about this site .... a.k.a has been created by a former Bermuda police narcotics officer with a genuine grievance against the Bermuda constabulary. In 1990 whilst a serving narcotics officer, the author was heavily involved in an investigation during which some very well known names on the islands surfaced - the likes of the Bermuda Strollers, a former shadow minister Julian Hall and even the then head of the Bermuda police narcotics, Dennis Ramsey.

The author received further information from the USA and again, the names of Hall and Ramsey came up.  The author recorded the conversation (read transcript). 

By this time, the lead investigator was inspector George Jackson who had advised the author that he was to be kept advised of developments - after all, we could not go to his immediate boss, Mr Ramsey as Dennis was a suspect.  However, the author had little trust for the likes of Jackson (as of 2006 the Commissionerr of police) following several unfounded and disproved attacks on his integrity. As a result, whilst the author advised George of the content of the tape, he declined to hand over the original even when ordered to do so.  Within a short space of time the author was 'paraded' before the then Commissioner of police and advised that:

  • he bucked authority

  • attempted to tape record a senior officer

The constabulary's rule book, known as 'Force Standing Instructions' states that the author should have been investigated and if appropriate placed before a disciplinary hearing for the matters to be heard, presided over and a decision made.  This is a reasonable process; after all, we are all innocent until proven guilty and it is not unreasonable to be given the opportunity to be presented the evidence against you, face your accusers and put your defence.

However, the Bermuda police do not play by their own rules.  In this case the reason was simple; they had no evidence.

The author was constructively dismissed; the author's contract would not be renewed, his career was over.  A complaint about the process went no where and ever since the constabulary has refused to reinvestigate.  A former senior officer, now journalist, Coggie Gibbons wrote to me in 1996 commenting on those who had 'subverted and betrayed' me; an admission that there were those who had done just that - sabotaged my work and shown disloyalty.

As for the case in which the names of Hall, Ramsey and many others appeared, it was never investigated thoroughly, it collapsed.  Just how far reaching was the enquiry? To quote a former senior Officer in 2000, it " undoubtedly remains the largest and most serious crimes of conspiracy, drug trafficking, and money laundering ever conducted in the Bermuda Police Service."

This site therefore serves a number of purposes:

  • it places you, the reader, on alert about the Bermuda constabulary

  • the events of the late 80's and early 90's are captured as are the names associated - the investigation should not be forgotten, nor should anyone living or visiting Bermuda be under any illusion; the islands are awash with narcotics.

  • If nothing else, there are the stories of three major investigations but to support the accounts you will find records from pocket books, diaries, search warrants, criminal records, aerial photos, telephone records and intelligence reports.

  • it is a means by which the author is able to vent his frustration and preserve his sanity - the pages are a 'release', therapeutic. It is devastating to have your career taken from you and to find that 5 years of your life were effectively for nothing; one day your are serving the island combating crime, the next 3500 miles away without a job.

The pages on this web site now run into the hundreds.  If anything should appear unclear or if there exist inaccuracies, the author is just a click and an e-mail (below) away.  This web site is about to enter its 10th year, during this time it has been attacked by the Bermuda Police, press and individuals but only once has someone asked us to add to the content of a page carrying information about them.  We were not asked to alter the content, what had been written was true, we had been asked to add an update.  This information posted could not be more in the public domain yet never once have we been asked to remove or alter the pages by the Bermuda police or Government both of whom are very aware of the site's existence.  If the content were untrue, would the authorities really permit the site to continue?

I remain amazed at just how many current and former police officers visiting this site from all over the world empathise with the author's plight.  I thank you all for your messages of support

former DC 217 Swift




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