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Pages.related to people linked to enquires, the police, or this site.  To quote Decker in 'Blade Runner',
"If you're not cop, you're little people" (Philip Dick - Do androids dream of electric sheep?)

  • Police: in brief, officers linked to the various investigations we undertook who, for want of a better label, are untrustworthy or should be treated with suspicion.
  • Others: non police officers associated with our enquiries or this site.

The investigation the author caused to occur on being constructively dismissed required officers to be interviewed about a number of subjects.  Some were privy to the unlawful activity I alleged, others attempted to cause my downfall. That my complaint was poorly investigated was evident however, for the complaint to fall so easily it required the acquiescence of some within the department.

An obvious culprit is Police Inspector Gibbons - he was interviewed in connection with my complaint but clearly provided no evidence of wrongdoing.  However, the very same officer, 6 years later, having 'found God' is writing to advise that I was 'subverted and betrayed'.  Coggy Gibbons is now (2004) writing for the Bermuda Sun newspaper.

Everyone else has remained silent.  The Commissioner of police will not interview Inspector Gibbons again - whilst he tells the press the matter remains open, this is untrue, if it were true Inspector Gibbons would be interviewed and asked to explain:

  1. how I was subverted and betrayed
  2. why he kept this quiet at his original interview, or provided a false account

No matter how you look at it, there is something very wrong with the narcotics department and those associated with my complaint.  If there were not the Commissioner of Police would not be afraid to re-open the investigation.

It follows the statements made by the narcotics officers are not worth the paper they are written on.  If they will falsify a statement, misrepresent a situation or keep silent about wrongdoing to attack a fellow officer, then what chance does a member of the public have????

Bermuda, these officers are in your employ!


The parties associated with the various arrests and intelligence, this page will be added to as appropriate.  Associated police officers can be located by clicking on the button above marked 'Police Officers'.

The 'bad' guys:

Marcus Cohab   currently serving a prison sentence (believed to be in excess of 30 years) in the US.  Born in 1964, resident of Miami.

Dexter Dillas    sentenced to prison in Bermuda (cocaine supply)

Was firstly convicted of cocaine related offences in 1991 but the conviction was quashed on appeal (mis-direction of the Judge).   Subsequently, Dillas collected a cocaine package from Philip Seney. Unbeknown to Dillas, Seney had been arrested earlier and this was a 'controlled delivery'.   However, due to a narcotics department 'cock-up' Dillas took delivery of the package and made good his escape. 

Dillas was charged with the offence and remained free awaiting trial.  He entered a 'not guilty' plea at Court but as the trial was underway a tape was presented to police.  The tape had been made some 4 months earlier when Dillas was in prison regarding other matters.  The taped conversation detailed Dillas' cocaine distribution exploits but before the tape could be played in Court Dillas changed his plea to guilty.

The full text of the tape will appear on these pages.   Dexter is currently serving a period of 19 years imprisonment

Dan Lattini (deceased)   sentenced to prison in Bermuda (cocaine importation)

Arrested after arriving via cruise ship with his young male friend (courier4).  How we knew he was carrying narcotics will be revealed in the DIARY pages.  Dan suffered from AIDS and was subsequently released from Bermuda's prison (Casemates) for health / family reasons.

Antonio Miranda   sentenced to prison in Bermuda (cocaine supply / importation)

Link between the US and Bermuda.  His 'pretext' for being on the Island being that he was about to set up a pizza outlet.  He had already been in discussions with Julian Hall, a Barrister regarding this.  Arrested with 13 ounces of cocaine and $87,000 cash (in a shoe box) received a sentence of 20 years but 'negotiated a reduction'.

Debra Owens (deceased)

Allegedly a courier (mule)  who imported cocaine into Bermuda fromt he US.  Apparently, the U.S. end of the improtation network believed it was Debra who had informed on their Bermuda operation and it was this that caused her to be murdered (shot).  Debra was NOT our informant, apparently she was threatening to expose the operation if she did not receive $2,000 owed from a delivery she made.  At the time of making this threat, the Bermudan informant provided us the necessary detail to effect arrests and seize drugs / cash. 

Angela Trapasso    sentenced to 4 years imprisonment in Bermuda.

Arrested a she was leaving Bermuda on a cruise ship.   $19,000 US cash was found in her cabin with the wrappings where it had been strapped to her.  Angela had been arrested before in Bermuda, using a false name.   On the previous occasion she was arrested for leaving a hotel without paying her phone bill, seems she believed those arranging her stay had taken care of this.  It was narcotics officers who arrested her and took her to St George's police station.   Shame no one searched her before she spent a night in a cell; according to Angela she was carrying $350,000 US cash, the proceeds of drugs sales in Bermuda.  The phone bill was paid, she left the following day and delivered the cash to the U.S.!





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