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November 1988 - Diary

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Tuesday 8th November 1988

0830hrs    on duty at Narco re exhibits Green.
0930hrs    Court re Kevin & Richard Green - Kevin fined $400, Richard received 3 months imprisonment
Plea of guilty by both brothers.
1030hrs    From HPS  patrol in company Mathews & Richardson

1140hrs    10-45 (non urgent assistance required) Ticket M851528 Darren Hewey -Driving in a manner dangerous. 
see pocket book 08.11.88
To HPS for search MDA - negative
1245hrs    refs @ Louquats
1345hrs    return to office
1430hrs    Court re C Spence - fail to appear
1530hrs    Return office
1750hrs    Off duty

Wednesday 9th November 1988

0840hrs    On duty @ office
I received a call at the office, a male asking for another officer.  The officer was not present (and to my knowledge would not be remaining with the narcotics department for long as he was due to return to uniform duty).

The caller wanted to speak with the officer urgently as he had information about a cocaine supplier.  The caller, in company with three of his 'friends' were currently on bail and were seeking to avoid appearing before the Court.  In exchange for information the caller wished to have the prosecution against him dropped.

I advised I would speak with the officer and asked the caller to phone at the same time the following day.

I spoke with the officer and was informed that the information would be reliable.  However, the officer had other things to do and asked that, if possible, I pursue the information provided.
0912hrs    to Court re Elroy Harvey
1040hrs    patrol D.C. Richardson
1105hrs    Stop: Larry Archibald of sandys.  Labourer.   Yamaha Q727
1130hrs   Stop:
Craig Edward Looby, Ord Rd, Warwick.   316D blue Yamaha
1154hrs    Stop: N502 o/s Ord Road shop Stephen Lightbourne

1230hrs    Stop: Mark Eugene Smith, Somerset & Johnny Astwood Gianni, Warwick car 21992 civil # 42189
1300hrs    refs

1400hrs    patrol D.C. Richardson
1615hrs    stop: @ Controversy Lane Glen Iris of Warwick, Paul Bell of St Davids, Edward Fox of St Georges.  Red suzuki 17495
1625hrs    stop: Terry David Wade @ Spanish Point vehicle: L0641
1700hrs    off duty

Thursday 10th November 1988

0900hrs    on duty @ office and corres @ narco office.
I received another call from the male who had telephoned yesterday morning.   I informed him that, if the information resulted in a reasonable seizure we would consider proceeding with the matters against him by way of a 'caution' - nothing more than a verbal warning which would not be recorded anywhere.

This was acceptable.  I was advised Vernon Dill was employed by the Opticians on Church Street.  Mr Dill supplied cocaine and would regularly carry around as many as 10 'halves' of cocaine.  These 'halves' were usually kept in a small pouch on his key fob. 

Mr Dill's name meant nothing to me, but 10 halves of cocaine would be considered possession with intent to supply and a reasonable arrest, certainly better than the callers small possession charge.  I again telephoned the officer who was dealing with he caller's case and confirmed he was content for me to pursue the matter, he was.
1100hrs    out to HMC
1120hrs    Warrant obtained at HMC - in company with DC Richardson
1135hrs    stop: James Guishard of Hamilton on Church Street driving S585 Gold Honda
1155hrs    enter Bermuda Optical Co. speak with Patrick Gilfether (manager) of Paget
We spoke briefly with Mr Gilfether in an office on the ground floor and confirmed Vernon Dill was present.  We outlined the reason for our visit and were informed Mr Dill was working in the basement.

We went to the basement, in company with Mr Gilfether, where we met Vernon Eugene Dill of Northcliff Lane, Devonshire.  Vernon was alone in the basement, in a small annex off to the left of where the stairs met the basement floor.   Vernon was at a bench on which were a number of tolls, a small area was clear and a plastic carrier bag was present.

I introduced DC Richardson and myself to Vernon and explained the purpose of our visit, displaying the search warrant and explaining we had also confirmed Mr Gilfether had no objection to our enquiry.

Vernon was agitated, nervous, looking about him and uttered some words of acknowledgement quickly.  He immediately attempted to walk past myself and DC Richardson claiming he needed to use the bathroom, he wanted to go to the toilet.  I prevented him from passing us by standing directly in front of him.   Vernon attempted to walk around me and I explained that we would not keep him long, all being well and that we were going to conduct the search.

