Roseanda Young



Deputy Commissioner Roseanda Young

the BHC file of confidential and secret documents has been lost or stolen, the Bermuda police appear to be a little confused about which is applicable - has it been misplaced or has someone, acting dishonestly removed it? Just how did this secret file about a scandal that named amongst its suspects the Premier of the island, Ewart Brown, come to be copied and distributed to the press?  Why are the police unable to locate the original?

Deputy Commissioner Roseanda Young's has apparently said, with regard to 'The Leak' that 'special measures in place to secure all official documentation'.  What 'special measures'? The constabulary has poorly trained staff and a lack of equipment, is it likely that these special measures are anything more than placing the file in a locked drawer?  If these measures were so 'special' how is it that the continuity of the file (its movement from person to person) cannot be ascertained with ease, promptly?  Given the constabulary's knowledge that papers go missing, their experience of the subject, one would expect them to be all the more aware and alert to the 'problem'.  Is it the case that:

  • there were no 'special measures'; that the Deputy Commissioner is misleading the public, or

  • that the special measures were nothing special but actually ineffective?

The file has gone missing, it has yet to be found and no one has been charged with taking the file.  With regard tot he measures 'special' appears to be an exaggeration.  So, who is responsible for setting up the 'special measures'; whose head should roll?




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