Senior Officer Loan



September 2002

The following information has been received:

  • a loan was paid to a woman police officer who then spent the money to fund a cocaine addition,

we have asked thee Commissioner of police  if it is true:

  • a woman police officer has received a loan from the Bermuda police, authorised by a senior rank
  • the loan ($40,000?) was made due to the officer’s debt problems
  • the loan was used to fund a cocaine habit
  • the officer's husband left the island
  • Is it the case that the senior officer was aware of the woman police officer’s habit and that said senior officer is a formerly of the narcotics department? 

  • Is it correct that, although the above is general knowledge, no action has been taken against he woman officer yet?  If so, why not? 

  • What is the Bermuda police ‘service’ doing to protect its own staff, the public and the constabulary’s integrity?

It would appear that the loan is currently the subject of much discussion in police circles and questions abound about the integrity of the senior officer class.

If they did grant the loan, why?  What faith can one place in the senior officer class when they appear to be funding drug habits.  What other loans have been granted to drug users?  Is it truee that the Bermuda police do not consider cocaine use a crime and effectively permit, if not encourage, its use?

effectively, the question is, why bother investigating narcotics crime?  It appears the police are only prepared to pay lip service to the offences and permit the arrest of those who have no influence to ensure that they can be seen to be taking action.  In truth, drug crime is simply too profitable, to too many, to risk adversely affecting supply and incarcerate those making a profit from the suffering of others.

Bermuda police: get you own house in order - lead by example.  If you are incapable or unwilling to do this, then at least have the decency to admit that you have no interest in narcotics crime and stop misleading the public who suffer as a result.




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