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The following advice is provided by the National Criminal Intelligence Service (UK):

Thank you for contacting the National Criminal Intelligence Service. However all examples of Internet '419' Advance Fee Fraud should be forwarded to your local fraud squad for investigation, whose location is obtainable through your local police station and not via NCIS. Please quote 'NCIS West African Organised Crime Section' in your correspondence with them and under no circumstances reply to these criminals. We at NCIS wish to speak directly only with those persons who have actually lost money to these scams and we can be contacted at : 

or by phone at 020 7238 8012.
These emails are very common, and it is possible that you may receive others in the future. Please do not send them direct to NCIS, but as well as transmitting it direct to your local fraud squad, please send a copy to the Internet Service Provider (ISP's) from where it has originated. These e-mails to the ISP's should be addressed to:
abuse@"the ISP's name"
 By this method the ISP's will be able to quickly terminate the accounts that abuse their systems




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