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December 1988 - Diary

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Thursday 1st December 1988

0830    on duty @ office.  Update diary from HPS
0910    to HMC re Stovell (0930 hrs), HPS re bail return of Lee @ 1030 hrs and Court re Smith (@ 1130hrs) - Exhibits @ HPS re Stovell
0930    HMC re Stovell Court  3  P.I. re S. Cooper in progress, adjourned to Court 2.  Not able to hear, to Court 2
1030    Case of R vs Stovell adjourned to 7-3-89 @ 0930hrs
1045    to Court 3 re R vs M Smith, S. Cooper P.I. concluding, 11.00am case in progress
1200    Richard Hector representing M Smith successfully applies for an adjournment to 9-3-89 @ 0930hrs
1230    Speak with PS McClean re Dill on Air Canada flight with 3 women
1245    enter lookout for A Lee fail to appear @ 0800hrs today.   Case 29214 and 25016 refer  Enquiry re C11 - Lee @ HPS via PC Mathews
1325    B Santucci warned for Court 1.12.88 re Fubler.  Copy of warning to prosecutions.  Complete file re K. Deshields Case no. 28474.   Complete file re H. Johnson case no. 29145
1599    Interview Dennis Moniz @ incident room
1550    to Narco office.  corres re file I Paynter
1615    to HPS re A Lee - arrest case no. 25016 & 29214
1640    Interview Alvin Lee
1725    Interview concluded.  Service on analyst forms and bailed to HMC 19.12.88 @ 1430hrs
1815    to Narco office and update computer re case no. 29214 - Lee - cancel lookout
1840    off duty





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