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Bermuda police officer investigated for child porn download.
HAMILTON, Bermuda: The Bermuda Police Service is reportedly investigating one of its own for allegedly using a police computer to download pornographic material.  The officer, according to the Bermuda evening news, is believed to be a constable on a work permit, who was discovered with a quantity of printed pornographic images of children he had downloaded from the Internet. The paper quoted a police spokesperson, Mr. Robin Simmons, as saying, "An investigation is underway into the inappropriate use of a Police computer and an officer is assisting with that investigation." 

He could not say whether the Police Service had a formal policy on the use of the Internet. There are no laws in Bermuda against downloading any kind of pornography from the Internet, unlike in Britain where it carries a prison term. But downloaded material, which is then printed, would probably qualify as obscene under the Obscene Publications Act and be subject to prosecution.

Officer appears in Court: Detective Constable Clifford Stanley Roberts, 32, of Headquarters Hill, Devonshire, appeared in Magistrates' Court in connection with drug-related charges going back to 1999 to include conspiring to import drugs into Bermuda. The story appears in the Royal Gazette.

No jobs for the boys: just when you thought things couldn't get any worse !  Three officers are suspended, or are they?  Are they to be suspended without reason, or are have they been misinformed by the 'service'.  No matter how you look at it, the communications sucks and incompetence abounds.  For more read: To be , or not to be ...

Police moral: now its the shift system that's causing a problem; officers want to work less days but longer hours.  And why not?  You've gone to work so, having resigned yourself to working with incompetent and ignorant colleagues, make the shift as long as possible.  If you have to work 40 hours a week, then why not do four days at 10 hours rather than 5 days at 8 hours; one less trip to and from the station each week, one less shift to prepare for and one less journey during which to suffer apprehension and question why you put yourself through it.  For more read: Shift system making Police morale ‘intolerable’

Funding a drug habit: Did the Bermuda police really provide an officer $40,000 to spend on cocaine?  Read more here: Senior Officer Loan

Police Web Site where is it?  Due to be up and running by the end of March 2002, it has gone the way of many a Bermuda Police project .... initial enthusiasm becomes lethargy - up to their usual standards, when the site should be up and running is anyone's guess. .  Read more here: Bermuda Police Domain in print: This site receives a mention for its 'excellence' in the UK's foremost internet publication.  Read more here:  Practical Internet.

Jobs for the boys - if you can't beat them, join them ... allegations of assisting drug importers abound and it's left to the islands constabulary to interview and arrest their own. Read more here: Allegations.

Tape Recording suspects - past its 'sell by date' also, the constabulary appears to have neither the knowledge or the know-how.  The police could hardly be accused of showing concern about the abuse of human rights, so the situation will come as no surprise to many.  Read more here: Bermuda Police Recording

The professionals are called in to the island.  Read more here: Scotland Yard Detectives arrive

Bermuda laws go on-line:  Read more here: Bermuda Laws.




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