4th Oct 89



Some press articles associated with my 'work'

I could write a book about this particular incident and have included it before reaching the appropriate day in the diary purely to give an indication of the 'cock-ups' that can occur all round:

4th October 1989    Fined for Urinating

A Brazilian visitor to Bermuda found herself at the center of a Magistrates' Court hearing this week because nobody else spoke Portuguese.  A friend of Miss Rosileia Anderson (D.C. Swift) told Senior Magistrate the Wor. Will Francis that the lady would be able to assist as interpreter in the case of Manuel Grilo.   The Court agreed and Miss Anderson stepped outside with the defendant to discuss the charge of offensive behavior outside The Ram's Head bar in the early hours of Monday.   Grilo, 27, a landscaper of South Shore, Paget, pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $100.  Insp. Peter Duffy, prosecuting, said Grilo was seen shortly after midnight urinating against a wall outside the public house in full view of pedestrians and motorists.  Through Miss Anderson, Grilo told the Court he was drunk at the time.   He wanted to go to the bath room and could not wait any longer.

The account sounds very straightforward, but what was not reported was that Miss Anderson did not just happen to be in Court to watch the proceedings.  Miss Anderson had been arrested when entering the island, by narcotics officers (other than myself) who found her in possession of a straw bearing residues of white powder (in a make-up bag allegedly belonging to her friend).  Arrested on suspicion of possessing drug equipment, Miss Anderson was in Court to answer the charge.

I had nothing to do with the case.  However (another fact not reported), Miss Anderson had attended Bermuda to visit a Bermuda police officer.   This officer on learning of her arrest, to be blunt, abandoned her.  He telephoned me seeking advice, late in the evening and I 'bailed her out'.  Admittedly I received a very nice surprise:

wpe3.gif (27786 bytes)

From Rosileia's perspective, a nice surprise was that the narcotic's exhibit went astray.  As the analyst's report was not with the Court that morning, the case against her was dismissed.  I honestly have no idea how the exhibit became lost but assure you my hand was not associated with this fortuitous act.

Later that year, I had the good fortune to spend some time in the US (Colorado) with Rosileia, my hosts were Billy Cobb ( a former Soul Train - TV Show - dancer) and John.  I understand both Billy and John have since passed away.   They are truly a sad loss.  From the moment I arrived in the US, a total stranger to them both, neither displayed anything less than absolute generosity and friendship and the same could be said for all those to whom I was introduced.  I will not forget either of them.





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