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Response to the Commissioner of Police

following the Royal Gazette's article of 14th September 1998, the following was sent to the C.O.P. (Bermuda).  No reply was forthcoming and once again, no acknowledgement was received.
In the absence of courtesy and any indication the investigation will be re-opened, all future communication will be in full view, published via the internet.

Dear Sir,

I am indebted to the Royal Gazette for their honesty in reporting my site and intentions. I have given considerable thought to my actions and the medium chosen to convey my account. I hope those who recall me will corroborate my attention to detail and enthusiasm. Both will be present in this site.

I took considerable trouble to ensure I was more than familiar with Bermuda Laws; knowledge is power. I have no intention of committing libel but I am aware much of what I possess could be challenged. I will refrain from presenting my opinion but put facts and make statements based on that which I can corroborate. On October 1st I will publish a blank (signed) search warrant onto the Internet. I am technically capable and equipped.

I am an aggrieved officer. If you wish proof of my identity I am willing to add a page with a run of the mill document. Possibly you would like a blank ERT certificate (signed by the firearms instructor), a transcript of the conversation between Alan Bissell and myself (hotel in England - re missing cash and blank warrants). Please say, you have my email address, anything placed before will find me, I took the opportunity to obtain the domain name, I believe it will assist those seeking information about Bermuda to locate my site.

You are correct, the allegations are not new. I have never been informed that the enquiry remained ‘open, subject to new information coming to light’. I would suggest you ask one of your Officers for the ‘new information’. Kindly what is meant by my being ‘subverted and betrayed’? To over-throw, destroy, pervert or corrupt amounts to subversion. Betrayal I believe is a little more straightforward; stabbing a colleague in the back; the treacherous giving up or violation of a trust. The words ‘subverted and betrayed’ are not mine, they are a description of the way I was treated by one of your serving Officers.

I did offer to provide a blank (signed) search warrant and a copy of the tape comprising a conversation between myself and a State Trooper (on secondment to the DEA). The tape (copy) I was prepared to supply the day I received the call. I could not afford to let the original go, I believed it to be my only protection. I was wrong.

A statement was taken from me (by Allan Bissell, in the UK), I have a copy and I ask you to demonstrate where I am formally asked to provide any evidence. Given the seriousness of the allegations, please produce any record of interview where I am asked to provide the evidence. You will find none.

I was paraded before the Commissioner of Police (of the time) and accused of bucking authority and of attempting to tape record the then O.I.C. Narcotics. So weak were the allegations that the service could not afford to place me before a disciplinary board, instead I was advised my contract would not be recommended for renewal. This action I will show to be in breach of the disciplinary procedures.

‘Attempting to tape record the OIC Narco’? Does anyone have the tape? No, because it does not exist. Everyone knew I was the only person in the Narcotics department to possess a tape recorder and the facility to attach it to a phone (such were the resources available to combat a serious drug threat to the Country). Buck Authority? Hardly a surprising conclusion or perception to be drawn when I represented police officers at disciplinary hearings. Not one was ever found guilty. In disciplinary hearings the presiding officer, investigator, witnesses and complainant are often senior Officers. When a case against a junior officer is lost because another junior officer finds flaws with your evidence, is it any wonder there is resentment? I can support these issues with documents.

I am no longer ‘investigating’ my own demise. I am simply intent on putting my case. I believe there exists damning evidence of impropriety. Allegedly this was the subject of an investigation in Bermuda after I left. I am hopeful statements were taken. If no evidence of wrong-doing was uncovered either there was no problem or someone did not tell the truth. I suspect that more than one person did not tell the truth, that they acted together for a common purpose; they conspired. If there was impropriety, it is a sad reflection on the ability of the force not to uncover it. I met with Allan Bissell in England of my own free will and made a statement voluntarily.

I need put nothing more than the facts supported by my collection of ‘evidence’ they do not need embellishment. If people chose to ignore the realities then, at the very least, the documents comprise an interesting story. If the Attorney General’s office wishes to convey a general concern or advice about the material I am open to suggestion.

For specifics of my rebutting the 'statement' of the  Commissioner of Police, please see:

The C.O.P's statement (14.09.98) to the Royal Gazette





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