Swift cont'd 2



Swift Statement cont'd 2

At 11.38am we arrived at the Dudley Hill residence that I had visited when it was searched on Saturday, 31st March, 1990.  Detective Sergeant Gibbons drove to the courtyard area and parked the vehicle.

A woman in a blue gown at the door of an adjacent room walked to Mrs Williams` residence and began to pull the door closed.  I went directly to the door and placed the brief case, a `search kit` in the door preventing it from being closed fully.  The woman let the door go and I showed her the search warrant pertaining to the premises.  As I did this I heard Detective Sergeant McLean shout, "Swifty he`s run".

I saw Kim Hatherley, Dwight`s sister, run from the kitchen, outside shouting, "Dwight don`t run".

I remained at the residence, in the kitchen, and continued to record notes of what transpired.

At the residence was a man I knew as Kemma Belboda, he was
cursing.  Another man who I now know as Shawn Hatherley, was calm.  Kim Hatherley and the woman in the blue robe were in tears.

At 11.45am Kim Hatherley left the area on a motor cycle.  I called out to her to be careful.

At 11.46am two (2) men and Kim Hatherley returned to the courtyard on their motor cycles.

Dwight Hatherley was brought back to the area in the company of Detective Sergeants Gibbons and McLean and Detective Constable Bourne.  A number of persons had gathered outside of the back door and I could see Detective Sergeant Gibbons attempting to guide Dwight Hatherley to the kitchen from the Courtyard.

Shawn Hatherley asked to see the search warrant and I held it in front of him to read and he appeared to do so.

At 11.48am, Detective Sergeant Gibbons had a brief struggle getting Dwight Hatherley into the house.  Detective Sergeant Gibbons had a hold of the chain of the handcuffs and Dwight Hatherley was threatening him, verbally.

Detective Sergeant Bourne was at the table adjacent to the kitchen area and Dwight Hatherley was with him.  The men at the enterance attempted to gain entry to the premises but were prevented from doing so by Detective Sergeant McLean.  I continued to record notes.

Kim Hatherley was in the kitchen area with Dwight Hatherley and I informed her that we were in the premises to conduct a further search.

Dwight Hatherley began to say loudly, "All the ants in the jungle couldn`t bring down a lion.  I`m a lion I tread on ants like dirt".

At 11.51am I showed Kim Hatherley all the keys that were attached to the `Louis Vuitton` purse, particularly the three (3) that did not appear to be door keys.

I said, "Have you seen these before?"

Kim said, "No".

I said, "Would you know what they are for?"

Kim Hatherley said, "No".

At 11.52am I tried the door key marked `Weiser` in the door lock to the back door of the residence and it fit the lock.

I said, "Dwight, is there any reason why you told me you did not have a key to these premises?".

Hatherley said, "I never told you that".

At 11.53am I went with Detective Sergeant Gibbons, Detective Constable Bourne Dwight and Kim Hatherley to Dwight Hatherley`s Grandmother`s bedroom.

Detective Constable Bourne went directly to the wardrobe door and, from the top shelf of the wardrobe, removed a `Louis Vuitton` briefcase and said, "Who does this belong to".

Dwight Hatherley said, "It belongs to me".

I said, "Why did you not tell us that before?".

Hatherley replied, "Cause it was none of your business, there`s nothing in there, you can look in there, it`s open".

Detective Constable Bourne opened the case displaying the contents, which consisted of correspondence and books, and informed Hatherley that the case was being seized.

I showed the `Louis Vuitton` key, on the ring of five (5) keys attached to the `Louis Vuitton` purse, and said, "Is this the key for the case?".

Hatherley said, "Yes it is".

I said, "Dwight why did you lie to me about the key last night?"

Hatherley said, "Cause it`s none of your business".

I then showed Hatherley a key marked with the name `Masters`, and said, "What is this for?".

Hatherley said, "My tool box, that`s outside in the yard".

I showed Hatherley a key marked with the words `Long Lock` and said, "What is this for?".

Hatherely said, "I found that a long time ago, it`s my good luck key".

I said, "Is there anything else in your Grandmother`s room that belongs to you, we will be re - searching it".

Hatherley said, "There`s nothing in the house that belongs to me".

Detective Constable continued to search the wardrobe.

