Phone Calls


Phone Nos
234 8064 in Bda
238 0137 in Bda
238 0137 o/seas
292 3271 o/seas
234 7810 o/seas
238 0088 o/seas
236 8970 o/seas
297 0346 o/seas
236 1622 o/seas
to 201 988 6482
to 718 485 1132
to 305 773 5767

Phone calls relating to the Miranda Enquiry.

From an investigative perspective, this has to be one of the saddest aspects of the Miranda enquiry.  

We were working (fishing) in a barrel; Bermuda.  Mobile phones were reasonably rare and landlines were operated through a single service provider.  It was therefore a relatively simple task to obtain the appropriate search warrant and apply to Telco (Bda telephone company) for what was, in effect, an itemised billing for a phone number.

We could request all the numbers called to or from a specified line.  Imagine how useful this is when you have established the overseas contact number for a drug exporter (sending drugs from, for example, the USA).

This did not occur with every importation related enquiry; it should have.  The narcotics department was concerned with the simple bodies; straightforward arrests of those in possession although this may extend to the odd 'sting' when they would try to have the person arrested try to meet with the intended recipients.

With the Miranda enquiry I took the time, two weeks in all, to manually enter the prominent telephone numbers into a program which, to my recollection, was Lotus (the Bda police sent me on a two day course to learn same - this was the extent of computer training) and I used Q & A to progress queries.

Alas, I was never permitted the chance to pursue the information (the COP of the time moved me from office after I named the head of the Narcotics Department, Dennis Ramsey, as being involved in with the Miranda suspects - see tape recording).

It will be noticed that numbers relating to Julian Hall (Bermuda Barrister, former Shadow Minister for Justice) were not the subject of a warrant.  The obtaining of a warrant was forbidden by the then Narcotics Inspector, George Jackson (now head of the department?).

The 'intelligence' went to waste (a cynic would say this was the intention of the COP and Mr Ramsey), the calls were never progressed.  I take this opportunity to publish most of the telephone records and invite you to copy them, if you feel so inclined and 'search' them for patterns, coincidence etc.

I have attempted to place the records in a format that will allow you to cut, copy and paste using MS Excel, following which you will be able to sort the numbers.  Failing this you may wish to use your internet browser (my apologies if I am teaching you to 'suck eggs'):

In MS Internet Explorer, at the top left, you will see the Edit button.  Click on this and the drop-down menu will have (probably as the last item) a 'Find [on This Page]' heading.  Click on this and the following will appear:

In the box beside 'Find What' enter your search request and click on Find Next.  What easier way to search to see who can be linked to the suspects.

A word of warning:

Just because you are phoned by, or call, a number listed does not make you guilty of an offence.  Obviously, the records detailed only identify contact.  

The records do not advise for what purpose the call was made.  

The inclusion of a number on these pages is not an indication of guilt.  It is an indication of association - but wrong numbers are called now and again.




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