Vernon was insistent that he needed to use the toilet which was only a few feet from us.  As Vernon attempted to walk past me I grabbed his arm and held him.  His right fist was clenched tightly and I took hold of this and asked him what was in his hand.  He replied that there was nothing.  I asked him to open his hand and he refused stating that he wanted to use the bathroom.  As I forced his hand open, Vernon relaxed his grip exposing a number of small cellophane 'twists'  (halves) containing white powder.  There were 10 of these and we sized them informing Vernon that he was under arrest.

I asked Vernon to collect his personal belongings and that we would be taking him to Hamilton Police Station.  Vernon did not want to take anything with him, he asked if he would get bail before the shop closed and we confirmed this was likely.  Vernon wanted to leave immediately on the basis that the sooner we started, the sooner he would be back.  I asked Vernon for the keys to his car and he said that they were not needed, he would walk back.  I explained that we would be searching his car (based on the information I had received, I wished to see if there were any further 'halves' in the key fob).  Vernon was keen to leave but we walked the few feet to the bench and he picked up his keys.

I asked Mr Gilfether if Vernon had a locker, a secure place or storage area where he could keep personal possessions whilst working.  He did not.  Before we left I informed Vernon that we would be searching his bench area and that he should watch, we would conduct the search in his presence.  Again, Vernon wanted to leave advising that we had found all that he had.

The bench area was reasonably clean and tidy, with a clear area in front of which was the plastic carrier bag.  I opened the bag and as a result of what was in this I informed Vernon that we would be taking him to the Narcotics department where the contents could be examined more carefully.  Touching the contents as little as possible I displayed them to Vernon, Mr Gilfether and DC Richardson.   There appeared to be about 100 twists, some powder cocaine and three large 'rocks' each cylindrical, almost an inch in diameter and about 2 to 3 inches long.
Dill arrest case # 8800027167
CRO 8803 Subject ID 5184 Civil 1272
Vernon was conveyed to the narcotics department. I returned to patrol:
1245hrs    stop: Cheryl Darrell of Smiths
1251hrs    stop: Winston Richardo Godwin of Spanish Point
Enquiries and corres re Dill
2130hrs    Dill to HPS
2230hrs    off duty

The arrest of Vernon Dill resulted in the seizure of about 3ounces of cocaine.  The drug was in three forms when seized:
twists: these were made up ready for sale and totalled about 100, each with a street value of $125.
''cylinders': these were about the size of a shotgun cartridge.   They were not crack cocaine, as at first believed, they were compressed cocaine, the drug had been compacted to form tight pellets.
powder: this was not the 'light' powder usually discovered, it did not have the same crystalline appearance.  It transpired the powder was simply the broken down pellets. 

It appeared Vernon had, that morning, taken possession of a 'shipment' and was in the process of converting the pellets to twists.


The arrest of Vernon was significant for a number of reasons:

1.    This was the largest amount of cocaine (just over 3 ounces) seized with a prisoner during 1988.  It was a prestigious arrest, notable and certainly one which would come to a lot of people's attention both inside and outside the police service. 

2.    From my perspective, this was my third day on the narcotics department coupled with this being a substantial seizure, the commencement to my appointment was going to be noted.

3.    We had seized compressed cocaine.   To my knowledge (supported by the comments made by the SOCO and Government Analyst) this had never before been encountered.  It mattered not (at the time of arrest) whether we had been presented with crack or compacted cocaine.  The importance was the presentation.  Why would anyone wish to compact cocaine into these cylinder shapes?

Simply compacting the drug meant that it took up less space and this would be in any importers interests.  However, there was not a substantial reduction in volume using this method and we were not thinking in terms of tons of the drug being imported at any one time.  It took little to make substantial profits (see 'cocaine') and there are any number of ways to hide drugs, with or without compacting it.

The answer appeared to be very straightforward:   Bermuda had been targeted by those who knew a very basic weakness - we had no resources and operated on a hit and miss basis.  Bermuda's 'International' airport had (has?) no facility for dealing with 'swallowers' or 'stuffers'; those who secrete carefully wrapped and sealed packets of narcotics in their bodies.  'Swallowers' would take the packages orally, 'stuffers' would insert the packets into their bodies via the anus.