At about 12.01pm Hatherley asked for his handcuffs to loosened and I assisted him with this.  Hatherley was perspiring and I informed him that, should he want a cold drink, to ask his sister, Kim.

Hatherley said to Kim, "Can you get me some cold water".

At 12.06pm Kim left the room walking to the stairs.

Detective Constable Bourne removed a box from the top shelf of the wardrobe.  On top of this box was a blue bag containing disposable gloves.  I said, "Whose bag is this?"

Hatherley said, "It`s mine".

The bag was seized and Kim Hatherley returned to the room with a drink which she handed to Dwight Hatherley.

I said, "Did you take the bag away with you on your last trip?".

Hatherley said, "No".

In the bottom right hand (Southeast) corner of the wardrobe were two trunks placed one on top of the other. 

At 12.15pm Detective Constable Bourne removed the upper most trunk from the wardrobe, which had a single handle upon the side with the lock, and said, "What`s in there?".

Kim Hatherley said, "My Grandmother`s belongings".

I said, "Dwight, what`s in there?".

Hatherely said, "No reply".

I said, "Is it your grandmother`s belongings?"

Hatherley said, "Yes".

Detective Constable Bourne said, "Where`s the key?".

Hatherley said, "I don`t know".

I said, "If we can`t open it then we will take it away with us and have it opened".

Detective Constable Bourne then tried to use the key marked `Long Lock` but was unable to open the lock.  Hatherley lent over Detective Constable Bourne and said, "Give me it here".

Detective Constable Bourne handed the key to Hatherley who, using the key, opened the trunk revealing the contents, which filled the trunk.

I said, "Whose stuff is this?".

Hatherley said, "It`s mine"

Detective Bourne then pulled out the second, lower, trunk.  This trunk had a handle at each end.  Detective Constable Bourne said, "Whose trunk is this?".

Hatherley said, "It`s mine".

Detective Constable Bourne then placed the trunk on top of the first trunk and asked, "Where`s the key?".

Hatherley said, "In the bottom trunk".

Detective Constable Bourne continued to search the premises and, at 12.22pm, Mrs Williams returned to the residence and began to rant about officers being at her residence once, searching her place and coming up her job.

Detective Constable Bourne said, "Where is your `phone bill".

Mrs Williams sat on the bed and continued to rant about getting a lawyer and not knowing where the current bills are. Mrs Williams handed to Detective Constable Bourne the January bills for telephone numbers 236 7842 and 236 1620.

At 12.29pm Hatherley was escorted from the premises by Detective Constable Bourne.  Detective Sergeant Gibbons left carrying the `Louis  Vuitton` briefcase and the blue bag containing the disposable gloves.  I remained with the trunks.

Detective Sergeant Gibbons returned with Detective Constable Bourne and officers from the `Task Force`, which included Police Sergeant `7`, Smith.  The Task Force officers removed the trunk that was found second, from the premises and I followed carrying the first trunk.

Both trunks were placed in the uniform Police car which was being driven by Police Sergeant Smith.

At 12.34pm, I went with Hatherley and other officers to a large tool box at the East side of Hatherley residence.  This box appeared to be a permanent.  Detective Constable Bourne opened the lock using the `Masters` key on Hatherley`s `Louis Vuitton` purse link.

The tool box was searched and all the contents left intact.

As we were about to leave the premises Mrs Williams called out asking for the key to her door.

I explained to Mrs Williams that Police would require the key as evidence and stated that I would replace it.

Mrs Williams agreed to this but demanded that it be done by 7am the following day.

Having assured Mrs Williams that this would be done, in company with the other officers, I left the area and went to the Incident Room, North, at Police Headquaters.

At 12.47pm we arrived at the incident room and Detective Constable Bourne and I escorted Hatherley to the North Incident room`s interview room and Detective Constable Bourne remained with Hatherley.  I assisted Police Sergeant Smith to carry the trunks from the Police car to the room in which Hatherley was waiting with Detective Constable Bourne.  All the items seized from the address at Dudley Hill, Paget were conveyed to this room.

At 12.52pm Hatherley said, "Is it possible that my Attorney can be present".          

I said, "You may speak to your Attorney if you wish, we have said that all along, but I cannot see him wanting to be present during our search of the property seized earlier as that will make him a witnesss and therefore complicate his representing you.  Even a representative can attend if you so wish so long as you understand that they can observe and not obstruct.  Do you wish to `phone your attorney now?".

