Doc 910528DG



Document 910528 DG

A memo from the Deputy Governor's Office to the Commissioner of Police in response to the formal complaint I submitted about my 'dismissal' and the narcotics department:

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1.     Thank you for your letter of 14 May to the Governor with which you enclosed the document containing the complaint by Ex-PC Swift

2.     Having looked into he matter I have advised His Excellency that I have found no substance to Mr Swift's allegation that you had made an error of judgment in dealing with him in the way you did in August 1990.

3.     I also advised his Excellency that the complaint against CI Ramsey was handled correctly in that it was investigated by Detective Superintendent Rose and that no evidence to support the allegations was found.

4.     No further action is required other than to let Ex-PC Swift know that his complaint dated 13 May 1991 has been investigated and that no evidence has been found to support his allegations.  I should be grateful if you would so inform Ex-PC Swift.

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Frankly, the most amazing aspect of the above is not the outcome but that my substantial allegations could have been investigated, considered, reported upon and dismissed in in 15 days!

The complaint was made 13th May and the reply from the DG's office is dated 28th May.

Had there been an investigation, at the very least the most logical and obvious aspect would have been supported, namely that I was the subject of an offence committed by the C.O.P. and CI Ramsey of Oppressive Conduct.  See 'Complaint'.




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