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Introduction:  The Officer's letter

This letter was written by a serving Officer in the Bermuda police force.  We worked together, at the time the Officer was a detective sergeant.

Subsequently the Officer was promoted to Inspector and at the time of writing the letter it is my understanding he was the Officer in charge of the Force Intelligence Bureau.

The Officer continues to serve in the Bermuda Police Force.

You may not consider the content of the letter to be of importance.  However, it is important to be aware of some occurrences prior to the creation of the Officer's letter (written in October 1996).

  • I left in 1990.
  • In 1991, when I attended the Island to give evidence, I complained about the circumstances of my expulsion.
  • Allegedly, an investigation took place.
  • I made it known blank (signed) search warrants were being used by the Narcotics department
  • This was allegedly investigated

It is reasonable to assume the Inspector (a former sergeant in the narcotics department) was questioned about my allegations.  So what did he say?

  1. If he denied the allegations, why is he now acknowledging that I was subverted and betrayed now?
  2. If he admitted the allegations, why has my complaint not been upheld and why was the Officer promoted?

With regard to '1' above, I believe it only reasonable to ask the Officer to document the subversion and betrayal to which he is referring.

To my recollection the Officer has a genius I.Q.  He would not write in such terms unless they were appropriate.

Why was I subverted (overthrown; ruined) and betrayed (stabbed in the back; the subject of disloyalty; given up treacherously)?  Is it any coincidence this occurred immediately following my recording of a conversation in which a senior Officer is named as being a conspirator in the cocaine importation case I was investigating?

The Officer's letter.




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