Hatherley said, "Yes I wish to speak to him please".

I said, "Who do you wish to call?".

Hatherley said, "Julian Hall".

At 1.01pm I handed the telephone directory to Hatherley and he called out the number `292 6922` which I dialed.  There was no reply and I redialed the number.

At 1.04pm the call was answered and on speaking to the person answering I was transfered to a man who identified himself as Perry Trott who informed me that Mr Hall was at lunch.

I handed the receiver to Hatherley who then spoke into the mouth-piece and stated that he was"held at Prospect".

Hatherley replaced the receiver and I said, "Will Mister Trott contact Mister Hall for you?".

Hatherley said, "He`s going to leave a message".

Having continued to make contemporaneous notes I then asked Hatherley to sign my record alongside the entry I had made for 1301 hours which was the entry relating to Hatherley`s call to Vaucrossen`s Chambers.  I placed a red ink cross at the position on the record at which I had asked him to sign.
Hatherley declined to sign, and stated that he would do so after having spoken with his lawyer.

At 1.08pm I said, "Dwight, it is intended to open and examine the contents of all the bags, trunks and cases that were seized this morning from your Grandmother`s residence please remember what I told you earlier.  You are not obliged to say anything unless you wish to do so and that what you say will be taken down in writing and maybe given in evidence.  Do you understand this?".

Again I made contemporaneous notes, and Hatherley said, "Yes".

I said, "Do you wish to sign or make mark to your reply?".

Hatherley said, "No".

Also present were Detective Sergeant Gibbons and Detective Constable Bourne, who placed the `Louis Vuitton` brief case upon the desk about which we were all sat.

From the case Detective Constable Bourne removed a piece of paper, a pamphlet, bearing handwriting, which refered to a Mitsubushi Lancer motor car.

I said, "Dwight, it is quite obvious that I will need to ask you questions about some of the items we find.  I wish to put some questions to you about the offence for which you may be prosecuted, namely the importation of a controlled drug, and in particular the relevance that anything that is found may have with regard to the offence.  You are not obliged to answer any of these questions unless you wish to do so but if you do the questions and answers will be taken down in writing and maybe given in evidence.  Do you understand this?".

Hatherley said, "Yes".

I showed Hatherley the Mitsubushi Lancer booklet and said,
"Whose paper is this?".

Hatherley said, "Mine".

I said, "Why do you have it?".

Hatherley said, "Well, I had an appointment today to go to the bank to obtain a loan for a station wagon like that".

I said, "Which bank?".

Hatherley said, "Bank of Bermuda, they do not know as of yet what the loan was for".

I said, "How much of a deposit do you need to put down on such a car?".

Hatherley replied, "I`m not even sure, nothing was finalised".

Detective Constable Bourne handed to me a receipt, number 60735, for `Jamm Sound` and I showed this to Hatherley and said, "What is this for?".

Hatherley said, "That`s for the portable `phone that I purchased while abroad".

I said, "How did you pay for this?".

Hatherley said, "Cash, I was allowed to take three thousand dollars ($3000) out".

At 1.35pm I used the telephone to call internal extension 4262, the Police canteen.  I ordered food for myself and Hatherley who requested a turkey sandwich with a mayonaise and mustard filling.  Detective Sergeant Gibbons left the interview room.

Detective Constable Bourne handed to me a `Calypso` receipt which I showed to Hatherley and said, "What`s this for?".

Hatherley said, "It`s for the case, the date`s eighty seven (87)".         

I said, "You told me you bought the key abroad last night, why was this?".

Hatherley said, "No, No I told you that I bought the key case abroad and that the key came with it".

I said, "Yes?".

Hatherley said, "O.k. I lied about that".

I said, "Why did you lie about the key?".

Hatherley said, "Because I didn`t want you to confiscate my briefcase".

I said, "Why not".

Hatherley said, "Cause I worked hard for it".

At 1.31pm Detective Constable Bourne handed me five (5) sheets of yellow paper bearing writing and I read them out aloud and showed them to Hatherley.

At 1.33am, Detective Sergeant Gibbons returned to the interview room with our food, and drinks which consisted of apple juice and orange juice, and we took a break to eat.

Detective Constable Bourne continued to search through and check the contents of the brief case as we ate.