Compacting cocaine into these 'pellets' made the drug easier to swallow or stuff.

I brought this to the attention of the O.I.C. Narco and submitted a report for the attention of the C.A.T. staff.  This report, I subsequently learnt, did not leave the office.

At the time of bringing my concerns to the O.I.C. Narcotics, I was informed that the information should be treated as confidential.  I was told to consider the bigger picture and that the information should stay within the four walls of the Narcotics department.

Why?  Because if it became public knowledge that narcotics were being imported in this manner it could lead to more people adopting the practice and Bermuda did not have the facility to handle this we did not have the resources or equipment to address the problem.   Politically the subject was 'sensitive'.

As the 'new boy' in the office it was not my place to disagree with policy.  I objected to the stance on the basis that the only way to address the issue was to make the matter public.  Furthermore, clearly there were those who imported using 'internal secretion' methods - were we simply going to let them continue?

The answer appeared to be 'yes' because there was nothing we could do, without the resources, to combat the problem.

Absolutely nothing was done to address the situation, this was 'unfortunate'.  It was not the last time we were to see these 'pellets' another substantial dealer was later found with them in his possession (this will be dealt with at the appropriate date in the Diary) and clearly this was a major importation method with links between the parties employing these tactics.

As ever, the Narcotics department was content with the glory of the moment.  So much for considering the larger picture.

My subsequent involvement in the Vernon Dill investigation did not progress beyond the arrest, the enquiry was effectively taken from me.  There had been some other 'street team' activity that day; a car had been stopped not far from the Bermuda Optical Co and the occupants, believed to be narcotics importers,   were searched with negative results.  There was a suggestion the occupants were linked to Vernon but no one could prove this.  Instead, a street team sergeant, Dennis Gordon, took it upon himself to team up with D.C. Richardson (who accompanied me on the Vernon Dill arrest) and conduct the investigation of Vernon.

This too was unfortunate, the investigation did not progress.  Dennis Gordon' approach to investigation was similar to the manner in which he conducted himself in the narcotics office; he who shouts loudest wins.  He was a a short, stocky West Indian who would often loose himself in his own arguments such was the speed with which his words were shouted; his brain appeared to have difficulty keeping up with his mouth.  There was no subtlety about his character, it was established from his attempts at aggression and intimidation; he was a loud, verbose bully.

When relaxed Dennis could be a pleasant man to speak with but when he wanted his way, reasoning was ignored and it was best to let him rant of his tunnel-visioned perspective.  He was one of the 'domino' set who would gather in the PRC's 'West Indian section' (there was a clear segregation) and play dominoes as though it were a martial art, crashing the pieces onto the table top as if attempting to stamp their pattern into its surface.

Vernon's interview resulted in no further useful information, there was no evidence of substantial profits being hidden, no links to others associated with the importation and Vernon kept quiet.  Having been caught 'bang to rights' with the drug it appeared Vernon had accepted his fate.

This was an interesting arrest.  Such a seizure should have resulted in substantial enquiries being pursued to ascertain who else could be linked and whether there was more to be gained from associates, travel movements, telephone records etc.  None of this was considered yet the arrest as the largest seizure (with prisoner) all year.  It was an opportunity wasted.

Friday 11th November 1988

Public Holiday - rest day

Saturday 12th November 1988

Rest Day

Sunday 13th November 1988

Rest Day

During the above days I attended H.P.S. at least once a day to see Vernon.  I was booked in and out of the gaol area and Vernon remained in his cell throughout our meetings.  Vernon was to remain in custody until Tuesday when he was due to appear in Court.  I took Vernon books and fresh fruit, the cells are not pleasant and the food, whilst adequate, was basic.

I do not deny I would have liked Vernon to have provided information enabling us to identify and pursue those who were supplying the drug to him.   However, it was unlikely Vernon could give us a better arrest than we had in him and I suspect he knew this.  To inform on his 'associates' could actually make matters worse.  Who knows whether Vernon had an 'insurance policy' in the event of being arrested or if he was offered a deal in exchange for his silence by the suppliers.

When the matter went to Court, Vernon received 6 years imprisonment.

