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1983 - Historical Background

The Miranda enquiry gave us plenty of opportunity to deal with multiple targets both in Bermuda and the U.S. however, evidenced by 'flogger', we did not arrest these individuals on their first importation.  We were dealing with a group who were reasonably well organised and making substantial money from the importation of narcotics into Bermuda.

The U.S. Authorities had already established links to others and had taken the time to research the background of the importers.  An arrest in 1983 was identified and mention made of this in relation to the complicity of an senior police Officer and defence attorney (see: Transcript August 1990 - conversation).

The arrest, prior to my commencing service in Bermuda, was of a person who clearly was using a false identity and address yet, for possessing 36lbs of cannabis he received a sentence of 4 years (for one pound the 'going rate' was three years at Magistrates Court - the diary will detail examples).

During the Miranda enquiry, in June 1990, I spoke with one of the officers who was involved with the subsequent deportation of 'Puga' in 1989 (only a year before the Miranda enquiry began in earnest).  Apparently, Puga's comment to the officer when returned to his 'native' country was "I'll be back in the States within 6 months".

Details of the case follow




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