on 17th May, 1990 onboard the Royal Viking Star as it was about to leave Bermuda Waters.  She was in possession of US $19,000.

Trapasso has made four (4) trips to Bermuda since December 1990 under two names.  She carried a total of 8.5 kilos of cocaine into the Island and carried out a total of approximately US $384,000.

Since her incarceration in the Co-ed facility, she was very uncooperative and in my view, very suspicious of the Bermuda police.  I talked to her and interviews her on several occasions and I thought it unlikely that she would admit to actually carrying cocaine into Bermuda.

A turning point in the case occurred when Trapasso's fellow courier and in fact the woman Trapasso was taking over from, Deborah Lee Morton, was murdered in New Jersey apparently as a warning to Trapasso to keep quiet about her involvement.

The operation of which Trapasso is a part, has been in operation, running cocaine to Bermuda since 1982.

Several United States authorities have taken an interest in this enquiry, including the DEA (Newark), the New Jersey State Police and the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office (the Morton murder took place in their jurisdiction).

On Tuesday 28th August 1990 and Wednesday 29th August 1990, I was present at Police Headquarters, Prospect in company with Detective Inspector Jackson, Donna Sonageri (DEA D>A> for Newark) and JR (DEA Newark) during a debrief of Trapasso.

Trapasso appeared to make a full confession of her involvement in the organisation and much to my surprise, admitted to importing 8.5 kilos of cocaine into Bermuda personally.

She was given immunity against prosecution if she gives testimony in the United States, by Mrs Sonageri, but expects and will be given no immunity in Bermuda.

Trapasso is basically a very curious and inquisitive woman who has a great memory for detail and much of what she stated has proved to be accurate, corroborated by hotel records etc.

She has nothing to gain from misleading the authorities both here and in the United States, as she is aware that her United States immunity from prosecution will be null and void if she does not tell the truth about her participation.

Trapasso wishes to change lawyers and hopefully once this has been achieved, she will be willing to give a statement under caution to me which could prove to be converted into a witness statement once she has been dealt with by the Courts.

The problems will arrive when her lawyer Delroy Duncan learns she wishes to change legal representatives as this will alert Marcus Cohab, Hugo Mata and Luis Aparicio and they will be aware of her situation and intentions.  This could result in further murders in order to silence potential witnesses in the united States or as a warning to Trapasso.

Attached is a synopsis of the Trapasso debrief, particularly her four trips to Bermuda.

There is also a flow chart of the organisation and additional intelligence that may be of help to the Drug Intelligence Unit.

Trapasso and Alongi will make excellent prosecution witnesses, they are both intelligent, articulate and possess excellent memories, neither would be intimidated by defence counsel.





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