The person who gave the information resulting in Vernon's arrest was not prosecuted, both he and his three associates (all of whom had been arrested in relation to minor narcotics offences which would have resulted in their receiving fines) had their offences disregarded.  It was simply a matter of their attending the narcotics office and being admonished.

Monday 14th November 1988

0900hrs    On duty
1100hrs    To Hamilton re Dill enquiries in D6
1230hrs    Return to office
1245hrs    To lunch @ Barbizon in town
1330hrs    return to office - corres.
1415hrs    To HMC
1500hrs    To office
1620hrs    Out with DC Mead
1700hrs    off duty

Tuesday 15th November 1988

0830hrs    On duty, corres @ office
0945hrs    To HPS - prisoner return with DC Field

1020hrs    arrest K. Green @ middletown road
1045hrs    to office refile for K. Greene - DC Field out to prosecutions
1100hrs    Gaol area @ HPS on crutches - Reginald Hassell C#8800025500 - one legged male from Controversy lane
Lookout re Rodney Burt 3 x committal warrants
1315hrs    to office
1350hrs    to DCI Office re 'gift'


I had received a gift which had been deposited at the Narcotics office.  The 'gift' comprised a card and a small, wrapped, package about 6 inches long by 2 inches by half an inch.  I was informed the gift was from Vernon Dill and it caused much conversation and speculation within the narcotics office.

I was called to the DCI's office to receive the gift but was not permitted to open it at that time, a decisionw as to be made about what to do with the items.

1410hrs    To Court re Saunders

1605hrs    To SOCO re gift photo.   Opened in presence of Mr Moniz, Mr ramsey, Mr Hull and found to be a card and pen.

Everyone had anticipated the gift being information about the cocaine suppliers or associated with the investigation.  This accounted for the number of Officers present.  Instead, Vernon had been kind enough to deliver a thank you note and a pen for me.  The card said it all and read:

We use the word 'wonderful'
so much that sometimes
it doesn't mean what it should .
We should save it
for the best parts of life
for the special people
who bring us happiness
whose warmth and kindness
make them stand out
from all the rest...
for wonderful people
like you.

Thanks for being so thoughtful.

(signed) Vernon Dill

There is a lot to be said for Vernon taking the time and trouble to deliver the card.  To anyone who has not had the pleasure of visiting Bermuda, Vernon's act is indicative of the general character of the population.   There is an overwhelming relaxation and kindness about their general attitude.   Even in the face of adversity Vernon found  time to appreciate others.

1615hrs    to office
1705hrs    to HPS
1745hrs    to office
1845hrs    out re search Talbot
2100hrs    off duty

Wednesday 16th November 1988

0830hrs    On duty corres @ office
1200hrs    to refs
1300hrs    to Spanish Point re enquiries and observation - Berkely School
1345hrs    arrest - Earlston Outerbridge, to HPS
see pocket book 16.11.88
1445hrs    to SOCO re photo of damage to uniform and injury - notes
1505hrs    notes completed C# 8800027780
1510hrs    to HPS

1755hrs    off duty
1920hrs    to office
meet informant
1925hrs    out

Thursday 17th November 1988

0700hrs    to Ops re 06530
0745hrs    to Office
0830hrs    on duty
0910hrs    to HPS
0945hrs    to office.  Statement and corres re Vernon Dill, with Rudi
1630hrs    to HMC re warrant Crane Lane
1640hrs    General Patrol St Monica's Mission
1700hrs    off duty

Friday 18th November 1988

0400hrs    on duty re warrants - C#8800027968
Execute warrants - Bostock Hill E. 1 x arrest.  To Sandys re Wellman.
2 x arrests and exhibits
To bathroom C#27968 E#8800107306 Everit Wellman CRO 17826 Sub 12110 C#12280.  Middle name Eugene

PPR #4755
Prisoner's rights form 20780

1027hrs    Wellman @ HPS C#8800027967 Edith Luella Wellman Civil # 54583
Research address on Cooks hill Road, Sandys
To office
1300hrs    Refs
1400hrs    off duty
1515hrs    On duty @ HMC re G. Bean for trial
vagrancy and urinating in a public place
1600hrs    off duty

1930hrs    on duty re warrant - Furbert address @ Shelly Bay.   4 arrests to HPS
Furbert & Ascento C#28022
2330hrs    to Narco office and off duty

