Trapasso Debrief notes


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Trapasso Debrief (notes)

Trapasso moved to Miami at the end of April 1990.  She stayed at COHAB'S residence, 325, North Hibiscus Road:

305 773 5767    cellular

305 439 1366    cellular

305 534 3121    home

Shortly after her arrival she was told by Cohab to 'take a hike, I have a Bermuda official here'.  MARCUS COHAB gave TRAPASSO money to go shopping.

At 10.00pm the same day TRAPASSO returned and asked MARCUS COHAB what was going on as she was the one taking the risks carrying drug into Bermuda and she had a right to know who she was dealing with.  She kept asking until he told her "Cheif Inspector Ramsey or a Customs agent are always on the job, why do you think nobody in or people got caught in 10 years".

Cohab also said that "in 1987, Julian Hall went bankrupt, he fell on hard times, JULIAN HALL went to the states for a while.  COHAB gave him a large amount of money to set back up.  HALL joined Vaucrosson's.  JULIAN HALL knew MARCUS's people.  HALL knew that JUNKI had been fired for stealing from the organisation and that MIRANDA had taken over JUNKI as the organisation's man in Bermuda.  JULIAN HALL helped him with the apartment and was assisting MIRANDA in opening a business, an art gallery or a pizza shop, some way to launder money and change cash from Bermuda $ to US$.  It would be a way to get money out of the island.

MARCUS also told TRAPASSO that if she ever got into trouble, call Julian HALL, MARCUS  said "JULIAN is cool, he works with us, not for us or against us, with us, he's part of us".

TRAPASSO said that in January 1990, DCI Ramsey spoke to Rosalva MADERA (subsequently MIRANDA) and said to her "I know who you are, pick up your bags and get out".  Rosalva described Ramsey as tall, well built, intimidating.

TRAPASSO said that DCI Ramsey attempted to see MADERA and TRAPASSO in the co-ed (prison) shortly after their arrest in May.  They both refused to see him.  Front gate received the message and a Miss Lindsey or Cheryl Simmons were the prison officials receiving the request.

TRAPASSO said that MARCUS COHAB had sent $125,000 to JULIAN HALL at Vaucrosson's to represent MIRANDA and all involved in the MIRANDA arrests.

TRAPASSO said that MIRANDA had told her that JULIAN HALL had given MIRANDA his home number and that MIRANDA had visited his home after on Mount Hill.

MIRANDA told TRAPASSO that JULIAN HALL freebases cocaine and that Julian Hall was taken on board by COHAB as Bermuda is where he makes most of his money.

Trapasso said COHAB contacted MR RAMSAY anytime anyone from the organisation was coming to Bermuda.




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