16th November 1988

pocket book

On Footpath Lane travelling West toward Crane Lane passing Mission Lane, see Outerbridge walk toward North side of road.  Beer in hand, bumps against West wall.  drinking from bottle.  Stop Outerbridge.   Apprehensive, looking about, nervous, shaking.  ID as police officers, questioned re condition.  385 takes beer from Outerbridge who said "The why the fuck do you want me".  I said "Hey, keep your language down, there's a lady there".  386 said "What are the papers in your pocket for?" In the rear left hand pocket were papers.  I informed Outerbridge that he was to be searched under the MDA.  He looked about and was trembling and said "You mother fuckers always do this, well fuck you".  Outerbridge pulled the papers from his pocket with his left hand and threw them on the ground in front of him.  I asked him to be calm.  Outerbridge said "Who the fuck you telling to be calm?"  He was sweating profusely and moved forward barging into me.  Outerbridge then placed his left hand deep into his left hand trouser pocket and pulled it free and began to swing it.   I took hold of his arm.  His fist was clenched and I said "What's in your hand?"  Outerbridge said nothing and attempted to push past 386 and I.  We both held Outerbridge and a struggle ensued.  386 took hold of Outerbridge's left hand and Outerbridge places his left hand to his mouth. I again restrained his left hand.   I attempted to control Outerbridge's right arm as Outerbridge bit several times at my leg eventually seizing my trousers between his teeth and pulling.  I heard a ripping sound. 

I straight arm-locked (Jujigatame) Outerbridge on his right arm and he was handcuffed by 386 who informed him he was arrested and cautioned him.   Outerbridge replied "They are not my laws I don't have to live by them".
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