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and just where is the Bermuda police official web site ... due to be up and running 31st March 2002?  It is with the reminder of its projects and targets ... dogged by delays and incompetence.

Operational 4 months ago, the Bermuda web site reflects wonderfully the imagination, enthusiasm and abilities of the Bermuda Government / Police ... the site is difficult to find also!  You have got to hand it to the Bermuda police / Government, when they say they'll do something, they do .... very little it appears.  Do you know where they have hidden the site ... surely they have something out there, or is the web site another casualty of the triangle?  Oh, that reminds me ... this months DVD version of PC Advisor (UK publication) contains amazing 'true-life X-Files', Mysteries from Beyond. In this complete 66 minute video, which normally retails for 9.99, and takes a look at two infamous phenomena, The Bermuda Triangle and Crop Circles.

I assume the domain will be www.police.bm, but my sources tell me that www.bermudapolice.bm has also been registered
for further information you may care to try:

But the tender went out some while ago, for details see:

http://www.cssd.bdagov.bm/soft_rfp/Website%20development%20%20RFP2002_%2042%2008%20March%202002.htm or:


a link to the associated questions and answers can be found here:


The project appears to be as successful as the planned tape recording of suspects during interviews.  A Summary of Key Dates for the proposed site are as follows:




PublishRequestfor Proposal


8th March 2002

Vendor questions


12th March 2002 (4:00pm)

Response to Inquiries


14th March 2002 (12:00pm)

Vendor proposals submitted


15th March 2002 (4:00pm)

Vendor selection


18th March 2002

Website operational


31st March 2002

so the project published in March and was anticipated to be operational within 23 days!
but fear not, as evidenced by the questions and answers, of those who maintain the site, the Government / police have found:
"One of the maintainers has some basic HTML experience and has had limited exposure to Dreamweaver."
Oh well, the challenge is on.  So far, the offer to provide a site by www.bermudapolice.com has not received the courtesy of a reply ... no surprise there, but you would have thought the Government / police could have found someone capable of using e-mail.
www.bermudapolice.com - still the only Bermuda Police web site
www.bermudapolice.com would like to send its best wishes to officer Clifford Roberts and hope all is well with him.  If you need to talk Clifford ... info@bermudapolice.com is only a click or two away.




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