Saturday 19th November 1988

0915hrs    to office
0950hrs    to HPS re interviews of Prisoner Simmons with DC Worrell
1000hrs    Arrest of Michael Lewis + Desmond Allen re possession of drug with intent to supply Case # 8800028067 refers
1005hrs    search Allen car @ HPS.  prisonners @ HPS
1143hrs    search of Allen's address
1202hrs    leave addresss
1215hrs    to SOCO with Allen, fingerprint and photograph
1250hrs    Allen to HPS gaol area and interview, concludes 1305hrs
1325hrs    refs
1410hrs    return from refs
1440hrs    to HPS interview re Simmons with DC Worrell
1542hrs    to Narco officewith Simmons + corres re Allen + Lewis
1705hrs    interview concluded, Simmons with Barrister farge
1735hrs    interview Simmons
1930hrs    Statement concluded
Narco office
2000hrs    off duty

Saturday 20th November 1988

0845hrs    on duty at Narcotics office file updates, outstanding corres from uniform duty
1045hrs    to HPS re bail Lewis, Simmons, Wellman
1120hrs    patrol, Court Street, St Monica's
1200hrs    to office, refs @ office corres re files: 1. A. Lee, 2. A. Allen, 3. E. Desliva, 4. D. Allen, 5. M. Lewis, 6. R. Outerbridge, 7. D. Desilva, 8. R. Wilson
1645hrs    out to HPS re corres R. Wilson submit file to P.S. 245
1700hrs    to Narco, Court Street, Arrest L. Ming C#8800028187
1705hrs    to 253 re Ming swallow drug
1735hrs    HPS car searched in presence of Ming
1740hrs    Drugs exhibit shown to Ming
1930hrs    off duty

Monday 21st November 1988

1500hrs    on duty Court re Dean Eve, fail to fasten helmet.  Not guilty plea!  Guilty verdict $75 fine, no time to pay, escorted in custody to HPS from Court #3 his Worship John Judge.
1545hrs    off duty

Tuesday 22nd November 1988

1100hrs    on duty @ HMC re Leonard Brown Ct#3.  No helmet, no vehicle licence, no insurance, gave false particulars.  Not guilty plea.  Guilty verdict.  Guilty verdict, fine total $550 and 6 months driving   disqualification.  No time to pay, to HPS in custody from Court #3 his Worship John Judge.
1210hrs    off duty

Wednesday 23rd November 1988

0830hrs    on duty for Court, to narco office re exhibits case of R. Smith
0910hrs    to HPS further exhibits in locker re R. Smith & to HMC
1000hrs    Smith failto appear.  All Court #1 cases moved to Court #2, set back for 30 minutes.
1030hrs    Smith non-appearance.  Warrant issued, off duty

1600hrs    To narco office on duty
statements for file re Dill
file re disqual drive ~ Ivan Smith submitted to DS Gordon with summary & offence report
1900hrs    refs @ office
2015hrs    out with 386 & 369 in 06530
2020hrs    arrest of Kevin Deshields.  Obstruction MDA C#88800028474.   To HPS re corres & process Deshields
2110hrs    to Court Street
2115hrs    arrest Leroy Burns possession of cocaine C#8800028474.  To HPS re corres & process above
2135hrs    to 253 re injury to Left knee / shin
2152hrs    arrest Rodney Burt @ 253 on warrant C#8800028141
2300hrs    Arrest @ St Monica's Mission, Brangman to HPS in company of Jack Henderson.  Searched with negative result.
2400hrs    off duty.

Thursday 24th November 1988

0900hrs    on duty, standby, instructions of 633.
1700hrs    off duty

Friday 25th November 1988

0900hrs    on duty and to HMC with PS Gordon re Paul Johnson
1025hrs    to office
1047hrs    to HMC re exhibit required @ Court urgently.
1100hrs    to office, complete file re Rodney Wilson, corres re Vernon Dill ~ check, proof read statements.
1300hrs    to refs @ Hamilton
1400hrs    to HPS re bail return Desliva ~ re drug NFPA  arrives @ 1425hrs informed of negative result
1425hrs    interview Desilva
1510hrs    to HMC re G. Greene, permit premises for the misuse of drugs.
1540hrs    Gerald Greens fail to appear warrant issued
1610hrs    to office
1630hrs    to admin re despatch
1700hrs    off duty

