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RFP – CSSD 2002/42   Bermuda Police Website

Questions and Answers

Q1.       Who would supply main graphics for the web site?

The Bermuda Police Service will provide the Police Crest and any other graphics directly related to the Bermuda Police Service.  

Q2.       Is there a preferred platform for the running of the site and any back end database? 

Intel and Windows 2000 

Q3.       How many people would be responsible for updating the site?            

Two persons from the Police Technology Department in conjunction with CSSD staff. 

Q4.       Who would be responsible for setting up the initial 40-page content, and is this content available?           

The vendor will be responsible for the setting up of the initial 40-page content.  The content is currently being collated by the Bermuda Police Public and Media Relations manager and will be available to the successful vendor immediately after a contract is awarded. 

Q5.       Is the Domain registered?           


Q6.       All content/pics/specs at start? 

See Question 4.

Q7.       Skills of maintainers (any Dreamweaver)? 

One of the maintainers has some basic HTML experience and has had limited exposure to Dreamweaver. 

Q8.       What does "Provide future Database Capabilities" mean? 

During the design of the website the vendor should be aware that later phases of development may introduce some dynamic database interaction or interfacing and therefore design accordingly. 

Q9.       Any particular content they would like to have included? 

Content will be provided by Bermuda Police Service. 

Q10.     What Web Server Software and version are you using and is it load balanced?  

Web Server software is Front Page 2000, and it is not load balanced. 

Q11.     What database engine do you intend your web site to connect to?  



Q12.     How much and how often is the data required and will it dynamically change regularly or once a day? 

Initially there will be no dynamically changing data.  Most of the content will be text type information and existing brochures converted to PDF files.  However, information such as Press Releases will be added or changed as they become available. 

Q13.     Please indicate which search engines the site must be registered with.            

Preferably, the top ten search engines

Q14.     Please indicate who will be responsible for registering the site domain name.            

The domain name has already been registered. 

Q15.     Please indicate if the database and web services will all be hosted on the same server or on different machines at CSSD. 

The Database and Web services will not be hosted on the same server. 

Q16.     Has the content already been collated for the internet site ?  

See Question 4.

Q17.     Has anyone prepared a site plan for the proposed internet site ?

Not fully. To be discussed with selected vendor.

Q18.     Has anyone prepared the graphics ( the look and feel ) for the internet site ?

No, but look and feel should be similar to sites mentioned in RFP

Q19.     Does the internet site contain any active content ? If so, please indicate the number of each

item(s) ?

Initially there will be no active content, i.e. response forms etc., however, there will be a requirement for providing a short list of contact email addresses. 

Q20.     Who will be responsible for reviewing and accepting the content of the internet site ?           

The content of the internet site will be reviewed and accepted by the Bermuda Police Service Public and Media Relations manager in conjunction with the Police Technology Department and with the approval of the Commissioner of Police or his designated representative. 

Q21.     Can the training be delivered after the deadline for the project delivery ?


Q22.     Do any of the proposed users have any HTML experience ? 

            See Question 7.  

Q23.     This is a brochure site, what does future database capabilities mean? 

            See Question 8.           

Q24.     Which content (text, download (pdf), photo, tables) need to be maintained/updated on a regular basis?           

Mostly text.  Press Releases, etc

Q25.     Will the 40 pages be made available before the quote? 


Q26.     Will sample content be made available before the quote? 


Q27.     Do the police currently have a web site.


Q28.     Do the police have any requirements as to where the site is hosted (locally or overseas, in-house server or local ISP company, etc). 

The Bermuda Government web server at CSSD will host the site.

Q29.     Can you provide any details about the 40 pages of Content.

The site will consist mainly of static information and include the following: 

General History of Police Service
Mission statement
Recruitment Information
Organizational Chart
Commissioner’s Corner
Press Releases
Crime Prevention Information
Marine Safety Information
Tourist Safety Tips

Q30.     Are there any requirements to interface the site with any existing police system (i.e. New World).

            None at present.




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