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Angry -ex-policeman hits back at force

The Royal Gazette 14th September 1998.

The following story was carried:

A former Bermuda Police officer is planning to expose information on the Internet which he believes will embarrass the force.

Philip Swift, who was a detective constable in the Narcotics Department until 1990, says the details he will post on his website could be "damning".

Mr Swift who admits to having a grievance with the Bermuda Police Service over the way he was treated, says the subject matter will show up wrong-doings in the drugs section.

His intention to print his log book, diary, intelligence material, tape transcripts and other information about the day to day occurrences in the Narcotics Department during his stay.

There will possibly be accusations over activities during operations and claims about the course of justice on the Island.

"It will embarrass officers.  I would like to think that some good will come of it.  People should know what is going on," he said.

Mr Swift was a narcotics officer from 1998 to 1990 and says he suddenly found himself back in uniform after discovering volatile information during a major drugs operation.

Mr Swift who is back in Britain, says using the Internet is his way of registering a protest at the way he was treated.

So far the site is in its basic form and consists of two pages, an introduction and a letter to a former colleague in Bermuda.  It is expected to go live on November 8.

Police Commissioner Jean-Jacques Lemay said he was aware of the web page "allegedly created by an aggrieved ex-police officer, levelling charges of Police and judicial improprieties while he was in the service 10 years ago".

He added that the allegations were not new and had been made in the past.

"Nevertheless, the Bermuda Police Service does not now, or ever, view such allegations and threats lightly ... and consequently advice is being sought from the Attorney General."

The Commissioner's statement goes on to say that a full investigation was launched at the time of the initial complaint and the enquiry remained open, subject to new information coming to light.

"It should also be noted that the aggrieved officer declined during the investigation to provide any substantial evidence to validate his claims of impropriety and misconduct".

The statement added that no further comment would be made until the website went live, and then only if deemed necessary.





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