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                                       Monday, 06 December 2004

FAO George Jackson

Deputy Commissioner of the Bermuda Police


When is convenient to meet up with you this week?  I trust you will recall agreeing to a meeting, albeit you appeared somewhat confused when the subject was raised subsequently.  I’m keen to ensure that the web site conveys the facts about certain issues.  In particular your knowledge of the search warrants that did not display a name and address of the subject yet were signed by a Justice of the Peace.

q   In how many cases do you think these ‘blank warrants’ were used?

q   Do you consider them legal?

q   What you said when the subject was allegedly investigated.

If you have a problem recalling the major case that involved the use of such a warrant, please take the time to visit the updated web site.  The old issues which are also of interest and appear on the web site are attached.  More recent issues involve:

q   The seizure of the yacht (but no narcotics) in the allegedly ongoing $1,000,000 investigation.  We have interested readers in the USA and Be

q   The allegation that Bermuda police accommodation has been misrepresented to entice officers – some of whom quickly resigned

q   The police policy regarding desertion – having failed to successfully prosecute an officer who left the island earlier this year.

q   Why two UK recruits who started in October have already resigned.

q   Whether the St George’s barracks really are as bad as it is alleged… worse than the accommodation afforded people in UK prisons.

q   The whereabouts of a report concerning the 1990 investigation submitted to the ‘Serious Crimes Commission and whether Deputy Governor Tim Gurney of Government House ever found it?  To jog your memory, it was about the “collapse of an investigation of what undoubtedly remains the largest and most serious crimes of conspiracy, drug trafficking, and money laundering ever conducted in the Bermuda Police Service.”

I look forward to speaking with you this week.

Philip Swift of




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