Saturday 26th November 1988

 0945hrs    on duty to HPS re prisoner Desilva charge & file re E. Desilva
1030hrs    HPS re Desilva ~ fail to appear ~ contact at home address re appearance on 28-11-88.  Failed to appear due to outstanding warrants ($750)
1100hrs    off duty

Sunday 27th November 1988

Off duty

Monday 28th November 1988

On duty @ office ~ contact PS Rush re G. Greene file
0910hrs    to HMC case of S Degraff ~ also warrants re E. Desilva & file re G. Greene

Diary endorsed:
Hull 24/11
"keep it up good work" Chief Inspector Ramsey

0930hrs    Court G. Greene not guilty plea, adjourned to 7th March 1989
1000hrs    to HPS with G Greene re surety, Green in custody
1035hrs    return to office
1050hrs    patrol with 386 & 375 to West re service of ticket @ casemates by 375
1115hrs    arrest of Robert Bean C#28886 refers
1130hrs    to HPS re Bean remain with 386, 375 to Casemates.   Bean delt with re drug equipment
1300hrs    patrol, on foot, with 386 to Court Street re Arabian Chicken enquiry - V. Dill.  Closed
1315hrs    return to HPS and meet 375
1330hrs    patrol of Court Street, Middle Town, St Monica's
1440hrs    Arrest, King Street of Jeffrey Hillpossession of cannabisto HPS and corres
1515hrs    to HMC re J Carwright, not guilty re possession of of a controlled drug and equipment
1530hrs    change of plea to HPS
1545hrs    patrol, St Monica's, with 375 & 386 on foot
1630hrs    patrol King Street & Middle Town
1700hrs    off duty

Tuesday 29th November 1988

0900hrs    on duty @ office
0930hrs    patrol with 386, 375 & 369
1045hrs    arrest at St Monica's Mission of Colin Simmons re possession of cannabis C#29010 refers  To HPS
1130hrs    To HMC re Robinson not guilty - impaired driving.  Change of plea
1145hrs    To Narco office
1200hrs    Refs @ PRC
1300hrs    office
1310hrs    patrol with 369, 386, 375 to prosecutions, to Casemates re statement by 369
1415hrs    arrest, John Edness, case # 29040 possession of cannabis at Ord Road, Warwick conveyed to Somerset police station
1445hrs    computer & corres @ West
1545hrs    service of summons on Mrs Wellman @ home address on Cook's Hill Road by 375.  To casemates to collect 386 & 369.  Patrol dock area and return to office
1650hrs    to office & submission of exhibit Edness
1715hrs    off duty

Wednesday 30th November 1988

0500hrs    on duty re search at St Georges with PS48, 369, 386, 375
0730hrs    off duty

0900hrs    on duty and patrol with 375 & 386
0938hrs    stop on King Streetfrom Middle Town Darren Boyles 31765 B'dian.   Search negative, patrol of Court Street, St Monica's, Middle Town areas
1115hrs    to HMC re Richard Winfield Smith, not guilty possession of drugs and assaults
1130hrs    adjourned to 3rd Feb' 1989, to HPS and D6 patrol with 375 & 386 Court st, Middle Town, St Monica's, Incinerator areas
1225hrs    arrest @ incinerator Shaun Simmons CRO#52154.  Case# 8800029109.  To HPS re possession of cannabis
1320hrs    to office
1330hrs    refs in town
1400hrs    to office
1410hrs    to HMC with 386
1420hrs    return to office to collect 375 on route, Parsons Road arrest I Paynter re disqualified driving by reason of age case# 8800029217, searched MDA - negative.  Assisted by Kilo Truck.
1450hrs    to HPS arrest 'Horse' Darrell, lookout by 386 re drug offence   To HPS
1600hrs    patrol & to Narco office
1635hrs    patrol St Monica's & Spansih point
1655 Arrest Hayes Johnson, driving whilst disqualified on Middle Town Road, livery cycle C123 Case# 29145 refers.  To HPS re search of Johnson ~ negative
1750hrs    to Narco re issue of ticket# M851560 to Johnson & computer entry
1830hrs    off duty




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