DC 433 Statement



I am a Detective Constable, numbered 433, attached to the Police Scenes of Crime Office, Police Headquarters.

About 5.25pm on Wednesday 28th March, 1990 inside the Queen`s Warehouse, Kindley Field, Bermuda, I took photographs of two "GE" `twenty-six inch` television boxes.  After the two television sets were taken from those boxes the back panel was removed from each revealing four packages in the first and two packages in the second secured on the inside.  There was a sheet of metal blocking the air-vents on each of the back panels.  I took photographs of the packages as they were positioned inside the television sets.

About 7.30pm on the same day I attended the office of the Police Narcotics Department where I took photographs showing substitute packages which were prepared and placed inside the abovementioned television sets.

About 3.40pm on the following day at the Police Scenes of Crime Office I took further photographs of the packages which were found inside the televisions at the Queen`s
Warehouse and subsequently removed and cut open to show their contents.

About 11.00am on Friday 30th March, 1990 I took photographs showing portions of the exterior as well as portions of the interior of a dwellinghouse along Morgan`s Road, Warwick.  On the floor of the lower northern room I saw two twenty-six inch GE television boxes.  Included in the photographs also was a door facing Morgans Road.  There were missing louvre panes in the door and broken glass on the floor.  Also included was a broken wooden door leading to an upper floor northen bedroom.

About 1.00pm on Saturday 31st March 1990 at the Police Scenes of Crime Office, I took photographs showing the inside of the aforementioned television sets and the opened substitute packages.

About 3.45pm on Friday 27th April, 1990 at "G E Front Street" I took photograph showing the opened back of a twenty-six inch "GE" Television set showing the absence of any metal sheet on the back panel.

I subsequently caused the film to be developed and from the negatives I caused photographic enlargements to be made.  I bound the photographs into albums with an accompanying legend to be tendered in evidence.




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