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The following is the debrief of Mr Seney which contains some startling revelations and gives an indication of just what we had uncovered and prevented.
  • Is it any wonder that in 2002, 12 years after the investigations commenced and were effectively blocked, there have been calls for the Commissioner of police to re-open the investigation?

The Commissioner may state that he is considering reopening the enquiry but does not believe he will.  How can he when there is so much controversy surrounding the investigation, as evidenced by this site?  Does anyone believe the Commissioner of Police will reopen an investigation in which the author of this site featured so heavily?  The evidence is now 12 years old, the Bermuda police have little manpower and lack competent officers to undertake such a massive task.  The enquiry will be buried and all that will remain is this site.

A rumour:  the officer calling for the resurrection of the 1990 investigation is the very officer who investigated  the complaint against the police made by this site's author.  How ironic.

Three considerations that may not be evident on first reading the following debrief:

  1. I was officially out of the narcotics office as at the end of August - so just how did I come by this information?
  2. Why did Bermuda never pursue the other people named in this report and who had been associated with the enquiry by others?
  3. Is it surprising that there are those in Bermuda who want the 1990 investigation reopened?

The report submitted is as follows:


Form POLA45/L


To:-     Commissioner  of police    DIVISION Narcotics
           ATT:    Supt Bermingham    
From    A/Di           Date September            18th 1990
SUBJECT             SENEY DEBRIEF:     

DOB:  9th April, 1968
H/A 2 Grace Court, Troy, N.Y
Tel:      518 235 7932 

Soc Security #105 64 0998

HUGO MATA: all moved out of Embassy Suites, Miami on Sunday 9th September. They moved to “STRESS” which is berthed at 79th St Marina

It is their intention to go to Jamaica, Marcus Cohab/ Liset Lara will take a cruise ship, Hugo Mata will go by means unknown.

Cohab has hired an Irish skipper to Jamaica, described as in his 30’s, red hair, beard, moustache, pot belly.

They planned to leave when Seney returned with the money on 16th September.

Seney was supposed to collect $41,500 from DEXTER DILLAS and probable cash from COLEMAN MATTHEWS and ANTHONY STONEHAM. He was awaiting instructions by Cohab.

Seney was told that he would be flying back to Bermuda where he would establish himself, collect money owed to Cohab and await a large shipment which was due to be flown in from Jamaica by a pilot named HAL.

HAL the pilot, was to come to Bermuda to get down payment of $60,000 from Seney — once the job was done he would receive the balance of his $350,000 fee.

The shipment was meant to be 400 lbs of marijuana and 100 kilos of cocaine.

Seney was to launder money in Bermuda — a lawyer from Florida would arrange details. His name is “FRANK” (TASSONE)?

Seney says that Cohab has a lot of political influence in Bermuda.

LUIS APARICIO had a disagreement with Cohab and Aparicio lives in a condo with IGUS (GARCIA?) about ten minutes drive from the boat. Aparicio/Cohab had made their peace now.

Marcus Cohab told Seney that a female who was to testify against them is dead. He told him this about 1st September.

Seney’s fee for the big shipments expected in Bermuda from Jamaica was supposed to be $150,000 — $250.000

These shipments were supposed to be the final and biggest jobs planned by Cohab.

Seney worked on Security at the Tropicana Condo, Tel: 305 940 0331 development where Cohab & Co lived. They took him in and planned his trips, to Bermuda.

            One on the Horizon           30/7/90

            Two on the Meridian         26/8/90


Seney held his job at Tropicana from March 1990. He was fired in July 1990.

Taken in by Marcus, Hugo was upset. It was a two-bedroom condo. Seney slept on the couch.

Marcus Cohab has firearms on his boat. He also has an Uzi and GLOCK in storage with U.S. Storage, Miami.

Seney met RAYBURN at condo. He’s described as skinny. He flew in from Wisconsin.

Marcus Cohab has a relative that changes his cellular telephone number every two weeks.

SENEY - 1st Trip ‘Horizon’, New York to Bermuda:

Reservations made by Seney at 163rd Plaza, Miami (Travel Agent). Marcus sent Seney to Travel Agent.

Séney flew Pan Am to N.Y.

Taxi to Horizon

Seney traveled with Armondo Tabaso (babysitter).

Carried cocaine in Ace Bandage and double underpants.

Upon arrival, Seney telephoned Cohab who told him to go to Mermaid. Seney checked into Room 129. Seney buried the drug in the cliffs near to the beach.

ARMONDO TABASO checked in under a false name.

Received instructions from Cohab and met with “ANTHONY” (STONEHAM?) at 5.3Opm near to bus stop on South Shore Road opposite Mermaid.

Seney gave Stoneham $5000 Bermuda dollars to change to U.S. dollars and also gave him cocaine.

At 9pm Seney met Anthony again and collected U.S $5000.

Anthony/David known as (the sisters/girls)

Dexter (Punk)

Coleman Matthews (Pearlman)

Seney hired a bike from Astwoods on Front Street with the name DAYTON O’NElL.

Seney received $3500 for the first trip.

2nd Trip —  26/8/90???

Booked at Happy Travel, Boston or New York.

Traveled under friends I.D. - ANTHONY PERNACHAIRO

He traveled with Maria Garcia who used the name BRADLEY. She is a hairdresser in Miami and cuts Marcus Cohab’s hair.

She traveled to Bermuda, staying at Sonesta Beach with Hugo Mata in 1989. Maria was babysitting Seney.

Upon arrival Seney telephoned Marcus Cohab and was instructed to give Dexter Dillas 23 ozs and Coleman Matthews 6˝ ozs.  Seney met Dillas at the Waterlot.

Dexter Dillas took Seney to his house and gave him $52,500.

Coleman Matthews gave Seney $18,000 later at his boutique, ‘Top of the Harbour’ in St Georges. This took place at 9. 3Opm.

Anthony gave Seney $16,000

The total taken back by Seney was $86,500

Seney delivered $85,000. He kept $1500 for expenses and $5000 for his fee.

He delivered the money to Marcus Cohab at the Embassy Suites at Miami Airport.

Marcus cellular number at this time was 305 934 0195.

Marcus charged the following:

            Coleman Matthews              $2500            oz

            Dexter Dillas                          $2000            oz

            Anthony Stoneham                $2500            oz

3rd Trip:

Seney was with family and two days before sailing, on Meridian, he flew to Miami where he picked up cocaine from Cohab at the Embassy Suites at Miami Airport.

The suite was booked in Seney’s name.

This time, upon arrival, he was told to go to Palmetto Bay.

Seney traveled alone and Almondo Tabaso failed to show up for the trip.




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