At 1.47pm Hatherley concluded eating and I said, "How tall are you?".

Hatherley said, "Six foot two inches (6`2") why, what does it say there?".

I showed Hatherley the five (5) pages and said, "Does this refer to you?".

Hatherley said, "It`s just a story I was writing".

I said, "About yourself?"

Hatherley said, "Yup", and nodded.

I said, "Who is David Randolf?".

Hatherley replied, "He`s my brother".

I said, "Where does he live".

Hatherley said, "Philadelphia".

I said, "Did you visit him on your last trip?".

Hatherley said, "No, I didn`t".

I said, "Why not?".

Hatherley replied, "I just didn`t, no special reason".

I said, "How long were you away for".

Hatherley said, "One (1) week".

I said, "Where did you stay?".

Hatherley said, "No reply".

I then showed Hatherley a yellow `Huron 31873 - 2` pad with a top page bearing handwriting.

I said, "What does this refer to?"

Hatherley said, "It`s a loan I took out to help finish my Grandmother`s house off because she couldn`t get another one, so I did it for her".

I said, "Which bank did you use".

Hatherley said, "Butterfield".

I said, "When did they grant the loan?".

Hatherley said, "I believe it was in November".

I said, "How much was the loan for?".

Hatherley said, "I believe it was for eleven thousand, six hundred and twenty eight dollars ($11,628) with the interest, the loan was probably about ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

I said, "You say `probably` can you be exact?".

Hatherley said, "I think it was ten thousand dollars ($10,000) I`m not sure".

I said, "Where did the bank place this money for you?".

Hatherley said, "They gave it to us in cheques to pay off the bills that we had".

I then showed Hatherley a `Top Blues` business card and said, "Who is Teddy?".

Hatherley said, "He`s the manager of the shop".

I said, "Is he a good friend?".

Hatherley said, "No, no, I met him because I got a couple of pairs of men`s pants".

I said, "Whose telephone number is on the back?".

Hatherley said, "Ah ...", there was a pause and Hatherley continued, "Oh, o.k., o.k. ... that the number to another of the branches of the store and that`s the girl that I was supposed to contact".

I then showed Hatherley a Mastercard bill, account number 5217 8620 0111 2367, dated 19th October, 1987.

Hatherley said, "That`s out dated".

I said, "Do you still possess a card pertaining to the account?".

Hatherley said, "No I don`t, I closed the account".

At 1.59pm I showed Hatherley an `Office Equipment Limited` receipt numbered `R 50559` which pertained to the purchase of a safe.  I said, "Where is this safe?".

Hatherley said, "I couldn`t tell you right now, somebody`s probably moved it, there`s nothing to hide in it.  It`s brand new, I bought it for my grandmother for her personal belongings".

I said, "Where did you put it?".

Hatherley said, "In one of the barns".

I said, "Which barns".

Hatherley said, "Out near where my tool box was".

I said, "Who would have moved it?".

Hatherley said, "There`s a lot of people live at that house".

I said, "Are you telling me that you placed a brand new safe outside?".

Hatherley said, "It was pretty much in the doorway of the barn".

Hatherley then pulled at the backing of the brief case`s lid and displayed paper work relating to the safe, this he handed to Detective Constable Bourne.

I said, "How do you know that it has been moved?".

Hatherley said, "The last time I looked it wasn`t there".

I said, "When was that?".

Hatherley said, "Today I noticed that it wasn`t there and the day before you arrested me it wasn`t there.  If you have to, we can go and look in it but I ask you not to confiscate it.  It`s for my Grandmother".

I said, "How can we open it if you do not know where it is?".

Hatherley said, "You can go and ask, I`ll call and tell them to give it to you".

I said, "Did you buy it alone?".

Hatherley said, "Yes I did".

I said, "How did you pay for it?".

Hatherley said, "Cash. I don`t have chequing accounts or credit cards".

I said, "If the safe was for your Grandmother why did you place it outside?".

Hatherley said, "Because I hadn`t found a spot in the house to put it".

I said, "Did you tell your Grandmother that you`d bought her a safe?".

Hatherley said, "Yes, she knows".

At 2.09pm I showed Hatherley the first page of a yellow book with `5 A PLUS 5 SUBJECT` printed upon the cover.

I said, "What does this refer to?".

Detective Constable Bourne then accompanied Hatherley to the bathroom, at his request.  

