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The UK's largest circulating monthly internet magazine:Practical Internet - October 2002 issue 72

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letter to the editor:

I found you ‘Revenge is sweet’ article in issue 70 very interesting with many good points and much to think about – please pass my thanks to Kieren McCarthy.  Maintaining a ‘protest’ site such as aka is also therapeutic, and it’s surprising how the ability to vent frustrations and receive support from many like-minded individuals keeps one sane.  Having a sense of humour also helps … Iam surprised just how many people visit and send their CV for the various kobs posted!

Would you risk an article on the various police related sites out there – pro and anti?

P Swift

Editor replies:

Protest sites are a great way of venting your spleen on a corporate enemy, and your Bermuda Police site is a particularly informative and detailed one.  As for police sites, we tend to steer clear of writing about the boys in blue, lest they come around and arrest us in the middle on the night …

Discover what the Old Bill get up to in Bermuda thanks to this excellent protest site.




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