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one of the interesting aspects of maintaining the web site is that it attracts all manner of visitors and I receive a varied selection of mail.  A down side of such a site is that there are always thosee who are looking to use what is posted against you; to twist the facts in their own warped way or try and use information against you.  Maintaining a site like this (flying in the face of the Bermuda police, Bermuda Government and Foreign Office) you would think that people would realise that as targets go, I'm an easy one but capable of looking after myself.

There are many who have taken a pop at me over the years and most appear on this site in one way or another.  It is therefore with some amusement that I post the following from a little man in the South of England who believes it clever to find reference to me on the internet, make reference to my former occupation and harass me with e-mails.  the latest e-mail has come via a Bermuda e-mail address.  Therefore, as it is clear he wishes notoriety or wants to be infamous, I shall assist him.

His name is Steve Webb and his e-mail address is: streetparty98@ntlworld.com .  I add this only to ensure that should you be unfortunate to see the e-mail address in your in box, you know to avoid it.  He resides at:

Seacrest Road, Gosport,
Hampshire PO13 8HH
United Kingdom

and is a particularly offensive




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