At 2.12pm Hatherly and Detective Constable Bourne returned to the interview room.

I said, "Returning to this piece of paper, when did you write it?".

Hatherley said, "Long time ago".

I then showed Hatherley a small black battery operated spelling machine, and said, "When did you buy this Franklin computer?".

Hatherly said, "Last year sometime".

At 2.15pm Detective Constable Bourne displayed the contents of the small blue canvas bag, that had been seized earlier from the top shelf of the bedroom wardrobe, and placed a pipe upon the table.

Hatherley said, "I found that".

I said, "Why did you keep it?".

Hatherley said, "I have a tendancy of keeping some things that I found".

I said, "Where did you get this torn manilla envelope with foil discs (mesh) and this small plastic envelope from?".

Hatherley said, "I found them about four (4) years ago on the beach".

I said, "Whose are the disposable gloves?".

Hatherley said, "They`re mine".

I said, "What do you have them for?".

Hatherley said, "Different little things, whatever I need them for, I happened to stumble across them at the Pharmacy one day and purchased them".

I said, "Which Pharmacy did you get the gloves from?".

Hatherley said, "Hamilton Pharmacy, on the same road as the Post Office, on the same side".

I said, "When did you buy them?".

Hatherley said, "Last year sometime".

I then showed a pair of black handled scissors to Hatherley that had also been found in the blue bag.  I said, "Whose scissors are these?".

Hatherley said, "They`re mine".

I said, "What do you use them for?".

Hatherley said, "Whatever scissors are used for".

I said, "Did you take any of these items from the blue bag to the United States with you on your recent trip?".

Hatherley said, "No".

I then showed Hatherley the telephone bills for `236 1620` and `236 7842`, both of which were dated 1st January, 1990, and said, "Whose number is 215 925 9003?".

Hatherley replied, "That`s Jason`s number".      

I said, "Jason who?".

Hatherley said, "Jason Harvey".

I said, "Who made the calls displayed on the bill?".

Hatherley said, "Me".

I said, "Do you often call Jason Harvey?".

Hatherley said, "Yes".

At 2.18pm Hatherley asked to speak with Mr Julian Hall, and I called `292 6922` and spoke to a lady.  I informed her that I was Detective Constable Swift of the Narcotics Department and said, "I would like to speak with Mister Hall".

As a result of the reply that I received, I said, "It is me that would like to speak with Mister Hall".

As a result of the reply that I received, I said, "It is personal, me personally who would like to speak with him".

I was eventually connected to Mr Hall and I said, "I have a prisoner with me who would like to speak with you, he may become one of your clients, Mister Hatherley".

As a result of the reply that I received, I said, "He has been trying to contact you all weekend without success and I find it hard to believe you were not made aware of this".

As a result of the reply that I received, I said, "I think that you will find he was restrained, and that the information you have received is understandably biased, anyway, I`ll hand him over to you".

I then handed the telephone to Hatherley.

Hatherley said into the receiver, "I was roughed up".

There was a pause and he said, "They wanted to make another search".

There was a pause and he said, "No probably hard earned money".

There was a pause and he said, "That`s just about it".

There was a pause and, at 2.31pm, Hatherley said, "Thank you very much, bye".

Hatherley then replaced the receiver.

Throughout the proceedings I continued to record contemporaneous notes and recorded my conversation with Mr Hall on a seperate piece of paper.

At 2.32pm Detective Constable Bourne opened the trunk with a single handle on the side and took out a Bank of N.T. Butterfield burgundy zip purse.  Hatherley said, "It`s all hard earned money mate".

There was a pause and he continued, "There`s no need to count it, the amount`s on it".

Detective Constable Bourne said, "How much is it?".

Hatherley said, "Six thousand (6000)".

Detective Constable Bourne then counted the money which consisted of sixty (60) one hundred dollar ($100) bills.  I recorded the money on the contemporaneous notes and Hatherley placed his signature against the total when given the opportunity.

I said, "We are seizing that money".

Hatherley said, "That`s about the only thing I didn`t want you to find in that trunk `cause you`d confiscate it".

Detective Constble Bourne then handed to me two (2) rubber bands and two (2) pieces of paper.  One of the pieces of paper bore the handwriting `Mike 292 7822`, the other, `Eugene Beach 293 3096`.

