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June 2007 - police pay talks break down

Government's treatment of the island’s police service has been condemned as “embarrassing” and “amazing” after pay talks between the two parties broke down.  However, in light of current events, this is possibly hardly surprising - the police have been unable to exercise even basic security and a secret, confidential file naming the head of the Government, Ewart Brown, as a suspect is in the hands of the press.

Is it any wonder that the Government are treating the police constabulary less than favourably?  Just what are they paying for?

Apparently the police are currently attempting to undertake an investigation to discover how the confidential file about the BHC scandal came to be leaked.  There could be calls for the police to re-open the enquiry into the 2004 BHC scandal.   Based on some of the leaked documents it does not appear the Government would be overjoyed to see the matter re-opened.  Does keeping the police on a tight pay leash ensure moral is low and divert their attention from investigating others to a concern closer to home; their own pockets?  Would the police be more likely to receive a pay rise if the current Government had been able to wrest control of the constabulary from the Governor?

And what of the antiquated Police station in Hamilton, the country's capital?  Situated on Parliament Street, Hamilton, Bermuda, the building was intended to be a temporary home in the late 70's.  The premises, at which the author worked, was poorly equipped in the late 80's and it comes as no surprise to learn that inspectors called it "the worst police station in the western hemisphere".

Construction of the new police station, apparently to be built on Victoria Street, was first raised 6 years ago.  To date, not a brick has been laid, the tender process has not yet completed ... a job for Mr Zane Desilva?

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