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If you are from another Country's police constabulary and have found this site, think very carefully before you approach Bermuda for assistance or to provide information.  You may not encounter the quality of officer you are used to, the level of security that can be associated with any intelligence you submit may not be of the standard you would expect and the officers may not understand you, or may not wish to understand you.

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On a small island it follows that you choices are limited with regard to staff and this applies particularly with regard to police officers.  A lack of trained, experienced officers and a failure to look outside for expertise has resulted in the current shambles.  The links (left) detail officers known to this web site.:

Jonathan Smith - commissioner.  we question his motivation, training, abilities and commitment.  A personable man but it appears crime has only increased following his appointment.

George Jackson - deputy commissioner - one only need speak to this man to understand that he's a sharp as a marble.  The author knows him to be someone who does not support the officers below him and suspects that he misled the enquiry into the use of inappropriate search warrants.  He is not to be trusted - it would appear he serves his own ends.  Just how does he manage to obtain the benefit of his home at police HQ?  How much longer before his son let's him down once again - drink or drugs next time?  Possibly George does not consider his son's actions to be unreasonable?

Carlton Adams - assistant commissioner - the depths to which this officer will stoop are clearly displayed on this site.  If Adams is not attempting to promote himself by bringing others down around him, then he's as incompetent or guilty as those who he accuses.  The author of this site demonstrated just how pathetic Carlton is - his accusations and a subsequent  disciplinary hearing against a constable resulted in the officer being acquitted.  Just how bad was Carlton malicious prosecution?  The second officer before the disciplinary board, who had entered a plea of guilty was also acquitted!  Why - because the allegations were unfounded and could not be substantiated - so why did an officer enter a plea of guilty?  It is due to fear.  These are Carlton's weapons - intimidation and oppressive conduct.  Carlton is a bully and a coward.  Much more appears about Carlton on this site - to include the fact that he was clearly prepared to lie in an attempt to discipline the author of this site!

This is the 'quality' of the officers of Bermuda.  What chance do the lower ranks stand?  Does the Bermuda public receive a service ... we would suggest not.  Others are too busy enjoying themselves at your expense.  Bermuda doe snot want investigators, it does not want the boat rocked. If you wish to join the Bermuda police service, get a few things straight in your head:

  • you are in it for the money
  • you are in Bermuda to carry a uniform
  • enjoy the island and social life
  • have no say - keep your head down
  • do what is asked of you and no more
  • have no expectations - you will not be disappointed
  • plan for the future - at every turn, copy and send information home
  • 'Cover your arse' - watch your back and front




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