Hatherley said, "Those are just friends `phone numbers I dropped them in there I didn`t have a chance to write them into my book".

I said, "Where did this cash come from?".

Hatherley said, "I worked for that, jobs in the past".

I said, "Why didn`t you put it into a savings account?".

Hatherley said, "Because I told you, I was going to put a deposit on a car today".

I said, "You told me it wasn`t finalised".

Hatherley said, "I don`t know how much they wanted for a quarter down, four or six thousand dollars ($4,000 or $6,000), that`s a quarter of sixteen thousand dollars ($16,000).

I said, "How much is the car deposit?".

Hatherley said, "I`m not sure, the last one I bought six (6) years ago was a quarter down".

I said, "Over what period did you obtain that six thousand dollars ($6000)?".

Hatherley said, "From January this year.  I obviously obtained more than that `cause I took a trip".

I said, "When did you take the cash out of the bank?".

Hatherley said, "I never deposited it into a bank.  I get cash for jobs and ask for big bills".

I said, "Why did you close a savings account in January when you had a lot of cash?".

Hatherley said, "That was a checking account".

I said, "Do you have a savings account?".

Hatherley said, "Yes I do, I have two (2) savings accounts and a seven (7) percent plan".

I said, "Do you have any savings accounts with the Bank of

I said, "How much is in that?".

Hatherley said, "About five thousand or six thousand dollars ($5000 or $6000)".

I said, "The cash that you have, how did you earn it?".

Hatherley said, "Construction".

I said, "Is that since January?".

Hatherley said, "The six thousand dollars ($6000) in cash, yes".

I said, "Have you been working steadily for the past three (3) months?".

Hatherley said, "I always work".

I said, "How many trips have you taken this year?".

Hatherley said, "Two or three (2 or 3), two (2) this year I think".

I said, "How much money did you take with you on each occasion?".

Hatherley said, "Last trip three thousand dollars ($3000) and I don`t remember the one before that".

I said, "Do you have any accounts overseas?".

Hatherley said, "No".

At 2.49pm Detective Constable Bourne opened a bank of Bermuda zip purse, found in the trunk, and exposed a quantity of cash, which he counted in Hatherley`s presence.  I recorded the cash denominations and total, Five Hundred and Thirty Dollars ($530) on the record and Hatherley signed against the total when given the opportunity.

An Eastern airlines ticket number 007 4446 901 330 and two (2) boarding passes in the name of Pamela Howell were also found in the purse.

Hatherley said, "I do have a child to support, I hope I`m going to get my money back".

I said, "Why do you have a ticket in the name of Pamela Howell?".

Hatherley said, "I told you, I`m holding that for my mother, it`s hers".

At 2.54pm I handed the key, obtained from Mrs Williams earlier, bearing the number `E63416`, to Detective Sergeant Gibbons and asked him to have a copy cut.

A second Bank of Bermuda purse was found and opened by Detective Constable Bourne.  The contents were displayed and I again recorded the denominations of the cash revealed and the total, one hundred and sixty dollars ($160).  Hatherley signed against the total when given the opportunity.

Detective Constable Bourne then produced a passport number 109510 in the name of D.L. Hatherley.  I said, "Why did you tell me that this was lost?".

Hatherley said, "I didn`t want you to go into my private belongings".

Detective Constable Bourne then produced a Bank Of Bermuda savings book for Account number 501 00171 in the name of Dwight Hatherley, handed the book to me and I studied it.

I said, "On 16th March, 1990, you placed two thousand dollars ($2000) into your savings account.  Where did this money come from?".

Hatherley said, "Hard earned money.  Two thousand dollars ($2000) isn`t very much money".

I said, "What jobs have you been working since January, who specifically have you been working for?".

Hatherley said, "No reply".

I said, "Dwight, you have stated that you have saved eight thousand dollars ($8000) in the past twelve (12) weeks and also taken  two trips on one of which you took with you three thousand dollars ($3000).  You have a child to support as well.  Why will you not mention where this hard earned money came from?".

Hatherley said, "I make an average of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500) to two thousand dollars ($2,000) per week that`s a hell of a lot more than twelve thousand dollars ($12,000)".

I said, "Why did you place two thousand dollars ($2,000) in your savings account on March 16th, 1990, but keep back six thousand dollars ($6,000) in cash?".

