Justis Smith
Kirk Mundy

There remains no justice for Rebecca Middleton, stabbed and cut 35 times, beaten, tortured, raped, sodomized,  murdered - left dying in the middle of an isolated road on the island of Bermuda.

  • Getting away with murder in Bermuda:

A judicial farce on the island of Bermuda has enabled Kirk Munday & Justis Smith to roam free for the crimes against the young Canadian tourist, Rebecca Middleton. The police / prosecutors apparently permitted Kirk Munday to evade prosecution in return for testimony against Justis Smith.  However, subsequent evidence suggested the 20 year old Mundy was just as involved in the assault that Smith - but the prosecutors had done the deal! 

  • Kirk Munday & Justis Smith (convicted of assaults against other women) are free walking amongst the islands 60,000+ other inhabitants and their tourists ...

The official site, dedicated to the memory Rebecca, can be found by clicking on the picture below.

November 2005 - Royal gazette, Bermuda:

Justice for Rebecca

Dear Sir, How can we as an Island, as a people of conscience, not become
incensed at the brutal murder of Rebecca Middleton several years ago?
The article in The Royal Gazette quoting Mr. Rick Meens last week stabbed my
conscience with the expression “I will sell the farm if need be to bring
justice to this case and have it re-opened.”
Do we have daughters? Do we identify? Do we say “there but for the grace of
God go I”? Could this young girl be yours or mine while justice has not been
The point of this letter is to solicit and to try to raise funds for the
lawyers so that this case can be re-opened.
If we could find the funds, realising that the double jeopardy law forbids
bringing the same charges – many other alternative charges could be brought
before the court to seek justice for this horrendous crime.
If I knocked on your door, would you give to this cause to give the
Middletons closure and for Rebecca to lie in peace?
The conscience of the entire Island should be at stake; for if justice is
not done this time, it will go down in the history books of Bermuda as a
“trail of infamy”. Then, sadly but hopefully, we will have top rely on, and
I quote: “Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceedingly
small; Though with patience he stands waiting, with exactness grinds he




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