Following recent e-mails between a person suspected of being Ted Ming's daughter of 31 years, it is evident Ted Ming has knowledge of the informant who led to the arrests of a drug dealing network in Bermuda.  The co-coordinator, sent from the US to oversee the operation (Antonio Miranda) received a 25 year sentence for his part in the distribution network having entered a plea of guilty to the charge against him.

Ask yourself a question; why would a young American man admit to a very serious offence which carried life imprisonment in Bermuda if he were not guilty.  Antonio did not distribute the drug by himself, he needed local help; this he received.  The parties assisting him are named on this site, they were prosecuted and received 20 years imprisonment each.

Had the convictions not been overturned, all men would still be in custody.  However, the appeal Court accepted that the judge who sentenced the men misdirected the jury.  Those who had entered not-guilty pleas were released. 

The informant who led to all the arrests gave us a few names; Larry Ebbin, Dexter Dillas and Ted Ming.  Ted lived on Crown Hill, in the upper part of the home.  Dexter and Larry resided below, in the apartment.  The informant caused further enquiries to be undertaken and we arrested Angela Trapasso, Antonio Miranda and Colin Smith.  Angela told us all about the aforementioned parties involvement in the Bermuda / USA drug trade.

The enquiry started from the informant making contact with DS Moby Pett (intelligence submitted), then a Sergeant in the narcotics department, he took a note of the informant's details and passed them to Coggy Gibbons, a sergeant in the narcotics department.  From this small piece of paper, the enquiry grew to be the largest Bermuda ever saw and in turn, the largest investigation ever undermined on the island.  The innocuous piece of paper, bearing Moby Pett's handwriting and the details of the informant appear below (click on the image for a larger picture).  

The information had a greater effect on the police than it did the drug dealers.  A former Shadow Minister for Justice and Barrister, Julian Hall together with the then head of the Narcotics department, Dennis Ramsey, were named as being concerned with the importers and distributors.  The investigation has directly led to the creation of this site.

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