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The infiltration of the `Brothers` drug network is current.  An informant is still in place and capable of operating once the `Brothers` surface again.  Furthermore the informant is in continual contact with law enforcement officers and prepared to introduce a courier into the trafficking network.

Though only in its infancy the plan thus far discussed is to use the informant to introduce an Agent into the system.

The Agent will attempt to take delivery of small quantities of cocaine with a view to supplying his own empire.  In reality the drug will be purchased by the D.E.A. to further establish the credibility of the Agent.

Meanwhile, and preferably prior to the introductory deliveries, the Agent will make a short trip to Bermuda for the following reasons ;

1. To feel comfortable with the Island as opposed to arriving in an unknown environment.

2. To provide a conversational introduction for the  informant, making the probability of the `Brothers`    suggesting that the Agent make a delivery more  realistic and natural.

3. To establish a rapport with the locals with a view to    assessing any approaches that may be made in terms of    future operations or continued liaison.  (It is    anticipated that the Agent will carry sufficient U.S.    currency to impress, and stay in corresponding lodgings)

4. To provide the Agent with names of `innocent` friends on

   the Island to either return to see (another reason for  the Agent to be chosen as a courier) or, in case the    Agent is placed in a compromising position he has the excuse of a prior appointment elsewhere.

No details concerning the delivery when in Bermuda have been discussed.

The Agent will try to make a `dry` run first in an attempt to meet with all the players on the pretext of introducing himself to the network and establishing a permanent friendship. 

It is hoped that a `Miranda` scenario can be reproduced.




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