May 1990



The Miranda Enquiry

We had missed the first attempt to make arrests in connection with this team of importers / distributors (see 'Operation Flogger') some months earlier.  The informant was providing fresh information and this was being acted on immediately ...

Wednesday 16th May, 1990

1600hrs    return to office and Front Street, Pembroke re O858 (hire cycle) - Miranda observations.  Out to Southampton and search of surrounding area - guest houses, Ming's, Pillar Ville.
1810hrs    Return to Office.  Out to West re Miranda & O858 - observations.  Locate vehicle and complete observations.
2030hrs    observations @ Crown Lane, Southampton.  Complete
2400hrs    off duty

Thursday 17th May, 1990

0600hrs    on duty re search for O858 - asnt @ Southampton.  To Royal Viking Star (cruise ship) and liaise with security on board
0910hrs    return to office.  Briefing after - change of attire.
1030hrs    Reggie Ming's (Justice of the Peace) residence re warrants.  To Front Street - Royal Viking Star - re photos of suspects
1155hrs    Return to Narco office - DS completes observations on O858.  Complete details of Dears file and return to exhibits DS
1220hrs    complete arrest file of Dillas completed & file C/Insp Ramsey Out to East of Collector's Hill re observations on O858
1330hrs   Leave Collector's Hill and to shed no. 1.  Onto Viking Star ship, met by security @ 1330hrs

1440hrs    ship out (it left the dock and set sail for the USA with us on board!).
1430hrs    with chief purser to cabin 178M.  Angela Trapasso arrested - keep notes.
1502hrs    Leave room
1510hrs    Board pilot vessel with Trapasso
1540hrs    St Georges & to Echo (St Georges Police Station)
1545hrs    @ East (St Georges police station) - notes kept
1723hrs    statement recorded
1837hrs    statement concluded.  Office meeting.  Out re observations @ Crown Lane with 334.  Return to office
2230hrs    off duty.

Friday 18th May, 1990

0645hrs    On duty @ office corres. re seizure report & exhibits for Trapasso.  Complete Telco warrant in name of DI Jackson.  Complete fax details re interception of Trapasso contact & arrange for interception with FBI / DEA (?) to DI Jackson.  Type warrants: 1. South Road, Pilla Ville, A. Miranda, 2. Crown House, T. Ming, 3. Crown Lane, D. Dillas
0900hrs    On duty
0915hrs    To Mr. Mings & warrants signed
0945hrs    Return to office
0955hrs Briefing
1015hrs    Return to Mr. Ming's re warrant for A. Miranda @ Smith's Parish - McGall's Hill.  To Saucos Hill & Observations with DS's re Miranda & O858.  Move to residence
1152hrs    Enter apartment - lower - and arrest of Antonio and Rosalva Miranda. C.9015716 refers.  Search of premises - complete notes.
1630 hrs    leave premises
1644hrs    @ office - copy all notes & to incident room with 334 re exhibits sorting & labeling.  To Narco - briefing.
2054hrs    Out re obs. to Lighthouse Road Into Crown Lane res. - above, with DI Jackson who detains Colin Smith.
2217hrs    search Smith.  WPC Vickers in re Mrs Ming.   Smith searched by DS
2230hrs    Colin Symonds searched @ residence.  Leave Crown Lane for HPS.
2249hrs    Miranda from cell - statement taken
0017hrs    statement concludes
0022hrs    complete statement in presence of Miranda and leave HPS.   Office and debrief
0100hrs    off duty

Saturday 19th May, 1990

0705hrs    on duty @ office.  Type warrant re Smith at Breezy Cottages, South Road, Southampton
0725hrs    To Mr. Mings.  Warrant sworn
0735hrs    office
0800hrs    out to search @ Loyalty Drive, Somerset.  Take notes as DS searches & exhibits.  Conclude search and return to office via Breezy cottages.  South Road, Southampton.  DS with Colin Smith (as at 2054 hrs 18.05.90). 
Parakeet for refreshments.
To office collate info
1200hrs    Briefing @ incident room
Meet with Mr. Julian Hall at HPS
1240hrs    Mr. Hall with DS & self in Inspectors office
1242hrs    Miranda to front HPS interview room with Mr. Hall.
1255hrs    Miranda to gaoler
1305hrs    to office.  Briefing with DCI Ramsey Update diary & collate Miranda correspondence
1450hrs    Out to HPS.  Held back by call from Sherwin Jones on 236 5883 - re premises rented by Miranda

1505hrs    To HPS
1515hrs    Miranda out of cell - gaolers record
1520hrs    @ incident room.  Record statement @ incident room - Q & A
2010hrs    Record concludes.  Miranda to HPS
2020hrs    Miranda to cell.  Return to office
2030hrs    off duty.




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