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No one likes coincidences ... in early June 2007 confidential and secret papers relating to the BHC scandal are leaked which name PLP Government ministers as suspects in the investigation.  Within days, it is claimed that in letter to ZBM (Bermuda Broadcasting - ZBM/ZFB Radio and Television stations) someone involved in the BHC scandal, allegedly a disgruntled PLP insider, will offer himself up ,with lawyer and name names to police.  Shortly after, as if the police do not have enough to do investigating the leak of the investigation papers and attempting to protect their 'independence', they arrest a PLP Minister, Nelson Bascombe apparently for .... theft and corruption.

June 8. 2007 02:52PM

Government MP arrested     Liz Roberts  of the Royal Gazette

Government MP Nelson Bascome was arrested and charged last night.

Mr. Bascome stepped down from his Cabinet role as Health Minister earlier this year due to a Police investigation. Police have refused to comment on the arrest and would not say what Mr. Bascome has been charged with or when he will appear in court.

However, this newspaper understands the action is related to Mr. Bascome's maintenance business during his first spell as Health Minister from 1998 to 2003.

On 9th June 2007, Government MP Nelson Bascome has been charged with theft and corruption in what Premier Ewart Brown has labelled a "human tragedy". Read more at the royal Gazette by clicking here.

our thanks to BFS for the heads up on this.  MP, Nelson Bascombe, one of the suspects named in leaked file relating the the BHC scandal in which Bascome's boss, the Premier, has also been listed as a suspect (who was never interviewed!).  Bascome's arrest is allegedly in connection with theft & corruption, in ADDITION to BHC

Note he has not been convicted - but at least the police have arrested the MP and presumably will interview him ... a little different to the events surrounding the BHC scandal ...

  • will the two be linked,
  • what will Mr Bascome have to say about BHC and
  • is the arrest linked to the report that someone has

Hon. Nelson Blake Ainsworth Bascome, Jr., JP, MP, is the PLP Candidate in Constituency 16 now called Pembroke East Central. It extends over much of Pembroke East, the Constituency that he has represented in the House since1989 and in which he and his family reside.

14th June 2007

Former Minister Nelson Bascome  appeared at Court where he denied stealing more than $75,000 through business dealings. The Pembroke East Central MP also faces a separate charge of corruption involving securing public housing for a business associate during his spell as Minister with responsibility for housing to read more, click here




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