Post 28 Aug '90



Post 28th August 1990

August 27th, 1990, I was advised of the Detective Chief Inspector (Narcotics) involvement in the importation of cocaine.  I taped the conversation providing this information.  I informed the then Inspector i/c Narcotics, George Jackson.  DI Jackson asked for the original tape; I offered to provide a copy.

This was not good enough.

The following day I was paraded before the Commissioner of Police (C.O.P.) and advised my services were no longer required, I was back to uniform and was not to undertake narcotics related work as of that day.  But .....

The investigation was not known, in detail, to many and this presented D.I. Jackson a problem.  I was asked to return to the narcotics office, my attendance to be kept from the C.O.P.  Within 3 days I was asked to be present for an 'operation' but I did not attend.  Following this, I was taken off uniform duty (without the C.O.P's knowledge) and again in the narcotics department.

I continued to work on the Miranda file and the following will support this; information to which I was privy after 28th August 1990 ...




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