Hatherley said, "I already answered that".

I said, "But your deposit would be for a Bank of Bermuda loan and your savings account is with the Bank of Bermuda, why not place the six thousand dollars ($6,000) in your Bermuda Account?".

Hatherley said, "I had intended to if the loan was approved".

I said, "Are you still paying the loan for the ten thousand dollars ($10,000) with the Bank of Butterfield".

Hatherley said, "Yes".

I said, "How much is outstanding on that?".

Hatherley said, "I have no idea".

I said, "How much do you pay a month for that loan?".

Hatherley said, "It`s three hundred and twenty something dollars".

I said, "Returning to where you are obtaining your cash from, you have declined to tell me from whom you received payments for work, why?".

Hatherley said, "Because it`s not necessary, sometimes I don`t get receipts".

I said, "Do you have any receipts for work this year?".

Hatherley said, "No I don`t".

I said, "Who have you worked for this year?".

Hatherley said, "No reply".

I said, "I put it to you that you will not tell me where you received the money because it is related to the sale or handling of controlled drugs".

Hatherley said, "That`s not true".

I said, "Who can verify that you received this money from hard work?".

Hatherley said, "Me".

At 3.16pm I received a telephone call from Detective Sergeant Gibbons.  I had a short conversation in the presence of Hatherley who, when I had replaced the receiver, said, "You`re going to open this without my presence?"

I replied, "Yes".

Hatherley then showed Detective Constable Bourne how to open the other trunk.  I said, "I intend now to close this record here and search through the rest of your property in company with D.C. Bourne here.  Is there anything that you would like to add?".

Hatherley said, "No".

I said, "I have completed a number of pages as we have spoken, do you wish to read the record of our conversation?".

Hatherley said, "No, it`s not necessary".

I said, "You appear to have been reading my writing as we went along is that correct?".

Hatherley said, "Yes".

I said, "As you have seen me write, is what you have observed correct?".

Hatherley said, "No reply".

I said, "Is there anything that you would like to add?".

Hatherley said, "Nope".

I said, "Can you think of anything that you would like to alter or correct?".

Hatherley said, "No".

I said, "Would you like to sign the record?".

Hatherley said, "No thank you".

I said, "I have placed asterix`s against my mistakes would you initial against these?".

Hatherley said, "What mistakes?".

I then went over the record with Hatherley pointing out the mistakes whilst reading it to him.

At the conclusion Hatherley said, "No".

The record was concluded at 3.25pm and I endorsed it accordingly in Hatherley`s presence.  I then signed the record, in Hatherley`s presence, as did Detective Sergeant Gibbons and Detective Constable Bourne.
At 3.30pm I went with Hatherley to the Narcotics office leaving Detective Constable Bourne with the exhibits.

Hatherley remained seated in the Narcotics office foyer beside the Detective Inspector`s office, silent, and I saw Detective Constable Bourne hand the briefcase and correspondence exhibits to D.S. Pett. 

At 3.36pm I left the Narcotics office in company with Hatherley, Detective Sergeant Gibbons and Detective Constable Bourne.

At 3.47pm I left Hatherley with the gaoler at Hamilton Police Station.

At 3.50pm I went to Ward`s locksmith`s and obtained a copy of the key that I had seized from Mrs Williams and obtained receipt number 72 from the Locksmith.

I left the premises at 3.58pm and went directly to Dudley Hill where I handed the key to Mrs Williams who signed a Bermuda Police receipt, number C 0613 for it.

I then returned to the Narcotics Office where Detective Constable Bourne obtained the exhibits from D.S. Pett.

Detective Constable Bourne and I then went to the incident room with the exhibits, these we sorted, indexed, labelled and signed where necessary.

I stamped all the correspondence using a sequential stamping device, prefixing all documents seized with the number `1`, commencing 100001.

At about 8.40pm we secured the exhibits in the incident room and left the building.

On Tuesday, 3rd April 1990, I continued to catalogue the documents relating to Hatherley and Harvey and at 2.00pm submitted the exhibits seized from the blue bag seized on Monday 1st April 1990, @ Hatherley`s residence.  These exhibits I placed in"heat seal"bags.  I labelled and sealed them accordingly.

I then returned to the Narcotics Office and, in company with Detective Constable Bourne, sorted the articles and indexed the correspondence seized from Hatherley. 




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