Pre -Condition

You are about to enter pages containing actual entries in a police diary and pocket books.

A C.I.D. diary is endorsed (read, checked and signed) by a senior Officer.  A pocket book (or note book) is a record of evidence, actual events.  Both are a true and accurate log of occurrences, so much so that you will often hear an officer ask a Magistrate or Judge "may I refer to my notes sir ".

My diaries and pockets books have never been questioned. No one has ever suggested the content of these records is inaccurate, just the opposite, I regularly relied on them in Court.

The diary may involve the reporting of things about people which they prefer not being said.   However, the content will reflect what is true.  The statements will be true (supported by a pocket book or diary) and will also reflect a matter of public interest.

As such, the records are true, the comments are more than fair.  As they are factual, there may be swear words or abusiveness contained within the pages.  If you are offended by such language, please leave now.  If you are not over 18 years of age (or the relevant age for your State), please leave now

Before proceeding beyond this page

please read the following:

I am over 18 (or the relevant age for my State - USA).

I am aware this site may contain information which will cause offence.

I will consider the context in which the entries were written and their relevance. I will consider the information for what it is;  no more than an account; in itself the information does not support or undermine a persons good character.

I understand that simply being included in an officer’s pocket book or diary is not an attack or slur on that party’s reputation.  Any person mentioned I will not cause to be the subject of ridicule, hate, viewed with contempt, shunned, avoided, lowered in the standing of right thinking members of society, discredited (in trade, business, office, profession or otherwise).

I understand that many innocent people are stopped and questioned, searched, even arrested, but are not charged or prosecuted.  I understand it could have been me who was named.   I am aware that If no charges or a conviction followed, no adverse inference should be assumed.

I have read, but am unable to accept, the above, I do not wish to PROCEED


I have read and agree to the above, I do wish to PROCEED